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2881 A Bunch of Trash

Hearing that, Yuan Wenye felt heart-broken.

Master Yuans words made sense.

He was already exposed and couldnt get away with it, so it would be the best choice to let him carry the blame, so that Master Yuan and Yuan Wenyue would be safe.

He was willing to do that, but it still hurt when Master Yuan said it.

Therefore, Yuan Wenye said nothing.

Yuan Wenyue wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say right now, so he remained silent too.

Although it was ruthless to let Yuan Wenye carry all the blame, they would all be dragged into trouble if they didnt do that.

By then, the whole Yuan family would be in a serious crisis.

Master Yuan understood that it was unfair, but they were left with no choice.

Looking at Yuan Wenye, Master Yuan said, feeling guilty, “Wenye, I know its very unfair, but the whole Yuan family will be in serious trouble if we get dragged into it too.

You dont want to see that happen, right As long as our family is still powerful, you will be able to live a good life after coming out of jail, but if we lose our power, none of us will live a good life.

There are countless forces that cant wait to see us unseated.”

“Dad, I understand.

Ill take all the blame this time.” Yuan Wenye was deeply hurt, but he clearly knew that it was the truth, so he agreed.

After disabling Yuan Wenye, the Leng family had no intention of punishing the Yuan family further, but the Yuan family didnt know that so they were worried.

“Oh, what should we do about the wizard” Yuan Wenyue asked Master Yuan.

Master Yuan frowned and remained quiet for a while, then he said, “Just leave him there.

Thats all we can do now.”

In the Yuan family, only the three of them were aware of the truth, the other family members had no idea.

Therefore, Yuan Wenyes wife and kids were really angry once they heard that he was disabled.

They urged Master Yuan to find the criminal and seriously punish him.

Master Yuan couldnt tell them the truth, so he could only give them a perfunctory answer.

The next day, the news that Yuan Wenye was seriously injured and disabled quickly went abroad.

The Yuan familys enemies gloated over their misfortune, especially the Dai family.

After all, Yuan Wenye had just hurt Master Dai and Master Dais eldest son.

They couldnt wait to pay him back!

They knew the Leng family would do it, but didnt expect it to happen so fast.

Besides, Yuan Wenye was even disabled.

All of them were surprised at the result.

Everyone was talking about Yuan Wenye because they didnt know the wizard, so they didnt talk much about him.

They all believed that he worked for Yuan Wenye.

As for who disabled Yuan Wenye, they guessed it had been done by a major family, but they had no idea who it was.

Today was the third day of their final exam.

Because of what had happened to Yuan Wenye, Yuan Yilin couldnt focus.

She barely finished a few questions and even the teacher reminded her to focus on the paper a few times.

After the exam, Gu Ning dined out with Song Miaoge and her other friends.

They had made an appointment several days ago.

When they went to class they rarely saw Gu Ning and now they wouldnt see her for even longer because of the vacation.

One semester was over, so they felt it was necessary for them to have a gathering and have fun together.

However, this time, not only the four of them gathered together, they also called Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.

Chu Peihan needed to film that night, so she didnt come.

Therefore, there were six of them.

They decided to have a big seafood meal, because all of them liked seafood.

Afterwards, they went to sing in a KTV club and ordered several bottles of wine to drink.

However, while they were having fun, drama happened.

A bunch of drunk young men intruded all of a sudden.

Once they broke in, a waiter tried to stop them, but there were four of them, so the waiter couldnt stop them outside.

Instead, one of the four men pushed the waiter to the ground.

Seeing that, Gu Ning immediately stood up and walked to them.

She coldly stared at them and asked, “What are you doing”

“Jesus, this girl is so pretty! I thought Lao Si was bragging just then,” one man said as he leered at Gu Ning.

“I told you!” Another man looked proud.

He must be the Lao Si that the man just mentioned.

Everyone thought it was an accident.

Although they were scared and displeased, they werent mad nor did they want to argue with them, but after hearing that, they were furious.

“Damn it! We should teach them a lesson,” Song Miaoge said angrily.

Then she walked straight toward the bunch of men.

“Do it now” She asked Gu Ning.

“Teach us a lesson Thats funny! Look at you.

Youre so skinny.

I can easily press you down.

How would you be able to teach us a lesson But girls, were not bad people.

We just want to drink with you.

Why dont we have some fun together Dont be so angry” one man teased.

He didnt take Gu Ning and the other girls seriously.

“Right, if there are no men drinking with you, youll be bored,” another man said.

“Do you want to drink with us Beat us first,” Song Miaoge replied.

“Youre so beautiful that we dont have the heart to injure you.

We only want to spoil you!” the man replied as he leered at Song Miaoge.

“Get out now!” Song Miaoge shouted at them.

The bunch of men were instantly annoyed.

They felt that Song Miaoge was embarrassing them publicly.

“Girl, do you know who we are Its your honor that were willing to drink with you.

Dont ruin the opportunity!” a man said in annoyance.

“Youre a bunch of trash.

I gave you a chance to leave, but you refused.

So you asked for it yourself,” Gu Ning said coldly, then she directly beat them and kicked them out.

She was so fast that the men could barely fight back.

The next moment, they were screaming in pain.

The sounds of their fight attracted attention from people outside.

Onlookers immediately came over to see what was happening.


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