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If Pei Jiangchao refused to admit it, he would only be punished more seriously.

Although the sentence would merely be a few months longer, it would still be torture for a person in jail.

After all, no one was willing to stay in jail for a single day longer!

Pei Jiangchao said nothing, but he was about to change his mind.

“If we werent dealing with this case according to the law, I wouldnt be so patient here.

We already have solid evidence, but we still want you to be honest.

Even if you refuse, I can directly report it.

You should know that youve abducted my nephew.

Im really mad at you.

Im curbing my anger and doing my job right now.

Its very fair to you, so will you confess to your crime or not” said Zheng Zhuoming.

He was an upright man and wouldnt mix emotion with work.

However, his tolerance was limited.

He might lose control if he had to tolerate it for too long.

“Fine, I admit it.

I abducted Dai Xiongyu.” Pei Jiangchao finally gave in, because it wouldnt do him any good if he still kept quiet.

“Why did you abduct Dai Xiongyu” asked Zheng Zhuoming.

Pei Jiangchao remained silent for a few seconds, then said, “The Dai family has attracted a lot of attention recently.

I was jealous of them.

I actually planned to collect evidence of the Chang familys illegal deeds to unseat them, but the Dai family did it before me.

Therefore, I abducted Dai Xiongyu to cause the Dai family some trouble.

But I never had the thought of injuring Dai Xiongyu.

I just want to distract the Dai family.”

Pei Jiangchao realized that he had to have a good attitude if he wanted a lighter punishment, so he stopped going against Zheng Zhuoming.

If he had succeeded, the punishment might be more serious, especially if he had the intention of hurting Dai Xiongyu.

If his original intention was to hurt Dai Xiongyu, he would receive the most serious punishment.

If not, he would receive a lighter punishment.

The police wouldnt just believe whatever he said, but he still needed to have a good attitude.

After all, he failed so he might be telling the truth.

Therefore, as long as he had a good attitude, his words would be more convincing.

At the same time, Master Pei and Pei Jianghai arrived at the Dai family to see Master Dai.

Most of the members of the Dai family left for work.

Only Master Dai, Old Mrs.

Dai, Senior Mrs.

Dai, and Dai Xiongyu were home.

Because of the abduction last night, Dai Xiongyu was too scared to go out.

He was in a bad mood and stayed in his room.

Currently the Pei family was the Dai familys enemy.

The Dai family couldnt wait to pay them back!

“How could they come to see us What do they want Are they going to ask us for forgiveness Do they think were easy to bully” Senior Mrs.

Dai, Dai Xiongyus mother, was really angry.

Her son was abducted and could have been injured.

As a mother, she was furious.

“Obviously! Darling, were not going to see them.

Whatever they want to talk about, well see them in court,” said Old Mrs.


Dai Xiongyu was her most beloved grandson so she was no less angry than Senior Mrs.

Dai when she heard that Dai Xiongyu was abducted.

In fact, the members of the Dai family got along well with each other.

When Dai Xiongyu was abducted, all of them were angry.

When they heard it was done by the Pei family, they couldnt wait to beat the Pei family to vent their anger.

“Theyre hateful, but theyre just protective of their kid.

If Master Pei was aware of Pei Jiangchaos plan, we would make them pay for it, but he might not have known about it beforehand.

Anyway, Xiongyu wasnt injured.

Pei Jiangchao must pay for it, but Master Pei and Pei Jianghai dont need to go to court.

They can pay compensation,” said Master Dai.

Although the others disagreed with Master Dai, they said nothing because Master Dai did it for a reason.

Master Dai only kept Master Pei and Pei Jianghai waiting for a few minutes, then ordered people to take them to the living room.

Although Master Pei was displeased, he didnt show any dissatisfaction on his face.

After all, they came to beg the Dai family for mercy.

If the abduction hadnt happened or the Dai family didnt have the Leng familys support, they wouldnt have bothered to apologize!

The Pei family wasnt as rich as the Dai family, but they belonged to the Yuan familys faction while the Dai family didnt side with any major families.

When Master Pei and Pei Jianghai were taken to the living room, the others had already left.

Only Master Dai stayed.

“Master Pei, Mr.

Pei, may I know why you have suddenly come” Although Master Dai decided not to sue them, he was still mad at them, so he didnt speak kindly.

Everyone in the room knew why they came, but Master Pei still put on a smile and explained.

“Master Dai, we came to apologize to you.

Im so sorry for what my stupid younger son has done.

But I must say that I had no idea.

I didnt know about it until I noticed something wrong with him yesterday.

I understand its my fault that I tried to shelter him and make someone the scapegoat after knowing it, but Im protective of my son.

I admit it was the wrong decision.

“Now it has been exposed and Jiangchao has been arrested.

He should pay for it.

I wont interfere and hell be punished according to the law, but I hope that you can forgive me and Jianghai.

Would you please not sue us Were willing to make it up to Mr.

Dai,” said Master Pei sincerely.

Even though he felt extremely humiliated, he had to yield to the Pei family.

After all, it was a key moment now and there was a voice recording, otherwise they could easily get away with what they had done.

Unfortunately, they had bad luck this time.

Master Dai had no intention of suing them, but he still vented his anger on them before letting them go.

Because the Pei family didnt think the Dai family would really forgive them, both Master Pei and Pei Jianghai were shocked when they heard Master Dais reply.

It seemed that they didnt need Master Yuans help.

No matter what, the fact that Master Dai agreed not to sue them was the best result they could expect.

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