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Chapter 2874: Do You Have Special Abilities too

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for rescuing me!” Mr.

Dai thanked Gu Ning at once.

Even though he felt it was unbelievable, it was true that Gu Ning rescued him, so it was necessary for him to thank her.

Even the doctors couldnt help him, so he would probably have died if Gu Ning didnt rescue him.

“Its my pleasure.” Gu Ning said, “But can you tell me what happened”

In an instant, Mr.

Dai looked mad, but he was willing to tell Gu Ning even though she was very young.

Actually, if the Leng family sent Gu Ning over, it meant that she had a very important position.

Therefore, Mr.

Dai chose to be honest, “I saw Yuan Wenye with a man who is about forty years old at XX restaurant last night, but this morning, that man came to our home.

My father was very polite to him.

I was afraid that the man might harm us, so I reminded my father to be careful.

Unfortunately, my father refused to listen.

Then the man grabbed my hand and I felt cold all over my body.

I couldnt move and gradually lost consciousness.

Afterwards, I passed out.

Miss Gu, that man is very strange.

I think he has come for no good.”

Saying that, Mr.

Dai was full of anger and worry.

“What That man made you lose consciousness” Hearing that, Senior Mrs.

Dai exclaimed in shock.

She had seen that man, but had no idea that the man made her husband unconscious.

Since that man had met Yuan Wenye before, it must have something to do with Yuan Wenye.

“It must be Yuan Wenyes order!” Senior Mrs.

Dai said angrily, showing strong hatred for Yuan Wenye.


Dai was also furious.

“It is not only Mr.


Master Dai is also under his control.

Thats the reason why Master Dai ordered them to stop attacking the Chang family this morning.

He even refused to answer the Leng familys calls.


Leng just went to the Dai familys house, but wasnt allowed to go in.

She broke in and finally found out what happened.

That man is abnormal.

He is directly controlling Master Dais mind instead of his body.

Although weve roughly figured it out, we dont know the details, so we must find out the truth as soon as possible,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing Gu Nings words, both Mr.

Dai and Senior Mrs.

Dai were surprised.

That man was controlling Master Dais mind How did he manage to do that

“Its crazy that the man could control ones mind,” Senior Mrs.

Dai exclaimed.

She couldnt really accept that and felt that it should only be possible in fantasy shows.

In her eyes, it was impossible for it to happen in real life.

“Then why couldnt the doctors find out why Mr.

Dai lost consciousness, but I could wake him up after I came” asked Gu Ning.

Hearing that, both Mr.

Dai and Senior Mrs.

Dai were shocked.

It was true that the doctors failed to find the cause, and Gu Ning quickly woke Mr.

Dai up.

Even though they knew Gu Ning had skills, it was still unbelievable.

Now they wondered whether Gu Ning had special abilities.

It was hard for them to accept, but they couldnt think of any other reasons.

“Miss Gu, does that mean that both you and that man have special abilities” asked Mr.


Since he had doubts, he decided to directly ask Gu Ning about it.

He was unwilling to guess.

“Right, both that man and I have special abilities, but please keep it among us.

Dont tell anyone else or itll cause trouble and you might end up punished.” Gu Ning admitted, but also threatened them.

Given Master Dais current condition, she had to admit that she had special abilities in order to win their trust.

She didnt think they would spread the news, unless they didnt want to live, but even if they told other people, no one would believe them.


Dai and Senior Mrs.

Dai were completely stunned.

They didnt expect to find out that Gu Ning really had special abilities.

They couldnt believe that people with special abilities really existed in this world and Yuan Wenye even had a relationship with one of them.

They had heard about superpowers, but they didnt know any of the details, so they didnt ask further about it.

“Miss Gu, dont worry, we wont tell anyone, but please help us.

We will definitely thank you!” Mr.

Dai begged sincerely.

“Relax, we will help you solve the problem.

After all, the Dai family got involved in the trouble because the Leng family wanted to work with you, otherwise you wouldnt have encountered so much trouble,” Gu Ning said.

It was precisely because of that that she didnt think it was a big deal to help the Dai family.

“Dont say that, Miss Gu.

We were willing to work with the Leng family.

Since we agreed to join the game, we were prepared for any consequences,” Mr.

Dai said.

He didnt blame the Leng family.

Anyway, they agreed to team up, the Leng family didnt force the Dai family.

In addition, because of the Leng family, the Dai family had gained a lot of benefits.

“Alright, we should stop talking about that for now.

You can stay in the hospital for the time being.

Dont tell anyone that Mr.

Dai is awake, including other members of the Dai family.

I dont want that man to know.

Otherwise he might come to hurt you again.

If anyone comes, Mr.

Dai can pretend to be unconscious.

Just leave the rest to us.

Well solve the problem as soon as possible,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem.

Thank you so much, Miss Gu,” Mr.

Dai said.

Afterwards, Gu Ning walked away, leaving Mr.

Dai and Senior Mrs.

Dai in shock.

“Honey, its too shocking.

I cant believe my ears,” Senior Mrs.

Dai exclaimed in horror.

“Since she told us everything, I think it must be true.

Otherwise it would cause trouble for her if we know the secret,” Mr.

Dai replied.

Although it was unbelievable, he was willing to believe it.

“Youre right, but I wonder how everything is going in our family right now.

Im very worried,” Senior Mrs.

Dai said restlessly.

“They should be fine.

I think they must be dealing with it now,” Mr.

Dai said, but he was anxious too.

“I cant believe that Yuan Wenye has a relationship with such a person!” Senior Mrs.

Dai said in surprise.

“Were in the same situation.

It must be shocking for them as well that we have a relationship with Gu Ning,” Mr.

Dai said.

He was also astonished to know that Gu Ning had special abilities, but he could still accept it.

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