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Chapter 2876: Tame Head

No one stopped Master Dai from calling other people, because they were scared to be close to him after knowing that he was under the effect of poisonous magic.

They were afraid that he might lose control and hurt them.

They were unwilling to have any conflicts and they didnt want to hurt Master Dai.

Luckily, there werent many members in the house.

In order to avoid danger, Dai Xiongyu and Junior Mrs.

Dai called the other family members and told them not to come home right now.

As for the reason, they explained that Master Dai was in a bad condition now and could easily lose control.

Although the other family members were worried about Master Dais health, they listened to Dai Xiongyu and Junior Mrs.


When Jing Yunyao came with Shangguan Yang, Dai Xiongyu heard the news and immediately went out to welcome them.

“Hi, Mrs.

Leng, Elder Shangguan, please come in.” Dai Xiongyu politely greeted them.

Jing Yunyao had told Dai Xiongyu that she would come with an expert, and that the expert could save Master Dai.

Dai Xiongyu didnt doubt Jing Yunyaos words, but he was still afraid that something might happen.

However, even though he was worried, the Leng family was the only family he could trust right now.

Therefore, he said nothing about it.

After welcoming Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang, Dai Xiongyu took them to Master Dais study.

Dai Xiongyu knocked at the door first and said that he needed to see Master Dai.

He didnt mention that Jing Yunyao was also there.

Master Dai was affected by poisonous magic, but he wasnt fully under control.

He only stopped attacking the Chang family and stayed away from the Leng family because he now believed that the Leng family was bad and he needed to cut off their relationship.

Besides, he even wanted to go against the Leng family.

As for the Chang family, he would only give up on reporting their crimes.

Accordingly, when Dai Xiongyu said that he needed to see Master Dai, Master Dai agreed and let him in.

However, the moment Mater Dai saw Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang coming in with Dai Xiongyu, he lost his temper.

“Dai Xiongyu, didnt I tell you the Leng family is forbidden to come here Why do you still bring them in What do you want to do” Master Dai angrily questioned.

Once Master Dai got angry, the middle-aged man in the hotel felt it, but he only felt Master Dais emotions and didnt know what Master Dai said or who he met.

Therefore, the middle-aged man did nothing.

“Grandpa, Mrs.

Leng has come to help you,” Dai Xiongyu said resignedly.

He understood that Master Dai wouldnt listen to him.

“Help me With what I dont need her help.

Leave, now!” Master Dai said furiously.

It seemed as if he felt Jing Yunyao was going to harm him instead of help him.

“Grandpa…” Dai Xiongyu felt helpless.

He had no idea what to do now.

After all, Master Dai was being controlled by poisonous magic.

As soon as Shangguan Yang walked inside, he noticed that Master Dai was abnormal.

In Master Dais body, there was indeed a poisonous worm, but he wasnt poisoned.

Instead, Master Dai was under the effect of Tame Head.

Tame Head referred to Black Magic which used a certain toxin or insect as a prop to secretly act on the target, making the person act according to the controllers will.

It had the same effect as poisonous magic, but the difference was that Tame Head needed the targets date of birth and horoscope.

Moreover, poisonous magic usually used the mother poisonous worm to restrain the baby poisonous worm to cause trouble and damage to the body and life of the target.

In that case, the target must obey the orders of the controller out of fear, but the controller couldnt control the targets mind.

On the other hand, Tame Head could directly control the targets mind from a distance.

In fact, the source of Tame Head wasnt their country, but Country T.

Shangguan Yang studied it quite a bit, so he knew a lot.

Even though it wasnt poisonous magic and was actually Tame Head, Shangguan Yang didnt think it was a big deal.

Right at that moment, he took out a Taoist talisman, then directly threw it at Master Dai.

The Taoist talisman quickly struck Master Dais forehead causing him to be unable to move.

This also impacted the worm inside his body.

Seeing that, Dai Xiongyu rounded his eyes in shock.

It was too unbelievable!

“Well…” Dai Xiongyu wanted to ask about the situation, but he was too shocked to finish a sentence.

“Dont ask.

Dont worry, hes Shaotings master and he can cure Master Dai,” Jing Yunyao said calmly.

Hearing that, Dai Xiongyu said nothing in case he interrupted Shangguan Yang.

The moment Master Dai was frozen by the Taoist talisman, the middle-aged man in the hotel sensed it.

He abruptly stood up from the sofa angrily.

Without delay, he ran outside and went to the Dai familys house.

Si Jin noticed his movement and immediately followed him out.

The middle-aged man took out a puppet as he walked in a bid to control Master Dai to fight back, but he failed.

In the Dai familys house.

After Master Dai was frozen, Shangguan Yang went to him, then took out a sharp dagger.

Dai Xiongyu trembled a little when he saw the dagger, even though he believed that Shangguan Yang wouldnt hurt Master Dai.

The next moment, Shangguan Yang cut open the clothing on Master Dais chest, scaring Dai Xiongyu.

Knowing that Dai Xiongyu was anxious, Jing Yunyao explained.

“There is a poisonous worm in your grandfathers body.

His life is being controlled by that middle-aged man, so the worm must be removed, or your grandfather could die at any time.”

Dai Xiongyu was frightened.

A poisonous worm His grandfathers life was under control

He couldnt believe his ears!

After hearing Jing Yunyaos explanation, Dai Xiongyu was less worried and mentally-prepared.

Shangguan Yang cut Master Dais clothing open, then cut his chest.

Although Dai Xiongyu understood that Shangguan Yang was going to take the worm out of his grandfathers body, it still scared him when the dagger directly cut his grandfathers chest.

However, it shocked him that his grandfather didnt bleed at all! How could that be possible

Dai Xiongyu was stunned.

Without hesitation, Shangguan Yang quickly dug the worm out, then killed it with magical energy.

The moment the worm was killed, the puppet in the middle-aged mans hand was broken too.

In that instant the middle-aged man was frightened.

He loosened his hand and stumbled a few steps back.

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