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2880 Did Something Go Wrong

From Yuan Wenyes perspective, Si Jin was targeting the wizard, which had nothing to do with him and he didnt want to be dragged into trouble.

However, Si Jin targeted both of them, so it was impossible for her to let Yuan Wenye run away.

Therefore, the moment Yuan Wenye moved, Si Jin grabbed a chair and hit him.

The next moment, the chair hit Yuan Wenye causing him to scream in pain.

Then he fell to the ground.

Because of the sharp pain, he couldnt get back to his feet.

Si Jin turned back to fighting the wizard, while paying a little attention to Yuan Wenye, in case he ran away.

The wizard realized that he was no match for Si Jin, so he wanted to use poisonous magic.

Unfortunately, before he could, Si Jin directly ruined his plan.

Si Jin used magical energy, so she was quickly able to defeat the wizard.

The wizard was seriously injured and both of his hands were disabled.

The wizard only knew some simple poisonous magic and had a defensive ability to some extent, but he was too weak compared with Si Jin.

“W-Who are you” the wizard asked in a weak, hate filled voice.

“Someone you cant mess with.” Si Jin answered in a deep voice, then she ignored the wizard and walked towards Yuan Wenye.

Seeing Si Jin coming over, Yuan Wenye trembled in horror.

“W-Who are you Why did you injure me”

Yuan Wenye wanted to run away, but it was hard for him to move, so he couldnt escape.

Yuan Wenye despaired at that moment.

“Because you did something extremely bad,” Si Jin said.

Without hesitation, she disabled Yuan Wenyes limbs, causing him excruciating pain.

His forehead was covered with sweat.

He did something wrong Was it because of the wizard Did the Dai family already know it was done by him

That was impossible!

However, Yuan Wenye couldnt think of any other reasons.

After doing that, Si Jin left.

Once she walked out, she reported the result to Jing Yunyao, who felt much better.

Jing Yunyao only shared the news with Master Leng, Leng Yuanzhen, and Leng Yuanqian.

She also told them not to tell anyone else.

Because Yuan Wenye schemed to kill Leng Yuanqian, none of them thought the punishment was too much.

After all, the Leng family wasnt weak.

“Yuan Wenye is disabled now.

I think the Yuan family will be damaged quite badly.

After going through so much, the Yuan family still dares to scheme against us.

They have lost their reason due to ambition,” Leng Yuanzhen said, but he could understand why the Yuan family did that.

The Leng family knew how powerful they were, but the Yuan family didnt.

In addition, the Yuan family had a lot of confidence in themselves, so they would obviously do things for their own interests.

Actually, if the Yuan family had the same power as the Leng family, they could have stolen the seat of the president earlier on.

Now, even if the other three major families teamed up, they couldnt defeat the Leng family.

Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao could easily kill them.

“Right, we just solved the problem involving the Pei family, but now the Yuan family caused us trouble.

I wonder whether it was Yuan Wenyes idea or if it was the Yuan familys plan,” Leng Yuanqian wondered.

He wasnt sure which was the truth, because both were possible.

“Whether its Yuan Wenyes idea or the Yuan familys plan, thats not the point right now.

The most important thing we need to do right now is to replace the Chang family with the Dai family,” Master Leng said.

After all, Yuan Wenye just spoke with the wizard about their plan to assassinate Leng Yuanqian.

They hadnt taken action yet.

“Right, if the Yuan family causes trouble again, we can punish them at that time.

We cant cause a scene right now, or itll cause trouble for the president,” Jing Yunyao said.

Because Wei Lingfeng was the president, he would be affected no matter which faction caused a scene.

For example, if students had low scores or refused to study, the parents would blame teachers.

They would think you were not qualified.

Before long, Yuan Wenye and the wizard attracted attention from other people.

However, Yuan Wenyes screams were too scary, so nobody dared to come in.

Obviously, something serious happened so someone called the security guards to come over.

Once the security guards saw Yuan Wenye and the wizard, they were shocked and thought that the two had been in a fight.

Nevertheless, they immediately called the police and the hospital.

Afterwards, they informed Yuan Wenyes family.

The Yuan family received the news, but the wizard had no family in this city, so his family wasnt informed.

When the Yuan family heard about Yuan Wenyes condition, they were all shocked.

Then they got angry, but they still needed to know more about the fight.

Before long, Yuan Wenye and the wizard were driven to the hospital.

After a medical check, they were told that both of them were crippled.

Hearing that result, Yuan Wenye had a mental breakdown and even the Yuan family couldnt accept it.

Master Yuan and Yuan Wenyue were aware of Yuan Wenyes meeting with the wizard, so they believed it must have been done by the Dai family.

Even though they decided to do bad things first, Yuan Wenye was disabled now, so they blamed the Dai family for it.

“It must have been done by the Dai family.

Its shocking that they could remove the spell from Master Dais body and even woke Master Dais eldest son.

Now they caught you and even seriously injured you!” Master Yuan exclaimed angrily.

Why was he so mad Didnt they ask for it

If they didnt harm the Dai family first and want to kill Leng Yuanqian, they wouldnt have been paid back.

“What should we do now” Yuan Wenyue asked anxiously.

He was worried that the Dai family or the Leng family would punish them.

He somehow felt that Master Dai had a close relationship with the Leng family.

“What can we do now If the Dai family or the Leng family comes to see us, we must deny it,” Master Yuan replied.

In such a situation, Master Yuan decided to abandon Yuan Wenye.

Anyway, Yuan Wenye was useless now so it was good for the Yuan family if he could take all the blame.

He didnt want the whole Yuan family to be in trouble after all.

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