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Chapter 2879: Why So Fast

For two whole days, the wizard didnt leave the hotel at all, so Si Jin stayed in the hotel for two days as well.

She didnt spend all of her time in her room, since the wizard would realize that something was strange if she did.

Therefore, when it was time for lunch, she dined out and came back in the afternoon.

Anyway, the manager was also watching the man.

As long as the man left the hotel, the manager would let her know.

The wizard didnt check out until 8 pm the second night, then Si Jin followed him to a house in a suburb.

Yuan Wenye was alone in the house.

“Master, hows your body now” Once the wizard came, Yuan Wenye asked him with concern.

He was unusually polite towards the wizard.

After all, the wizard had special abilities.

If he was disrespectful, the wizard could punish him.

Even though he was unwilling to deal with the wizard right now, he had invited him, so he had to be polite till he was gone.

Therefore, he wasnt just polite to the wizard, he also needed to satisfy his needs.

For example, yesterday the wizard said that he didnt want to stay in the hotel and wanted to recover in a quiet place, so Yuan Wenye quickly found a quiet place for him.

“I need to rest for a few more days,” the wizard replied.

It would take a long time for him to recover from the backlash.

After a few days, he might get better, but he wouldnt make a full recovery right away.

“Everything has been arranged now,” Yuan Wenye said.

“Thanks,” the wizard said, then directly went in.

His arrogance displeased Yuan Wenye, but he had to tolerate it.

Afterwards, Yuan Wenye followed him inside.

When the wizard met Yuan Wenye, Si Jin secretly filmed their meeting.

Due to the distance, she failed to record their conversation, but it was enough to prove that they were scheming something.

The Leng family was aware of their scheme, but outsiders had no idea, so they needed to collect evidence.

This time, Yuan Wenye was doomed to be paid back.

“Master, I want to get rid of Leng Yuanqian.

Can you help me kill him” said Yuan Wenye.

“Of course, but you must pay me a hundred million yuan for that after I succeed.

If I fail, I only need twenty million yuan.

But I promise I wont fail again,” the wizard said confidently.

In his opinion, it was much easier to kill than it was to cast a control spell, but sometimes killing wasnt the result he wanted when he dealt with his enemies.

A hundred million yuan!

Yuan Wenye was displeased and angry.

How could the wizard ask him for so much money

Although he didnt lack money, a hundred million yuan was a large amount.

He could do a lot of things with that.

If the wizard succeeded, he could give him a hundred million yuan, but he still needed to pay him twenty million yuan even if he failed.

In that case, he would have lost a lot of money.

The wizard was paid whether he succeeded or not.

What if he failed on purpose

After all, the wizard had already failed once, so Yuan Wenye lost some confidence in him.

However, he couldnt find someone who was better than the wizard right now.

So no matter how reluctant Yuan Wenye was, he still accepted that condition.

Anyway, he couldnt wait to kill Leng Yuanqian!

Unfortunately, he was doomed to fail, because Si Jin had heard their plan.

Without delay, Si Jin sent Jing Yunyao a message and told her about their scheme.

Reading Si Jins message, Jing Yunyao was furious.

Since the wizard checked out and left the hotel, she thought it was time for her to take action.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao ordered Si Jin to punish the wizard and Yuan Wenye.

They wouldnt kill the wizard and Yuan Wenye, but they would disable them.

As soon as Si Jin was assigned the task, she took action.

Because she disguised herself with a baseball cap and a mask, no one could see who she was.

In order to not attract the wizards attention, she hadnt used her magical energy to damage the surveillance cameras earlier, but she didnt hesitate to do so now.

She couldnt leave any evidence, so Si Jin immediately released magical energy to damage the surveillance cameras.

When Si Jin did that, the wizard clearly felt a strong power.

Although he didnt know it was magical energy, he knew it wasnt natural and was from someone who had superpowers.

Wizards werent ordinary people, so he believed that there were people with superpowers in different countries too.

He just hadnt met any yet.

However, the spell he cast on Master Dai was removed the other day, which proved he wasnt the only one who had special abilities.

The wizard was angry.

Did it have something to do with Master Dai Was he the target this time

If the person could remove his spell, it meant the person was stronger than him.

He could clearly feel how powerful it was, so he was instantly alert.

To make it worse, he was injured now so he was much weaker than before.

Before the wizard could decide what to do next, the door was directly kicked open.

Both the wizard and Yuan Wenye were shocked, especially Yuan Wenye.

The wizard stayed calm, because he knew a strong opponent was coming, but Yuan Wenye wasnt mentally-prepared.

After that, they saw a woman rushing inside, but she had a mask on, so they couldnt see her face.

The wizard felt threatened, so he subconsciously wanted to run away.

He didnt care about Yuan Wenye at all.

They only met for business, and didnt have a close personal relationship.

However, the moment he moved, Si Jin stood in his way.

Witnessing that scene, Yuan Wenye was stunned.

The woman was just outside the door, but she showed up right in front of the wizard in the blink of an eye! How could she be so fast

It shocked not only Yuan Wenye, the wizard was also shocked by her speed.

He didnt have time to run away at all.

As a result, he had to fight against Si Jin.

Si Jin wanted to finish it quickly, so she used a lot of force from the very beginning.

The wizard could hardly fight back.

Seeing that, Yuan Wenye tried to escape and left the wizard behind.

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