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Jiang Wenliang clenched his fists and his palms were sweating.

He fully focused on the three raw jade materials, as if he could get jade in that way.

“Do you think jade will appear by staring at it” Jiang Dashun made fun of Jiang Wenliang.

Hearing that, Jiang Wenliang glared at him, but said nothing because he had no idea what to say.

He was afraid that there wasnt any jade in the raw jade materials.

In that case, Gu Ning would lose five million yuan.

He was more worried about Gu Ning than about his own ancestral house.

He had already lost the ancestral house, and that wouldnt change if Gu Ning lost as well, but for Gu Ning, that was a lot of money.

On the other hand, if Gu Ning won, he could get his ancestral house back.

Although he didnt think there was jade in the raw jade materials, he still held hope.

“Trust me.

There is jade in them,” Gu Ning said confidently.

“Young girl, dont be so confident, or youll be embarrassed by yourself later.

I wont care about your feelings if you lose,” said Jiang Dashun.

It seemed as if he kindly reminded her to be careful.

“Well see what will happen in a while.

Its not over yet.

Why are you so sure that Ill embarrass myself You have too much confidence too.

Arent you afraid that youll embarrass yourself To be honest, I dont care how youll treat me.

I just hope you can accept the result if you lose.

Dont try to deny it, because its useless,” said Gu Ning.

“Lets see!” Jiang Dashun snorted and said nothing further.

Before long, the first layer of the first raw jade material was cut off, but there was no green.

Everyone was very nervous.

Jiang Wenliang was still slightly worried, while Jiang Dashun and Fang Lin were full of confidence.

The second and the third raw jade materials were also cut open.

Unfortunately, there was no visible jade in them either, but there was jade hidden under the first layer of the two raw jade materials which contained jade.

“Cut off another centimeter of the raw jade materials at the right.

And rub the middle one please,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that she wanted to rub the middle raw jade material, everyone turned to look at her with disdain.

Did she think there would be jade by rubbing

“I think this girl is too confident.

She even asked the stone-cutter to rub the raw jade material.”

“Right, if there is no jade inside, itll be humiliating.”

“I dont want to see so much money lost! Its five million yuan!”


Upon thinking of five million yuan, many people couldnt accept it.

They couldnt get so much money, so they didnt want other people to have it.

“Young girl, it will take a long time to rub this stone,” the stone-cutter said with displeasure.

He didnt think there was jade in this raw jade material, so he was unwilling to waste time on it.

If an expert asked him to do that, he would carry out the order without hesitation, and would expect to see jade in the stone.

“I am paying you.

Dont waste time.

Youve already received the remuneration.

Just do your job,” Gu Ning said calmly.

“Fine!” Hearing that, the stone-cutter said nothing further.

Although it was a waste of time, Gu Ning was right.

He was paid to do this job so it was no different no matter who asked him to do it.

Therefore, he took out tools to rub the stone.

The other stone-cutter who was asked to cut off another centimeter willingly did so because he would have done the same thing next.

“Oh, do you think youre an expert You dont look like one at all.” Fang Lin couldnt help laughing at Gu Ning.

Jiang Dashun didnt stop her, because it was what he wanted to say as well.

“Well see whether Im a real expert after the raw jade materials are all cut open.

Why are you making fun of me before the result comes out Arent you afraid that youll only embarrass yourself Oh, I guess you dont have a sense of shame, so you wont feel ashamed, right” Gu Ning said at once.

“You…” Fang Lin was mad.

She wanted to argue with Gu Ning, but Jiang Dashun stopped her with a glance, so she had to shut up.

Normally, he wouldnt care about what Fang Lin said, because they shared the same values.

What Fang Lin said was exactly what he thought in his mind, so Fang Lin said it for him.

However, she shouldnt embarrass him.

When Gu Ning argued with her, he felt embarrassed, so he needed to stop Fang Lin from talking more.

After a second cut was made to the raw jade material at the left, there was still no jade.

It wasnt surprising, but everyone subconsciously turned to look at Gu Ning to see her reaction.

Gu Ning stayed calm as usual, which made them wonder whether there was really jade in the three raw jade materials.

Before long, the raw jade material in the middle was cut another centimeter and finally showed jade.

It shocked everyone and they couldnt believe their eyes.

Gu Ning was still calm, so was Leng Shaoting, but a few moments later the crowd became excited.

“Jesus, there is jade.

There is jade!”

“I cant believe my eyes.

There is really jade inside.”


Jiang Wenliang was full of excitement as well.

If there was jade, Gu Ning wouldnt need to give Jiang Dashun five million yuan and he could also get his ancestral house back.

Gu Ning only bet that there would be jade.

Whether the jade was good or bad, she won.

“No, impossible.

Its impossible!” Jiang Dashun couldnt believe or accept it.

Unexpectedly, there was really jade!

Since there was jade, he couldnt get the five million yuan and would even lose the ancestral house he just won.

Fang Lin couldnt believe it either.

This time, people looked at Gu Ning with much less disdain and contempt.

They thought that she was just lucky to cut out jade.

Nevertheless, she had jade now.

At this moment, the stone-cutter washed the dirt on the jade, then they saw the quality.

It turned out to be a sticky rice type.

“Its middle-level sticky rice jade!” the stone-cutter exclaimed in great surprise.

He thought it was just a piece of low-level jade, because it was more likely to cut out jade of low quality.

In that instant, everyone became envious of Gu Ning.

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