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2884 Ningning, Do You Miss Me

Gu Ning didnt organize a publicity stunt, but she logged into Weibo that afternoon when she had a rest.

She read a few posts that @(mentioned) her, so she decided to surf on the Internet for a while.

Some Internet users saw her shopping for raw jade materials at the market in City Rui.

She helped Jiang Wenliang that day and some people took a video of it and posted it on Weibo.

Some people also saw her hanging out with Zheng Peng.

Because Gu Ning wouldnt make her companies public until they were found out, they wondered whether she was also the boss of Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company.

And they immediately @(mentioned) her for the answer.

They didnt have many followers, so their posts didnt attract much attention.

However, there were several hundred comments.

Some had the same question and idea, while some felt it didnt mean anything even though Gu Ning was with Zheng Peng and they shouldnt brag about Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was indeed impressive, but it only aroused hatred when too many people regarded her as a god.

Those who had that idea were usually jealous of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt care about other peoples opinions, but she left a comment: Take a guess.

She admitted it in that way.

The Internet user didnt notice Gu Nings comment until a few hours later.

In an instant, he got excited.

Although he @(mentioned) Gu Ning, he never expected Gu Ning to reply to him since it had been days.

At the beginning, he thought it was a fake account, but he checked the home page and verified that it was Gu Ning.

Afterwards, he took a screenshot of it and sent out another post: Oh my! Goddess Gu just replied to me.

Although her reply is very simple, I think she has admitted it.

She must be the boss of Colorful Jade Provider! Shes amazing!

Then he @(mentioned) Gu Ning again, but Gu Ning had already logged out.

With Gu Nings reply, his second post got many more reposts and comments, but it still wasnt popular.

After all, he didnt have many followers.

Many people thought it was a fake account when they just read the reply, but they verified that it was really Gu Ning after checking the last post.

Everyone believed that Gu Ning admitted it with a simple reply.

If not, she would directly deny it, or it would be embarrassing.

Knowing the answer, they were extremely surprised because Colorful Jade Provider was already a famous company in Province Yun and ranked among the top 10.

They didnt know about Colorful Jade Provider till they read this post so they immediately searched for news about it.

After reading the news, they were all shocked.

Although the post wasnt popular yet, there were over ten thousand comments, thousands of reposts, and tens of thousands of likes.

In the afternoon, Leng Shaoting was back.

He called Gu Ning before coming back and directly picked her up from the company.

Leng Shaoting got out of the car to open the car door for Gu Ning.

Then he helped her fasten the safety belt and even gave her a kiss.

Gu Ning gave him a glare, but Leng Shaoting wasnt scared at all.

On the contrary, he found it very attractive.

He laughed a little, then closed the car door and went back to the drivers seat.

“Ningning, did you miss me” Leng Shaoting asked.

“Why should I miss you Im too busy,” Gu Ning teased.

“What are you busy doing” Leng Shaoting understood that Gu Ning was deliberately teasing him, so he wasnt hurt.

“Reviewing, writing exams!” Gu Ning responded.

“How were the exams” Leng Shaoting asked.

He cared about that because Gu Ning rarely went to school.

Although she had a photographic memory, it wouldnt be of much use if she didnt go to class.

“It cant be easier given my abilities!” Gu Ning said proudly.

“Of course, youre the best.” Leng Shaoting smiled.

“Absolutely!” Gu Ning was proud of herself.

“Did anything happen in the capital these days” Leng Shaoting asked.

Even though he had just called Jing Yunyao and Master Leng, he didnt know the details.

After all, it wasnt convenient for them to talk about it on the phone, and he didnt want to have a long call.

He would only do that with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then told Leng Shaoting what had happened recently.

In regards to the wizard… Jing Yunyao called Gu Ning last noon, so she learned about the result even though she wasnt involved.

“A wizard from Country T The Yuan family has some connections!” Leng Shaoting exclaimed.

“So, they might know that the Leng family also has a relationship with people who have superpowers.

They probably believe that the Leng family removed the spell.

Anyway, ordinary people cant do that,” Gu Ning said, but she wasnt worried.

“Given the current situation, it isnt important.

If the Yuan family is smart, they should learn to behave themselves from now on.

If they want to dig their own graves, we can satisfy them,” Leng Shaoting said.

Actually, because the Yuan family was too influential and it would cause a tremendous sensation if they were unseated so the Leng family couldnt completely get rid of them even after they schemed against them so many times.

Sometimes, even powerful people couldnt do whatever they wanted to.

Even if they didnt care about their own benefits, they needed to care about the whole countrys interests.

They werent ordinary people and they carried a lot of responsibilities, so they had to think of the bigger picture.

Although the Yuan family had done many bad deeds, they had won a lot of benefits for their country.

After all, Every coin has two sides.

If they were totally bad, they wouldnt be able to stay influential for so long.

For example, the Chang family was decaying these years, so it was losing its influence.

“If the Yuan family is so dumb, they wont deserve their seat,” Gu Ning said.

The Yuan family believed that the Leng family would soon come to pay them back, so they were very anxious.

However, after two days, the Leng family still did nothing, which confused the Yuan family.

They had no idea what the Leng family wanted to do.

Would the Leng family give up on paying them back

They didnt believe it.

They believed the Leng family must think the same way they did.

Once they had something on the other major families, they wouldnt hesitate to expose them to.

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