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Actually, people cut out jade of middle and high level here once in a while, so it wasnt that strange, but it was still rare.

Compared with the number of people who were involved in stone-gambling, the possibility was one in tens of thousands.

Therefore, even though it wasnt strange, it was shocking enough.

And it was not just middle-level jade, even low-level jade could shock a lot of people.


Jiang, you lost.

You cant deny it, right” Gu Ning turned to look at Jiang Dashun with a vague smile.

At this moment, people noticed that Gu Ning didnt look surprised at all when she cut out jade.

Was she so confident

Some people still believed that she was pretending to be calm, but Jiang Wenliang was completely convinced that Gu Ning had skills.

However, it was too unbelievable because Gu Ning didnt carefully choose the raw jade materials.

On the contrary, she randomly picked some as if she could see there was jade inside.

Jiang Wenliang didnt think it was possible, so he thought that Gu Ning had already made her choices before meeting him.

“No, impossible.

Its impossible.

Perhaps its just a thin layer of jade! Perhaps the rest of it is stone.

It doesnt count.

It must be valuable jade!” Jiang Dashun said.

Obviously, he tried to deny the result.

“Jiang Dashun, you cant deny it.

We agreed that I win as long as there is jade.

You didnt say there has to be a whole piece of jade!” Jiang Wenliang angrily criticized Jiang Dashun.

He was angered by Jiang Dashuns attitude and was also afraid that it was just a thin layer of jade.

After all, it was highly likely.

“I wrote it wrong.

I dont care.

It must be a whole piece of jade.” Jiang Dashun insisted.

He was lying.

He simply hadnt thought that there was jade in Gu Nings raw jade materials.

However, now jade showed and it was of middle-level.

What was worse, it was highly likely for it to be valuable.

Although it was highly likely for it to be valuable jade, Jiang Dashun still wished that luck would be on his side today.

He was reluctant to lose.

If he lost, he would lose Jiang Wenliangs ancestral house and five million yuan!

“Jiang Dashun, youre shameless! If you deny it, I dont think the previous bet is meaningful either.

I wont sign the transfer contract either.

If you dare to break the rules, Ill risk my life on that.

Anyway, I have nothing now.

There is nothing I have to be afraid of.” Jiang Wenliang scolded.

“You…” Jiang Dashun was also mad, but he didnt know what to say, because he knew Jiang Wenliang meant it.

“You lost, and you cant deny it, but since youre unwilling to accept that, I can prove to you whether this jade is valuable.” Staring at Jiang Dashun, Gu Ning spoke coldly.

Then she turned to look at the stone-cutter and said, “Please cut the side five centimeters deep.”

“Sure,” said the stone-cutter.

Without hesitation, he did his job.

Although he said nothing earlier, he had been unhappy about Gu Nings order, but now, he wasnt displeased at all.

Instead, he began to have anticipation.

Would there be jade after the five centimeter cut

The stone-cutter who was rubbing the final raw jade material now fully obeyed Gu Nings orders.

At the same time, he guessed whether there was also jade in this one.

He didnt think it was likely, but he had

anticipation too.

“I dont care.

It must be a piece of valuable jade.” Jiang Dashun argued.

“Its written clearly in the agreement.

As long as there is jade, we win.

Now you are asking for a piece of valuable jade.

If there is, will you change the condition once more Mr.

Jiang, are you wasting my time Do you think its funny Dont dig your own grave!” Gu Ning coldly said as she sneered at him.

“You…” Jiang Dashun was still unwilling to accept the result, but he began to get scared of Gu Ning, not just because of her words, but also because of her power.

She put a lot of pressure on him and appeared very powerful, so she must have a high status.

Jiang Dashun said nothing further, but he was still thinking about how to handle it although he had already lost.

Because he said nothing further, Gu Ning closed her mouth too.

Before long, the first raw jade material was cut open and it was a stone inside and out.

It took a lot longer to rub a stone, so the second one wasnt cut open yet.

The third jade which already showed green had the third cut.

After the stone-cutter obeyed Gu Nings order and cut five centimeters, he saw jade, which shocked everyone once more.

The next moment, they turned to look at Gu Ning in admiration.

“Jesus, shes so right.”

“She must be a master.”

“Its incredible.

Am I in a dream”

“I have the same doubt.”


People discussed in surprise, while Jiang Dashun and Fang Lin were too shock to stand steadily.

It was valuable jade!

Why How could this girl be so unbelievable She cut out jade and it was valuable.

Now, they were sure that they lost the five million yuan and the Jiang familys ancestral house.

No, they couldnt accept the result!

Therefore, Fang Lin opened her mouth.

“No, this agreement doesnt stand.

We dont accept it.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was angry and questioned her.

“What It doesnt stand Why do you think you can deny it as you want Who do you think you are”

Although Fang Lin was stressed by Gu Ning, she couldnt care less about it now.

She directly shouted at Gu Ning, “You have no relationship with Jiang Wenliang.

You cant bet his ancestral house on that.

Well just give up on your five million yuan.”

“If you didnt bet the ancestral house, we wouldnt have bet five million yuan.

Do you think were dumb Or are you idiots Its clearly written on the paper.

Its impossible to deny it, but if you dont want to lose the ancestral house, you should give me the same amount of money.

So, the ancestral house, or five million yuan.

You can choose.

Or I can make you lose everything.” Gu Ning threatened.

Because Jiang Wenliang just said that the ancestral house was worth less than five million yuan, it was impossible for Jiang Dashun to pay five million yuan in order to keep it.

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