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Chapter 2878: No Need to Blame Yourself

Following Dai Xiongyus gaze, Master Dai saw Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang.

He didnt know Shangguan Yang, but he guessed that Shangguan Yang must be familiar with the Leng family since he came with Jing Yunyao.

“Hi, Mrs.

Leng.” Master Dai greeted Jing Yunyao.

After he got rid of Tame Head, he began to have a good attitude towards Jing Yunyao again.

“Master Dai, I think your grandson can explain the situation to you,” Jing Yunyao said.

She allowed Dai Xiongyu to tell Master Dai what had happened earlier.

After that, Dai Xiongyu told Master Day everything.

Hearing Dai Xiongyus explanation, Master Dai remembered what he had done.

He was shocked and scared.

He didnt expect the man to have such harmful magic to even control him.


Leng, Im so sorry for what Ive done to you and the Leng family.

I didnt mean to…” Master Dai apologized at once.

Even though he was under control back then, what he had done was indeed too much.

“Master Dai, no need to blame yourself.

We understand that you didnt mean to hurt us.

If you did, we wouldnt have rescued you.” Jing Yunyao said, “Your eldest son was saved by my daughter-in-law and youre getting better too.

Within a few days, you will make a full recovery.

The orders youve sent out have been taken back by your second son, so it didnt cause much damage.”

Knowing that his eldest son was awake now, Master Dai and Dai Xiongyu were both relieved.

However, Master Dai was still scared and felt guilty.

“However, in order to give them confidence, your eldest son can leave the hospital right now.

People need to know that hes awake.

And we can tell them that you were being threatened, for you to behave abnormally.

Now youre fine.” Jing Yunyao said, “As for the man, just leave him to us.

Well tell you the result after dealing with him.”

“Great, thank you so much, Mrs.

Leng.” Master Dai was very grateful to Jing Yunyao and the Leng family.

In fact, he had doubted the Leng familys reputation before, because he didnt think they could be kind given their high status, but this time, he honestly felt their kindness.

Afterwards, Master Dai apologized again.

“Im sincerely sorry for causing you and the Leng family so much trouble.”

“Dont say that.

Its never easy to achieve things! Were partners, so we ought to help each other,” Jing Yunyao said.

Since she said that, Master Dai dropped the topic and started to talk about that man.

“Oh, the man told me that hes a wizard from Country T.

Does Tame Head really exist”

Although Mater Dai had been through it in person, he still couldnt believe or accept it.

“Yes, but keep it a secret among us.

Dont spread it.

There is no need to cause unnecessary trouble,” Jing Yunyao replied.

“Sure, we wont.” Master Dai and Dai Xiongyu promised.

Master Dai wanted to ask more, but felt that it wasnt necessary, so he didnt continue.

Now Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang had to leave.

Because Master Dai wasnt well, he didnt stand up and Dai Xiongyu walked them out.

In the living room, Junior Mrs.

Dai had already prepared tea for Shangguan Yang.

There were two cans, half kilogram each, so there was a kilogram in all.

Although Dai Xiongyus maternal grandfather was a manufacturer of tea and had sent the Dai family a lot, it was a very precious tea and the yield was low.

Therefore, the Dai family didnt have much.

The two cans were actually a third of what they had.

To be honest, two cans wasnt a little since a kilogram of that tea cost about twenty thousand yuan.

Money wasnt important, but sometimes tea of high quality was worth much more than just money.

“Wow, there is a lot!” Shangguan Yang was surprised to see two big cans.

“Not at all! I hope you like it,” Junior Mrs.

Dai said.

She was afraid that two cans were too little.

After all, Shangguan Yang had saved Master Dais life! Two cans of tea was barely enough to show their gratitude.

However, there werent many cans of tea at their home, so she could only give Shangguan Yang two cans.

“Of course I like it! Thank you so much.” Shangguan Yang beamed, accepting the Dai familys gift.

Afterwards, Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang left.

When they were gone, Mater Dai called Master Leng and apologized.

He had done that to Jing Yunyao and she didnt blame him, but he felt it was necessary for him to make an apology to Master Leng in person too.

Master Dai was very weak now, but he still had the strength to talk.

He just couldnt talk for long.

Master Leng had heard about the situation, so he didnt blame Master Dai.

Instead, he told Master Dai to relax and that there was no need to blame himself.

Dai Xiongyu also called Master Dais eldest son and told him that Master Dai was fine now and that Jing Yunyao wanted him to leave the hospital and come back home.

Hearing that, Mr.

Dai immediately left the hospital.

After having the call with Master Dais eldest son, Dai Xiongyu called Master Dais second son and told him everything was fine now.

Master Dais second son was greatly relieved and felt much less stressed.

Without delay, he shared the news with those officials who were ordered by Master Dai to stop attacking the Chang family these days.

When they heard that Master Dais eldest son was awake now and that Master Dai had been threatened into giving up on attacking the Chang family, they were shocked and relieved.

Now those who hesitated to listen to Master Dai got back their confidence.

Now they only needed to deal with the wizard from Country T.

Master Dai was fine now, so the wizard couldnt live, but currently he was staying in Shengshi Hotel, so they couldnt take action there, or it could cause trouble for Leng Shaotings company.

Si Jin continued to spy on him and they would take action after the wizard checked out.

Anyway, it was impossible for him to run away.

Because the other forces had sent people to watch Master Dais eldest son, the news that he woke up was quickly spread abroad, which disappointed many people, but they could do nothing about it.

They thought the Dai family would fail this time, but unexpectedly they didnt.

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