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Chapter 2871: Affected by Evil Energy

Officials in the Dai familys faction werent all upright.

Some of them were corrupt and had broken the law too.

The Yuan family and some other families had found out about it, but what they had done had nothing to do with the Dai family, so the Dai family wasnt really affected.

Yesterday, Pei Jiangchao was sentenced.

Although it was an abduction, it didnt succeed and Dai Xiongyu wasnt injured.

Therefore, he didnt receive a serious punishment.

He was only sentenced to five years in jail and all of his properties were confiscated.

His properties would be public funds and he also had to pay Dai Xiongyu compensation.

The Pei family decided to double the amount of money.

Although it was not really a huge amount for them and it couldnt do anything, it was still necessary, otherwise other people might think that the Pei family didnt need to pay a price for their mistakes.

Pei Jiangchao was sentenced to five years in jail, but he deserved it because he broke the law.

However, for the victim, that wasnt something concrete, so he still needed to pay compensation.

Because the Dai family stopped blaming the Pei family for sheltering Pei Jiangchao, they didnt interfere in the judgment.

Pei Jiangchao understood that the sentence wouldnt be lighter even if the Pei family interfered, instead the Pei family would have been dragged into trouble because of it.

Nevertheless, he still felt hurt that his father and younger brother didnt help him and even went to apologize to the Dai family in order to get away with it.

He wished that he could have good luck and that he might have a chance, but now he lost everything.

Pei Jiangchaos wife and kids had the same opinion, so they all blamed Master Pei and Pei Jianghai, but they also knew that it was Pei Jiangchaos fault, so they didnt dare to show their feelings no matter how unhappy they were.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt ask about it.

The next day when they were back in the capital, Leng Shaoting returned to the military base while Gu Ning continued to go to class.

It was already mid-July at this time, so a few days after Gu Ning came back, the final exams were due.

Then they would have a vacation.

Because Gu Ning was out of the school most of the time this semester, she missed many classes.

She had a photographic memory, but she still needed to learn beforehand.

If she didnt learn anything, she wouldnt be able to gain any knowledge even though she had a photographic memory.

As a result, she devoted herself to study for the next few days.

She caught up with her classmates and prepared for the exam.

Unfortunately, the afternoon before the exam, an accident happened again.

Dai Xiongyus father suddenly got sick and Master Dai ordered to stop attacking the Chang family.

It was very abnormal and he even refused to answer Leng Yuanqians call.

Once Jing Yunyao heard about that, she felt that it wasnt simple, so she went to visit the Dai family.

At the same time, she called Gu Ning and asked Gu Ning to go visit Master Dais eldest son at the hospital.

No matter what happened, as long as Master Dais eldest son was alive, Gu Ning could help them.

After Jing Yunyao arrived at the Dai familys house, she sensed an evil energy around.

She instantly became angry.

Although it wasnt very harmful, it was enough to affect ordinary people.

However, when she wanted to go in, a security guard stopped her and said, “Masters order, no member of the Leng family can get inside.”

“What” Jing Yunyao slightly frowned, but wasnt surprised, because she realized that something must be wrong the moment she sensed the strong evil energy.

It was possible that the Dai family was being controlled by something evil, otherwise Master Dais eldest son wouldnt have gotten sick all of a sudden and Master Dai wouldnt have stopped attacking the Chang family.

Master Dai even refused to answer Leng Yuanqians call and forbade the Leng family to go inside.

That couldnt be Master Dais idea.

However, it was impossible for security guards to stop Jiang Yunyao.

Without delay, Jing Yunyao directly flew over the big iron gate, then quickly walked towards the main building of the Dai familys mansion.

Seeing that, the security guards shouted at her to stop and chased her quickly.

They could also see Master Dais abnormal behavior and knew that it wasnt right that he forbade the Leng family to go in.

After all, it wasnt a secret that the Leng family had helped the Dai family a lot recently.

Master Dai couldnt wait to unseat and replace the Chang family, but suddenly changed his mind and stayed away from the Leng family.

It was extremely unreasonable.

Nevertheless, that was Master Dais order, so they had to obey it.

However, they couldnt stop Jing Yunyao at all.

They could only watch her go in.

When she was close to the main building, she clearly sensed a person covered in evil energy in the room.

Without further thought, Jing Yunyao directly broke into the room.

In the living room, only Junior Mrs.

Dai and Dai Xiongyu were present.

Senior Mrs.

Dai was staying in the hospital with Master Dais eldest son.

Because Master Dai wasnt in a good condition, they needed someone who could make decisions at home.

The other family members still needed to go to work.

Junior Mrs.

Dai and Dai Xiongyu werent surprised to see Jing Yunyao.

On the contrary, they expected her to come.

In fact, they both felt that Master Dais behavior was very abnormal and unacceptable, but they could do nothing about it.

They could only hope that the Leng family would come and help them.

However, they were afraid that Jing Yunyao might not be able to deal with it alone.

“Hi, Mrs.

Leng.” Junior Mrs.

Dai and Dai Xiongyu greeted Jing Yunyao.

“Hi, Junior Mrs.

Dai.” Jing Yunyao politely replied.

She was now sure that something was wrong with Master Dai instead of them, and that Leng Yuanqian actually learned about Master Dais condition through Dai Xiongyu.


Leng, my grandpa looks very strange.

I think he might be affected by something evil,” Dai Xiongyu said, filled with worry.

“Youre right.

Hes indeed been affected by evil energy,” Jing Yunyao said in an affirmative tone.

This room was full of evil energy, but only Master Dai was affected, while the other people were fine.

It was obvious that Master Dai was the target.

Dai Xiongyu and the others were a little affected too, but not seriously, so they behaved normally.

Besides, in addition to the evil energy in this room, Jing Yunyao also sensed it from Master Dais study.

There was a man inside, and that man was undoubtedly Master Dai.

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