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Chapter 2870: Will You Accept That

Fang Lin wanted to say something, but was afraid that Jiang Dashun would be mad at her.

“What is it Tell me!” Seeing that, Jiang Dashun urged her.

“Dont be mad if I tell you,” said Fang Lin.

Because she understood that Jiang Dashun might be angry, she needed to calm him down beforehand.

Although she knew Jiang Dashun would be mad, she still wanted to say it because she wasnt sure whether he would agree for money.

After all, Jiang Dashun was willing to make money by hook or by crook.

“Why would I be mad” Jiang Dashun asked airily.

He thought Fang Lin just couldnt think of a good idea.

“I-I think I can beg Jiang Wenliang for his forgiveness.

I can lie to him that I know that I was wrong and that I still want to be together with him.

When he accepts me, I can steal the two pieces of jade…” Fang Lin said, but her voice lacked confidence.

Although she said that to Jiang Dashun, she was actually lying.

She honestly wanted to get back with Jiang Wenliang, because Jiang Wenliang was rich and had a relationship with Zheng Peng now.

If they were close, it couldnt be easier for Jiang Wenliang to become successful again.

Whether she would really do that, she would make the decision after doing an investigation, but she indeed wanted to give it a try.

The moment Jiang Dashun heard Fang Lins words, he was furious and directly snapped at her.

“Fang Lin, do you think you can fool me Jiang Wenliang is rich now, so you want to leave me for him, right But I can tell you its impossible.

Jiang Wenliang hates you to death.

Do you think hed accept you again”

Upon hearing Jiang Dashuns reply, Fang Lin was frightened and explained.

“Baby, dont get me wrong.

I didnt mean to…”

Seeing that Jiang Dashun was so furious, she had to give up that idea.

After all, she clearly knew that it was impossible for her to get back together with Jiang Wenliang, but she was unwilling to face reality, so she wanted to try.

Even though she wanted to try, she had to get Jiang Dashuns permission.

If he disagreed, she would suffer a double loss.

“If not, dont bring it up again.

If you get back together with Jiang Wenliang, even though its just a part of the scheme, I wont accept you again.

I dont want a dirty woman,” Jiang Dashun said.

If Fang Lin was going to get back together with Jiang Wenliang, she would unavoidably sleep with him, but that was unacceptable in his eyes.

Before they were together, he didnt care how many men Fang Lin had slept with, but he couldnt accept it if she slept with other men in addition to him after they got together.

Besides, he saw through Fang Lin.

She saw that Jiang Wenliang was rich again and might become successful, so she regretted leaving him.

However, Fang Lin hadnt taken action yet, so he could forgive her.

After all, he really loved Fang Lin and felt comfortable being with her.

“Alright, alright, I wont talk about it again.

Dont be mad.

I just wanted to get two pieces of jade, so I had that idea.

Ill give up.

I completely gave up the thought.” Fang Lin immediately apologized and tried to explain herself, but Jiang Dashun wouldnt believe her.

He just stopped arguing with her.

At that time, Zheng Peng took Jiang Wenliang to the branch of Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company in City Rui and quickly helped him get on board.

Jiang Wenliang used to be a franchisee, so he knew a lot about franchisees and understood what they wanted.

Therefore, Zheng Peng appointed him to the position of Market Development Manager.

His work was to develop potential franchisees.

They needed franchisees, because they relied on them to sell raw jade materials to local stores in different cities.

Not every owner of a raw jade material store would travel the long way to Province Yun to purchase goods.

If they didnt need many raw jade materials, it wasnt worth their time and energy to fly the long distance to Province Yun.

So normally they would require a franchisees help.

In addition, not every businessman in this industry could get in touch and cooperate with raw jade material developers.

Although Gu Ning said that he could have a position in the management and Jiang Wenliang was mentally-prepared, he was still surprised to get the position of Market Development Manager.

It was beyond his expectation.

“Manager Zheng, will other colleagues be unhappy if I get such a high position” Jiang Wenliang asked.

He felt it was too much and the other colleagues might feel it was unfair.

“Why Do we have to ask their opinion when we hire someone This company is owned by our boss, not by them.

If youre worried, prove your abilities to them.

If anyone dares to act against you, you can punish them.

We dont need uncooperative employees.

But you also need to behave yourself and do your job well.

If you make any mistakes, youll be punished too.

If you have an outstanding performance, you can get a promotion in the future, but you might also lose your position if you dont have the required abilities,” Zheng Peng said.

Hearing that, Jiang Wenliang was relieved and excited.

If everything was as Zheng Peng said, it would be a very good company.

“Sure, Ill do my best!” Jiang Wenliang said seriously.

Since Jiang Wenliang was a manager, he had a high salary.

His salary was actually higher than some other managers in the same industry.

Jiang Wenliang was surprised that Zheng Peng was willing to give him such a good salary.

Anyway, no one would say no to a high salary, and it could encourage him to work harder.

Therefore, Jiang Wenliang made up his mind to do his best.

“About Jiang Dashun, the boss has talked about that with you, but I need to say it again.

If he causes you trouble again, dont hesitate to let me know.

Well help you deal with it.

If youre in trouble, it will not only be you, our entire company will also be affected, so dont feel embarrassed or hesitate to let us know,” Zheng Peng reminded.

“Sure, thanks.” Jiang Wenliang answered, feeling touched.

In the capital, the drama wasnt over yet, but the Chang family was in more and more trouble, while the Dai family gained more and more attention.

The Dai family was also dragged into some trouble, but the Leng family protected them from getting hurt.


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