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“Shut up!” The second the woman finished, Jiang Wenliang snapped at her.

Then he stood up and glared at the woman.

“Youre a bi*ch.

I dont want to talk to you,” said he through his teeth.

“You…” The womans face distorted in anger at once.

She gave Jiang Wenliang a glare, but didnt know what to say.

“Shes my woman now.

You cant say that to her!” The fat man was displeased.

Hearing that, onlookers began to guess their relationship.

This woman might have been Jiang Wenliangs wife or girlfriend, but now she was with the fat man.

Although Jiang Wenliang was haggard now, it wasnt difficult to see that he was a good-looking man.

Why did the woman leave Jiang Wenliang for this fat man Obviously, the fat man was rich!

Most people didnt know them, so they werent aware of the reason, but some knew why.

“Tell your woman to shut up.

She betrayed me.

I dont want to hear her call my name.

I dont want to talk to her either!” shouted Jiang Wenliang.

He humiliated the woman, because she cheated on him.

He would never forgive her for that.

“You…” The woman was mad that Jiang Wenliang talked about her like that.

Especially when the onlookers looked at her with accusatory glances, she really wanted to hide herself away.

Hearing Jiang Wenliangs words, the onlookers believed their guess was right.

The woman had indeed betrayed Jiang Wenliang.

In todays society, it wasnt uncommon that men and women betrayed each other, but that didnt mean that people would accept or understand it.

On the contrary, it was disgusting and hateful.

As a result, they disdained the woman.

“Dont be so mean.

She never betrayed you.

Fang Lin just made the right choice,” said the fat man.

He didnt care about betrayal at all.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, the right choice Yes, thats true for you two amoral people!” Jiang Wenliang mocked them.

They were indeed a perfect match.

Fang Lin betrayed Jiang Wenliang for money, while the fat man also betrayed his wife for her.

However, the two betrayers lived a good life, while the people who were cheated on lived in pain.

It was so unfair.

“Jiang Dashun, dont think thats the final result.

Ill beat you sooner or later,” said Jiang Wenliang with determination.

“You Can you beat me Come on, you lost your ancient house to me.

You have nothing.

How can you defeat me” Jiang Dashun said disdainfully.

He didnt think Jiang Wenliang had the ability to defeat him.

Seeing that, Gu Ning couldnt stand it any longer, so she stood out.

“Who told you he has nothing”

The next moment, everyone turned to look at Gu Ning.

They wondered who she was and what she meant.

However, the moment they saw her they were all amazed by her beauty.

She was so beautiful!

The woman showed jealousy.

They werent in the same age group, but she was still jealous of Gu Ning.

“What does he have Do you want to help him” Fang Lin asked acidly.

She didnt think a young girl like Gu Ning had the ability to help Jiang Wenliang.

After all, they were totally strangers.

It was impossible for her to help him.

Jiang Dashun was also mad and coldly said, “Young girl, it has nothing to do with you.

Dont get involved!”

“Young girl, you shouldnt be involved.

Dont get into trouble.” Jiang Wenliang kindly warned Gu Ning.

He understood Jiang Dashun and Fang Lin very well.

If Gu Ning helped him, they would start causing her trouble too.

“Well, I already made up my mind to get involved.

Let me see who can cause me trouble!” said Gu Ning arrogantly, then walked to the pile of raw jade materials.

“You…” Gu Nings arrogance angered Jiang Dashun and Fang Lin, but no one knew why Gu Ning suddenly walked to the pile of jade raw materials.

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