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As for the compensation, the Pei family would pay the Dai family money.

Although the money wouldnt be a lot because Dai Xiongyu wasnt injured, Master Dai still wanted to teach the Pei family a lesson.

He wouldnt ask much, because it would be embarrassing if the news went out.

Anyway, none of them cared about the money, it was just necessary for the Dai family to receive compensation, otherwise people might think they were easy to bully.

Therefore, Master Dai said that the Pei family should pay double the compensation after the court made a judgment.

Honestly, even if Master Dai asked for a tripled compensation, the Pei family would accept the condition.

After Master Pei and Pei Jiangchao walked away, they immediately called Master Yuan and said that the Dai family agreed not to sue them.

Master Yuan was surprised, because he had the same idea as the Pei family and felt that the Dai family wouldnt let them go easily.


So why did the Dai family decide to forgive them

Master Yuan wondered whether it was a scheme.

Either way, Master Pei and Pei Jiangchao survived this time since the Dai family decided not to sue them.

Whatever happened in the future, they would deal with it according to the circumstances then.

Other major families soon heard that Master Pei and Pei Jiangchao visited the Dai family together.

They didnt know the reason, but obviously Master Pei and Pei Jiangchao were unwilling to go to jail.

As for the result, they had no idea.

At the same time, the Chang family was in a total mess.

After a week, Master Chang was still unconscious, but he wasnt dead.

He was just in a deep sleep and doctors couldnt find the cause.

His eldest son, however, got worse.

Because too many bad things had happened to the Chang family recently, he was angry all the time.

He wanted to do something, but couldnt do anything.

In the Chang familys faction, senior officials got in trouble one after the other.

Unfortunately, the Chang family couldnt help them, because there was solid evidence and the Chang family wasnt willing to be affected.

As a result, they had to watch the Chang family weaken little by little.

In the hospital.

Master Changs eldest son was having a video meeting.

Although he was in a worse condition than before, he could still talk with difficulty.

All of them were asking each other for solutions, but nobody had any good ideas.

“Are we totally ruined this time We can do nothing right now.”

“Where did the Dai family get so much evidence Do they have evidence of our bad deeds too”

“I think its highly likely.”

Many of them had done illegal deeds, so they were very worried about themselves.

“I told you to behave yourself, but you wouldnt listen.

And now you can only blame yourself!” In the Chang familys faction, there werent only bad people.

There should be some good people too.

Upon hearing that, those who had done illegal deeds fell silent and didnt know what to say.

They believed that they had kept it a secret very well, but unexpectedly many of them were exposed.

“I dont think the Dai family could collect so much evidence alone.

I think the Leng family is behind them.

The Dai family is receiving orders from the Leng family.”

“Me too.

Otherwise the Leng family wouldnt support the Dai family!”

“But why did the Leng family suddenly attack the Chang family What has the Chang family done wrong”

Hearing that, Master Changs first and second sons panicked a little, especially his first son, because he knew more than the second son.

The Chang family had indeed angered the Leng family to a great extent.

It seemed that the Leng family had collected evidence about what they had done, but how much did the Leng family know

Did the whole Leng family know about what the Chang family had done to them How was it possible

Thinking of that, Master Changs eldest son panicked again.

He blinked again and again, which attracted everyones attention.


Chang, are you alright” someone asked.

“Im fine.” Master Changs eldest son answered at once.

He was fine No one believed that because his reaction betrayed him.

There must be something that he was keeping a secret from them.

“Sir, has the Chang family really done something bad to the Leng family” someone asked straightforwardly.

Although, as subordinates, they had no right to question them, it was necessary for them to know after being dragged into trouble.

Although they were exposed because they had broken the law, they did it all for the Chang family.

It couldnt be more obvious that the Dai family and the Leng family were targeting the Chang family now.

“Something unpleasant has indeed happened between the Leng family and us, but my father and I are in a bad condition now.

The Chang family is weak so its not a surprise that the other major families would seize this chance to try to unseat us,” said Master Changs eldest son.

He refused to admit that it was the Chang familys fault.

However, the other people didnt think it was so simple.

“Alright, figure out a way to solve the problem.

Im getting worse and worse.

I dont have much energy now and I need a rest,” said Master Changs eldest son, then he directly hung up.

The others understood that he was in a bad condition and needed a recovery, but obviously he was hiding something, which displeased all of them.

After all, many of them were in serious trouble because of the Chang family.

Some of them were safe for the time being, but they could be in danger at any time.

It filled them with anxiety.

Only the upright people had no worries, but they were still afraid that they would be targeted.

Anyway, they were on the same boat as the Chang family.

Therefore, they tried to cut off their relationship with the Chang family right away.

Many had already done that, and only those who had a close relationship with the Chang family stayed.

Some felt ashamed to do that because the Chang family had helped them a lot, while some remained loyal to the Chang family.

“Sir, has the Chang family offended the Leng family” Because Master Changs first son refused to tell them anything, they turned to the second son.

Although the second son might not tell them anything either, they still needed to ask.

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