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Without surprise, once Jiang Dashun heard Gu Nings words, he couldnt stay calm at all.

He subconsciously retorted.

“No way!”

It would kill him if he had to pay five million yuan since the ancestral house wasnt worth so much money!

However, he was unwilling to lose the ancestral house as well.

“Since its impossible, do you agree to give up the ancestral house” said Gu Ning.

“I…” Jiang Dashun wanted to argue against Gu Ning, but didnt know how.

“The green shows!”

Right at that moment, the third stone-cutter exclaimed in shock, which surprised everyone.

What Green showed again

Without delay, everyone turned to look at the third stone-cutter and there was indeed green.

Although it was just a small area and a thin layer, and they could barely see its quality, it was true that there was jade.

After making sure of it, people abruptly turned to stare at Gu Ning with admiration.

At the beginning, only a few admired her, since most of them believed that she was just lucky today, but now they changed their mind.

They realized that good luck wasnt enough to explain it.

No matter how lucky Gu Ning was, she couldnt cut out two pieces of jade in a row without skill.

“Jesus, this girl is too unbelievable!”

“Right, she reminds me of the Queen of Stone-gambling.”

“Me too.

If they were the same age, I would really think that she is the Queen of Stone-gambling.”


Gu Ning heard their discussion.

She was the Queen of Stone-gambling under another identity, Tang Aining.

“She cheated.

Right, she must have cheated! Its impossible to cut out two pieces of jade from three raw jade materials!” Fang Lin lost control and shouted.

She was unwilling to lose five million yuan and the ancestral house, so she did her best to pin the blame on Gu Ning.

Because it was too easy for Gu Ning to cut out jade, the onlookers had the same doubt.

Did she really cheat

Those who were jealous of Gu Ning and refused to believe that she could cut out two pieces of jade in a row felt that she might have cheated.

However, people who still had reason didnt think it was likely.

After all, no one could see what was in the stones.

It was impossible for Gu Ning to cheat! And they had watched her choose the raw jade materials with their own eyes.

Some people thought that Gu Ning might have paid an expert to make the choices for her beforehand, but why didnt she send those raw jade materials to Jiang Wenliang earlier If she had done that, Jiang Wenliang wouldnt have lost to Jiang Dashun and there would be no trouble at all.

In addition, even experts couldnt be as accurate as Gu Ning.

No expert dared to say that there was jade in a certain stone, but Gu Ning had the courage to do that.

Therefore, they didnt think that she cheated.

Because of that, they were more curious to know how Gu Ning managed to know that there was jade in certain raw jade materials Did she have superpowers

It was the truth, but nobody would believe it.

“Well.” Gu Ning smiled mockingly.

“What you just said is slander.

Do you know that youll be punished according to the law if you damage my reputation Is it so hard for you to admit that someone is better than you If you think I cheated, do an investigation! Ive never cheated.

Only people without abilities would cheat.”

In fact, Gu Ning had indeed cheated, but she didnt think it was wrong.

They had no evidence anyway.

She wasnt a saint, and wouldnt obey the rules all the time.

Moreover, no matter how cunning she was, she only did that because Jiang Dashun and Fang Lin werent good people.

“You…” Fang Lin didnt know what to say.

Although she claimed that Gu Ning cheated, she didnt actually believe it.

She knew a bit about stone-gambling, and she understood how difficult it was.

She only said that because she was reluctant to accept the result.


Jiang, what can you say now” Gu Ning turned to look at Jiang Dashun.

“Fine!” Jiang Dashun understood that he was doomed to fail no matter how he argued with Gu Ning right now, because they had indeed reached an agreement.

Therefore, he gave in.

“Jiang Wenliang, I wont forget what has happened between us.

Lets go and see!” Jiang Dashun threatened Jiang Wenliang before he left in anger.

Even though Jiang Wenliang had Gu Nings help now, Gu Ning wasnt a local citizen.

Once she left, he would have a chance to pay Jiang Wenliang back.

Now he didnt have a good opportunity to defeat Jiang Wenliang, so he had to be patient.

“Dashun!” Fang Lin was reluctant to accept the result, but she had to leave with Jiang Dashun.

Jiang Wenliang was worried that Jiang Dashun would cause him trouble again, but he would deal with it according to the situation in the future.

At least, he kept his ancestral house now.

Once Jiang Dashun and Fang Lin were gone, someone asked before Jiang Wenliang could thank Gu Ning, “Miss, will you sell this raw jade material”

“Please wait till the jade is fully cut out,” said Gu Ning.

Since she said that, the man stopped asking.

After that, Jiang Wenliang made a deep bow towards Gu Ning and thanked her sincerely.

“Miss, thank you so much for helping me keep my ancestral house.

I have nothing valuable to give you as a gift, but if you need me in the future, I wont spare my effort to return your kindness.

Although Im in a difficult situation now, Ill do my best to get better.”


JIang, may I know what you did before” asked Gu Ning.

She had a good impression of Jiang Wenliang.

If he had skills, she was willing to hire him.

Anyway, she was shorthanded.

“My family has been involved in the raw jade material business for generations, but we dont mine.

Were an agent,” said Jiang Wenliang.

“Will you continue to do that” asked Gu Ning.

“I dont know.

After all, I have nothing now.

Jiang Dashun wont stop causing me trouble.

Itll be very hard for me to do business right now.” Jiang Wenliang put on a wry smile and said resignedly.

“Do you want to do the business on your own, or are you willing to work for another company” asked Gu Ning again.

“It would be best if I could do the business on my own, but its unrealistic.

Im involved in trouble now, so I dont know who would want to hire me!” said Jiang Wenliang, having no idea what to do next.

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