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Chapter 2877: Master Dai Wakes up

What was worse, the middle-aged man was also injured.

He vomited up and spat a mouthful of blood.

He became angrier, because it meant the spell he cast on Master Dai was removed by someone.

Who did it How could the person remove his spell

Did Master Dai have a relationship with a

wizard at a higher level

Given the current situation, he couldnt go to the Dai familys house again.

If he ran into a wizard who was more powerful than him, he could be caught.

And now he was injured, so he needed to recover.

As a result, he immediately returned to his room when he just reached the elevator.

No one saw the scene because there was nobody around, but Si Jin saw it.

As a cultivator, she wasnt surprised.

When the middle-aged man turned around, Si Jin stepped back to the side at once.

After the middle-aged man got back into his room, Si Jin walked into the next room and continued to spy on him.

She also sent Jing Yunyao a message, telling her about the situation.

Because the middle-aged man had special abilities, he must have a good hearing as well.

If Si Jin made a call, he would be able to hear her.

Once Jing Yunyao received Si Jins message, she replied to her.

They had solved the problem, so Si Jin could directly catch the middle-aged man if he wanted to run away.

They would go to see her after everything was done in the Dai family.

After Shangguan Yang killed the poisonous worm, the Taoist talisman became useless, because it only had an effect on evil beings.

The moment the worm was removed, Master Dai went back to normal.

He couldnt help but shout in pain and the wound on his chest began to bleed.

Dai Xiongyu got nervous, but didnt dare to rush forward.

The next moment, Shangguan Yang took out a pill and helped Master Dai take it.

Then he sprayed some medicinal powder on Master Dais wound.

After taking the pill, Master Dai stopped shouting, but he was still uncomfortable.

After being covered by medicinal powder, the wound stopped bleeding, but it was still bloody.

Shangguan Yang helped Master Dai move and sit down on the sofa, then he asked Dai Xiongyu, “Do you have bandages”

Shangguan Yangs Qiankun Bag was different from Gu Nings telepathic eye space which had everything.

Even though there were bandages in Shangguan Yangs Qiankun Bag, he couldnt take them out in front of Dai Xiongyu, or his secret would be exposed.

His medicinal powder was very little, so he could carry it with him and Dai Xiongyu didnt pay much attention to it.

“Of course, Ill go get them right now.” Dai Xiongyu ran out of the study at once.

Outside, Junior Mrs.

Dai didnt go in but waited all the time, so she was anxious as well when she heard Master Dais shouts.

When Dai Xiongyu walked out, she immediately asked him, “Xiongyu, how is it”

“I need to get bandages now.

We can talk about it later.” Dai Xiongyu rushed to find bandages and didnt have much time to talk with Junior Mrs.


Since he said that, Junior Mrs.

Dai didnt stand in his way.

At the same time, Shangguan Yang took off Master Dais upper clothing.

Jing Yunyao didnt walk away, because it was an emergency and it wasnt really embarrassing or inappropriate.

Before long, Dai Xiongyu was back with bandages and gave them to Shangguan Yang.

Shangguan Yang wrapped Master Dais wound, then told him to lie down on the sofa.

He couldnt move right now so Shangguan Yang told Dai Xiongyu to get a blanket to cover Master Dai.

It was summer and wasnt cold, but Master Dai was in a special condition.

He had just gotten rid of the poison, so he had to stay warm.

Dai Xiongyu immediately got a blanket and covered Master Dais body.

Master Dai wasnt completely conscious right now.

Because Shangguan Yang was unwilling to expose his secret, he didnt fully cure Master Dai.

Within a few days, Master Dai would make a full recovery, but he would wake up a few minutes later.

Therefore, Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao didnt leave right away.

They would leave after Master Dai woke up, so that the Dai family could feel relieved.

“Sir, hows my grandpa now” Dai Xiongyu asked worriedly.

He knew his grandfather was getting better, but he couldnt be relieved until Shangguan Yang gave him the answer.

“Hes fine now.

Hell wake up in a few minutes,” Shangguan Yang said.

Hearing that, Dai Xiongyu was finally relieved and thanked Shangguan Yang.

“Sir, thank you so much!”

“My pleasure,” Shangguan Yang said as he gave Dai Xiongyu a nod.

Then Dai Xiongyu suddenly realized that he hadnt offered any tea or water to Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang.

Without delay, he walked out and told Junior Mrs.

Dai to pour two cups of tea.

Before long, Junior Mrs.

Dai came over with two cups of tea.

Although Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang werent thirsty, they still accepted the tea.

After having a sip, Shangguan Yang felt that the tea tasted very good, so he asked Dai Xiongyu, “Can I know what tea this is It tastes good.”

Hearing Shangguan Yangs compliment, Dai Xiongyu was very happy and replied.

“Its Junshan Yinzhen.

Because its my grandfathers favorite, we made some by ourselves.

We have a lot at home.

If you like it, Ill prepare some for you to take away.”

“Oh, thanks! Thatll be great.” Shangguan Yang accepted.

Anyway, he had saved Master Dais life.

He didnt ask for anything, so he could take some tea as a gift.

“Ill go prepare some right now,” Junior Mrs.

Dai announced.

“Great,” Dai Xiongyu replied, then Junior Mrs.

Dai walked away.

In the hotel, the middle-aged man called Yuan Wenye and reported everything to him.

When Yuan Wenye heard the result, he was shocked and angry.

How could someone be able to remove the spell When did the Dai family have a relationship with such a skilled person

Yuan Wenye couldnt accept it, because it would be much more difficult for him to defeat the Dai family now.

Left with no choice, Yuan Wenye could only tell the middle-aged man to rest for a while.

In the Dai familys house.

A few minutes later, Master Dai woke up, but he was still very weak and wasnt fully conscious.

“Grandpa, youre awake!” Dai Xiongyu immediately went forward.

He squatted in front of the sofa in great excitement.

“What happened to me” Master Dai couldnt remember everything right now.

He only felt the pain from his chest.

“Um…” Dai Xiongyu didnt answer, but turned to look at Jing Yunyao.

He didnt know whether he should tell Master Dai the truth.

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