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2886 Two Years Later

“Whats an exam” the tree vine asked confusedly.

Although he had learned a lot about this world, there was still much he didnt know.

“Its a test of knowledge.

We need to write an exam after learning for a period to see whether weve gained knowledge.

Is that clear” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes!” The tree vine nodded.

Nothing happened afterwards during this day.

The next day was the news conference of the Shengning Organization which would be held at 11 am.

Because Gu Ning had nothing else to deal with, she went there along with Leng Shaoting.

The media only knew that the news conference was going to publicize the merger of her other company into the Shengning Organization, but the reporters had no idea what it was.

Therefore, when people heard that Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company formally joined the Shengning Organization, they were all shocked.

Especially after they heard how profitable Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company was, they were stunned because the Shengning Organization would have hundreds of billions of yuan in assets.

In an instant, Gu Ning had become the youngest billionaire.

In fact, when she only had dozens of billions of yuan, there were already not many people who were comparable to her.

Moreover, Gu Ning relied on herself to acquire so much wealth!

Once the news was released, it shocked a lot of people and Gu Ning got a lot of attention once again.

Even the Tang family and the Leng family had no idea that Gu Ning had such a company.

They were also surprised, but they were extremely proud of her.

After the same news conference was held several times, many people asked Gu Ning whether she kept some other companies a secret, but there wasnt, so Gu Ning denied it.

Nevertheless, her wealth shocked everyone in the business world.

The news was popular for more than half a month before it died down.

After that, many reporters wanted to have an interview with Gu Ning and she accepted if she had time.

Two years later.

Gu Ning graduated in June.

On the day of her graduation, Leng Shaoting showed up in a military uniform with flowers.

He came to celebrate her graduation with her at the school.

And it was not only Leng Shaoting; Jing Yunyao, Tang Yunfan, Gu Man, and Tang Jiayu were all present.

Other people were preparing dinner at the Leng familys house, waiting for them to come home.

It wasnt appropriate for them to come, because they werent the closest family members to Gu Ning.

After all, Leng Shaoting was her fiancé, Jing Yunyao was her further mother-in-law, Tang Yunfan was her father, Gu Man was her mother, and Tang Jiayu was her younger brother.

Because of their status, they directly drove into the grounds of Gu Nings school.

As soon as Leng Shaoting and the others got out of their car, they attracted attention from other people.

Leng Shaotings military uniform attracted the most attention.

In addition, his extraordinarily handsome appearance was too attractive to ignore.

“Jesus, hes so handsome!”

“I cant believe my eyes! Hes so good-looking.”

“He isnt a normal soldier.

Look at the badge on his shoulder.

Hes a major general.”

“Oh, right! Hes a major general.

He looks so young.”

“He must be very outstanding to be a major general at such a young age.”



“Are they family of a student”

“I believe so.

They must have come for the graduation ceremony.

I wonder who the student is”

“Yeah, Im curious about that too.”

“That man is holding flowers.

Did he come to see his girlfriend or fiancée”

“Its possible.

Oh my, Im so jealous.”


“Look, look, isnt that middle-aged man the chairman of Tanghuang, Tang Yunfan”

“What The chairman of Tanghuang Isnt he Gu Nings father”

“What Gu Nings father is the chairman of Tanghuang”


Some people were aware of that, while some werent.

“Of course, I read it from the news.

Cant you see that Gu Ning closely resembles him”

“In that case, the major general must be her fiancé.”

Although many people knew that Gu Ning already had a fiancé, not many of them had seen Leng Shaoting.

Even if they had seen him, they had only seen his photos which were taken by passers-by, so they werent very clear.

“Oh, Gu Nings fiancé.”

“I cant believe her fiancé to be so powerful.

Hes a major general!”

“Gu Ning is an extraordinary girl.

I dont think its strange that she has a fiancé whos a major general.”


“He isnt just a major general, but is also the Leng familys eldest grandson.”

“What He is from the Leng family”

“Does it mean that Gu Ning is the Leng familys granddaughter-in-law”

Everyone was amazed.

When Leng Shaotings car stopped, Gu Ning saw them and walked towards them.

Before Gu Ning was close, Tang Jiayu got rid of Tang Yunfans arms.

He ran and stumbled to Gu Ning, calling her sister.

Although Gu Ning rarely met Tang Jiayu, Tang Jiayu loved her a lot.

He didnt feel she was strange even though she had been absent for a long time.

When Tang Jiayu reached Gu Ning, she lowered her body and hugged him, then she left a kiss on his cheek.

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting was slightly jealous.

He hoped that Gu Ning would kiss him, but Gu Nings parents were here, so he didnt dare to show any dissatisfaction.

“Did you miss me” Gu Ning asked

“Of course.

I miss you so much.

Did you miss me” Tang Jiayu said.

He was two years old now, so he could speak a little, but not clearly.

“I missed you too!” Gu Ning said.

“Kiss, kiss,” Tang Jiayu said and reached his cheek to Gu Nings mouth.

Everyone was amused and Gu Ning kissed Tang Jiayu again.

At that moment, Gu Ning walked to the others and greeted them, “Dad, mom, Mom Yunyao, Im so surprised to see you!”

“Its your graduation ceremony.

We had to come!” Tang Yunfan said.

“Im here too.

How can you ignore me” Leng Shaoting complained because he was ignored and felt aggrieved.

Hearing that, the others laughed, while Gu Ning rolled her eyes at him.

“Im happy to see you too, Shaoting.”

“Youre my fiancée.

I should obviously come! Your birthday is in several days, then we can get our marriage certificate,” Leng Shaoting said.

He had waited for this day for a long time and now Gu Ning had finally graduated and turned twenty-two years old.


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