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2883 Gu Nings Support

“Jesus, I thought those girls were going to be seriously injured.

I didnt expect them to be so strong.”

“Right, its unbelievable.”

“It seems that they are fighting for a reason.

There must be a conflict between them.”

“Right, oh, I just heard that some people had a fight in a private room earlier.

Four men lost and were pulled out by security guards.

Are they those men”



Before long, those men with sticks were all beaten to the ground.

They couldnt fight back at all.

“Who do you think you are Youre just a bunch of trash!” Song Miaoge said disdainfully.

If she was alone, she wouldnt dare to fight against them, but she had confidence because of Gu Nings support.

Although the group of men already knew that these girls werent weak, they were still surprised by their abilities.

At that moment, a young man in a military uniform and a middle-aged man in a suit went to Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai.

“Miss, are you alright” the young man in a military uniform asked.

Although Song Miaoge won, she was hit in the arm during the fight.

It was nothing for Song Miaoge, who spent a lot of time in the army, but she was a girl after all, so the young man felt it was necessary for him to care.

However, he was surprised by the progress Song Miaoge had made.

“Im fine,” Song Miaoge replied.

The hit from the wooden stick hurt, but she wasnt injured.

When onlookers saw that a soldier greeted Song Miaoge respectfully, they guessed that she must be from a military officers family.

The group of men beaten who were to the ground were scared.

They didnt expect the girl to be from a powerful family.

Zhang Zikais chauffeur also came to ask her about her condition with concern, but she said she was fine.

“Miss, do you want me to call the police” the soldier asked Song Miaoge.

Upon hearing that, the group of men became anxious.

The girl was obviously someone they shouldnt mess with, so they would not be able to bear the consequences if they were arrested.

Song Miaoge couldnt make the decision, so she asked Gu Ning, “Gu Ning, what do you think”

“I dont think its necessary.

Theyre already injured.

If we call the police, we will need to give an oral confession as well.

Its bothersome.” She didnt want to call the police because it wasnt a big deal.

Hearing that, the group of men were relieved.

“Sure.” Song Miaoge agreed.

The man who came to fetch Song Miaoge didnt recognize Gu Ning till Song Miaoge called her, but he had heard about her before.

The first time he heard about Gu Ning was when the Song family said that Gu Ning rescued Song Miaoges mother.

Then he heard about her achievement of establishing the Shengshi Organization at a very young age and now she was a billionaire.

In addition, she was a martial arts expert.

He heard all of this from Song Miaoge.

As Song Miaoges fathers chauffeur, he was close to the Song family.

The Song family didnt regard him as an outsider, and he was accepted by them as a member of their family.

Therefore, they chatted when he was present.

After knowing that the girl was Gu Ning, he got a little excited.

He didnt expect to see Gu Ning in person, but he didnt bother her.

Afterwards, they left separately.

“Zongxue, come with me.

We can go back to Century City together after driving Mu Ke and Mixi to their school.” Gu Ning thought it was too late to return to the siheyuan now.

And she was alone, so she didnt want to go to Mid-Levels Mansion.

In that case, she chose to go back to her own home.

“Great!” Baili Zongxue agreed and got in the car with Gu Ning.

Once Gu Ning and the others were gone, the group of men left and reported the situation to the person who paid them to teach Gu Ning and the others a lesson.

Hearing about the situation, the person was reluctant to accept the result, but he still stopped trying to pay Gu Ning back.

Even if he continued, he wouldnt win.

After Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue drove Mu Ke and Yu Mixi back to their school, they directly returned to the southern district.

Gu Nings own home was in Century City, but she hadnt been home for a long time.

She stayed either at school, the siheyuan, or Mid-Levels Mansion.

She had been absent for a long time, and Zi Beiying had moved into her own house, so no one was in this house now.

It was cleaned regularly, but only the living areas and guest rooms were clean.

Nobody was allowed to go into the master room, so it wasnt cleaned.

When Gu Ning got back, she had to clean it by herself and change the bedding before she could go to bed.

The next morning, Gu Ning went to work at her company.

The companies owned by her business group were still expanding, so the medicines and make-up products were often out of stock at Colaine.

Luckily, their second factory was about to be built and could start producing in October at the latest.

Before that, the first factory couldnt stop.

Moreover, more and more businessmen came to talk about cooperation with Colaine.

Some of them even came from foreign countries.

“Colaine medicines are extremely effective.

Were replacing famous brands in the market now.

Other business people want to work with us, but our competitors are getting worried.

Im afraid theyll set some traps for us,” Chen Cangyi said.

“Nothing has happened yet, so we cant do anything right now.

We can only be careful and get the information if anything happens, then we can take action,” Gu Ning replied.

“Sure, Ive made the arrangements.

As long as we can deal with it, well solve the problems on our own.

If not, well let you know once it happens,” Chen Cangyi continued.

He wouldnt pretend to have the abilities to solve all problems.

He would only do things within his abilities and didnt think it was humiliating if something was beyond his abilities.

Gu Ning never doubted Chen Cangyis abilities, or she wouldnt be absent for so long and the company wouldnt have developed so fast.

“Yeah, were on vacation now.

If Im not busy, Ill come to work,” Gu Ning said.

“Great, the news conference about the merger of Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company into the business group is set for the day after tomorrow.

What do you think” Chen Cangyi asked.

“Not a bad idea,” Gu Ning said.

As for whether they needed to organize a publicity stunt before the news conference, Gu Ning didnt think it was necessary.

After all, topics about her could easily attract attention.

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