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Chapter 2875: Spy on That Man

“Oh, if Mrs.

Leng is also aware of that mans special abilities, does it mean she has…” An idea dawned on Senior Mrs.

Dai so she doubted whether Jing Yunyao had special abilities too.


Dai didnt realize it until he heard Senior Mrs.

Dais words, but he felt it was highly likely.

“Its possible.

If so, the Leng family…” Mr.

Dai suddenly took a long breath.

In that case, the Leng family was much stronger than they thought!

No matter who dared to go against the Leng family, they would be digging their own graves, like the Chang family.

“If so, its very scary!” Senior Mrs.

Dai said, feeling frightened.

“It is horrifying, but itll only do us good as long as we dont harm the Leng family.

In front of such a strong family, we have to limit our ambition.

So I think its enough for us to replace the Chang family,” Mr.

Dai said.

The Dai family was also ambitious, but they clearly knew their abilities.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have kept a low profile for so many years.

However, that might make them seem weak, so they still needed to prove their abilities when it was necessary.

After what happened this time, it would be difficult for them to stay low-key any longer.

Senior Mrs.

Dai agreed with Mr.


In fact, Senior Mrs.

Dai preferred to live an ordinary life since it would be much safer, but she knew it was impossible.

She wasnt born in an ordinary family, and she married into a powerful family.

However, they didnt know why Yuan Wenye wanted to cause the Dai family trouble and make the Dai family give up attacking the Chang family.

He guessed that the Yuan family might also have the idea of unseating the Chang family.

Anyway, it was impossible for the Yuan family to help the Chang family.

After Gu Ning walked away, she sent Jing Yunyao a message and asked her whether she needed her to do anything.

Because Jing Yunyao understood that Gu Ning was going to have an exam tomorrow and there was nothing she needed her to deal with, Jing Yunyao told her to go back to school for now.

At the same time, Jing Yunyao spied on the Dai family.

About half an hour later, the middle-aged man left.

Master Dai walked him to the gate in person and arranged for a car to take him.

Master Dai seemed to please the middle-aged man, but it was obvious that he was under control.

When the man was gone, Jing Yunyao also left.

Jing Yunyaos car was stopped not far from the Dai familys house, so she drove to chase after the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man didnt notice because there was a huge gap between their levels.

Meanwhile, Jing Yunyao called Master Leng and reported the situation to him.

Hearing about the situation the Dai family was in, Master Leng was angry, but he was also surprised that Yuan Wenye had a relationship with such a man.

It seemed the Yuan family was much more difficult to deal with than he thought, but the Leng family was still stronger than the Yuan family.

After all, the Leng family had quite a few cultivators now.

The Dai familys chauffeur left after driving the middle-aged man to a nearby hotel.

The hotel was Shengshi Hotel.

Since the man stayed in Shengshi Hotel, Jing Yunyao thought that he might know that it was owned by Leng Shaoting and it was possible that he might try to damage Leng Shaotings company.

However, it was more likely to be a coincidence.

Anyway, since it was Leng Shaotings company, it would be more convenient to spy on the middle-aged man.

Nevertheless, Jing Yunyao didnt directly call Leng Shaoting.

Instead, she called He Qiming and told him about her request.

Afterwards, He Qiming immediately arranged for the hotel manager to meet Jing Yunyao.

Before long, the hotel manager came and met Jing Yunyao.

They had a talk and the manager found the middle-aged mans room number and booked a room right next to it for Jing Yunyao.

The hotel manager didnt know Jing Yunyao, but it was his leaders order, so he obeyed it.

Jing Yunyao didnt continue to spy on the middle-aged man.

Instead, she called Si Jin over to do it, because she needed to solve the problem with Master Dai.

Most importantly, she needed to go back to ask Shangguan Yang for a solution to see whether she could cure Master Dai.

Right after Jing Yunyao left, Si Jin set out, so when Jing Yunyao got back to the siheyuan, Si Jin arrived at the hotel.

In the siheyuan, Jing Yunyao spoke with Shangguan Yang about Master Dais condition.

Shangguan Yang also believed that it was poisonous magic, but he didnt think it was a serious problem.

He asked Jing Yunyao to take him to the Dai family, then they visited the Dai family together.

In the hotel.

The middle-aged man stayed in the room the entire time and didnt go anywhere.

Si Jin only needed to spy on him, and didnt need to do anything for the time being.

A while later, Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang arrived at the Dai familys house.

This time, Jing Yunyao told Dai Xiongyu about their visit, so Dai Xiongyu ordered the security guards to let them in.

Master Dai was still in his study.

He continued to call those officials who were going to report the Chang family and told them to stop.

However, it didnt work, because Master Dais sudden order was too strange and they were unwilling to miss such a good opportunity.

Therefore, they agreed to listen to Master Dai on the phone, but didnt actually stop.

Master Dais second son also called them and told them not to listen to Mater Dai, because Master Dais behavior was abnormal for no reason.

Since that was the case, no one listened to Master Dai.

Mater Dais second son was also aware that Master Dai was affected by poisonous magic, but he didnt tell those officials.

Even if he said that, no one would believe him, and it could even cause unnecessary trouble.

However, some of them hesitated.

Master Dais behavior was very abnormal, but his eldest son was still in the hospital, so they were afraid that the Dai family might lose their influence.

They only hesitated for a while and wouldnt make the decision right away.

Therefore, they continued to attack the Chang family.

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