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In fact, Jiang Wenliang still couldnt believe that Gu Ning could be so good at stone-gambling.

It was really unbelievable, but it was right.

Given her skills, she could cut out as much jade as she wanted.

However, it had nothing to do with him, and Jiang Wenliang still felt that he shouldnt take the jade.

Gu Ning continued.

“If you feel you dont deserve it, you can take my advice.

Im shorthanded now.

I need loyal and reliable people, so you can come and work for me if you want to return the favor.”

Gu Nings name and phone number as well as her title were on the name card.

Jiang Wenliang didnt care much about that, because he believed that she was a good person because she helped him.

However, he didnt think that he could return her kindness by working for her.

Instead, he felt Gu Ning was doing him another favor.

He could be helpful, but he didnt think he was worth thirty million yuan.

“Miss Gu, I dont think its a good deal for you.

I think you are helping me again,” said Jiang Wenliang.

“Why As long as youre loyal and diligent, you can be helpful.

You did business before, so you should know its not easy to find a loyal and reliable employee, especially a manager, nowadays.

Im asking you to be loyal to me because Ive done you a big favor, but if you dare to betray me, I wont hesitate to teach you a lesson.

In other words, I can help you or save you, but I can also kill you or ruin your life.

I dont need to literally kill you, but I can make you lose the courage to live any longer.

So, you can think about it and you can make the choice.

Its totally up to you.

After all, I didnt help you to make you work for me,” said Gu Ning.

Jiang Wenliang stood in awe of Gu Ning at once, because he could feel her power and cruelty.

At the same time, he also felt Gu Nings emotions.

She wasnt just cruel, she had her own moral standards.

Only those who werent sure whether they could be loyal would be scared by Gu Nings words.

Loyal people, on the other hand, wouldnt be frightened at all.

Gu Ning wasnt just cruel, she cherished sincere relationships!

Jiang Wenliang was sure that he could be loyal to Gu Ning, so he was convinced by her moral standards although he was a little scared by her cruelty.

Business people nowadays barely had principles about anything but benefits.

The competition in business was extremely cruel.

No matter how much you had done, you were ruined once you made a mistake.

No one would give you a second chance just because you had helped before.

“Take the jade.

I gave it to you, so I wont take it back.

You can decide how to deal with it.

As for my advice, carefully think about it, then contact me.

Its up to you.

Alright, Im busy now and I need to go,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt ask Jiang Wenliang to make a decision right away.

Even if he decided to work for her, he still needed to think about it carefully.

As soon as she finished speaking, she quickly walked away with Leng Shaoting, leaving Jiang Wenliang no chance to talk to her again.

Because Jiang Wenliang hesitated to make the decision right away, he didnt stop Gu Ning from leaving.

Afterwards, he went home.

At 5:40 pm, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at the appointed restaurant.

Gu Ning proposed to have this meal, so she needed to come earlier.

When they dined out, Gu Ning called Zheng Peng so he arrived before them.

Kang Shaojie understood that Gu Ning would go there earlier, so he arrived only five minutes later.

“Miss Gu, Mr.

Leng, Manager Zheng, sorry to keep you waiting,” Kang Shaojie said when he showed up.

Whether they had waited for him or not, he had to have a good attitude.

“Dont say that.

We just arrived.


Kang, please have a seat,” Gu Ning answered.

After that, Kang Shaojie seated himself.

When they finished ordering, the waiter left and Kang Shaojie asked with concern, “Miss Gu, how is the case going”

“We havent caught the thieves yet.

After all, they didnt come every day, but Im sure that were going to catch them once they come again,” Gu Ning said confidently.

Kang Shaojie didnt doubt her words at all.

“Great, I hope you can catch them as soon as possible and get your loss back.

Im really sorry that I cant help,” Kang Shaojie said.

He sincerely wanted to help Gu Ning, so he felt a little guilty that he failed to do so.

“No need to feel guilty.

You just got involved and didnt have time to do a further investigation.

We havent had any results yet either!” Gu Ning said, “Alright, lets stop talking about that.

Its tiring for us to waste too much time on it.

We can talk about something else.”

“Sure, we can change the topic.” Kang Shaojie also realized that it was annoying if he talked about it too much.

Afterwards, they talked about something else.

After the meal, Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting, and Zheng Peng separated with Kang Shaojie and went to the construction site.

Jiang Dashun was in a bad mood after losing the ancestral house to Jiang Wenliang and hearing that Jiang Wenliang had two pieces of valuable jade now.

Fang Lin had mixed emotions, because Jiang Wenliang was very rich now.

She left Jiang Wenliang for Jiang Dashun because she though Jiang Wenliang lose everything, but now she changed her mind after Jiang Wenliang became rich again.

However, she had been married to Jiang Wenliang for many years, so she understood that he wouldnt accept her again.

Therefore, it was just a thought and she actually just wanted the house and jade.

“Dashun, why dont we pay people to rob Jiang Wenliang We dont need the ancestral house, but the two pieces of jade must be ours.

After all, theyre worth at least thirty million yuan!” Fang Lin proposed.

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