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As the news about Pei Jiangchao went abroad, more and more people heard about it.

People who knew the situation werent very surprised that Pei Jiangchao abducted Dai Xiongyu, because the two families were opponents.

Whereas people who didnt know were extremely surprised.

They couldnt understand why Pei Jiangchao wanted to abduct Dai Xiongyu, since it could ruin his future.

In the Public Security Bureau.

Pei Jiangchao was directly taken into the interrogation room.

Although there was solid proof, it was necessary for the police to do their job.

“Pei Jiangchao, now you can be honest with us!” said Zheng Zhuoming coldly.

Pei Jiangchao, however, remained silent.

He didnt answer Zheng Zhuomings question.

The result would stay the same whether he told the truth or not, so he didnt want to say anything.

“Pei Jiangchao, Im talking to you!” Zheng Zhuomings voice became colder.

“Well, dont you already have evidence What else do you expect from me” Pei Jiangchao replied.

He didnt seem scared at this moment because he knew it was useless.

After all, the police already had the evidence.

“Havent you worked for years Dont you know anything about the law Fine, if you cared about the law, you wouldnt have broken it.

I honestly have no idea how you became…” Zheng Zhuoming mocked and humiliated Pei Jiangchao.

He doubted Pei Jiangchaos abilities and believed that he relied on his family to be successful.

“You…” After being humiliated by Zheng Zhuoming, Pei Jiangchao was angry, but he didnt know what to say.

“Dont you know that there will be leniency to those who confess, and severity to those who resist” asked Zheng Zhuoming.

Pei Jiangchao frowned.

He obviously knew that, but his pride wouldnt allow him to confess to his crime.

Even though he was going to be put in jail, he still cared about his dignity.

“Pei Jiangchao, do you think we cant do anything about it as long as you remain silent Or are you expecting anyone to come to help you out Let me tell you, there is solid evidence, so no one can rescue you.

Currently both your father and older brother are in trouble for sheltering you.

If you are honest, you might receive a lighter punishment, but if youre happy to stay in jail for a few more years, you can stay stubborn,” said Zheng Zhuoming.

Because Dai Xiongyu wasnt injured, the Dai family wouldnt put pressure on the police.

Instead, they agreed to punish Pei Jiangchao according to the law.

In addition, the Dai family was climbing up the social ladder right now, so it would damage their reputation if they were too cruel.

However, if they dealt with it according to the law, it would leave a good impression on other people.

The Dai family wouldnt agree to punish Pei Jiangchao lightly for the sake of the Pei family, because they werent weak!

Pei Jiangchao hesitated.

He understood that no one could rescue him.

Even his father and his older brother were in trouble because of him.

“Since youre reluctant to say anything, lets continue to hear your father and your older brothers conversation.” Seeing that Pei Jiangchao still remained silent, Zheng Zhuoming played the voice recording.

He didnt care about Pei Jiangchaos feelings.

Pei Jiangchao was displeased.

He wanted to stop Zheng Zhuoming, but he also wanted to hear the conversation.

If he didnt hear the whole conversation, he wouldnt be able to sleep at ease.

He wanted to stop Zheng Zhuoming because the voice recording embarrassed him and there were other policemen in the interrogation room.

However, at the same time he wanted to hear it because he wanted to know whether they had recorded the whole conversation.

Actually, it couldnt be more obvious that they had a voice recording of the whole conversation.

Therefore, Pei Jiangchao shut his mouth as Zheng Zhuoming continued to play the voice recording.

He bet they must have heard the voice recording many times, but he still felt humiliated when they played the voice recording right in front of him.

When they finished, Pei Jiangchao was extremely angry.

“Pei Jiangchao, are you sure youre going to remain silent” asked Zheng Zhuoming.

“I dont think there is a difference whether I remain silent or not.

Will you let me go if I dont” said Pei Jiangchao mockingly.

He understood that wasnt Zheng Zhuomings meaning, but he wanted to annoy Zheng Zhuoming.

Unfortunately he was like a contemptible wretch making trouble in Zheng Zhuomings eyes.

Zheng Zhuoming understood that Pei Jiangchao did it on purpose, and because of that, he found it extremely funny.

“Director Pei, it seems you still dont know how serious the situation is.

Do you need me to explain it to you” asked Zheng Zhuoming, showing obvious disdain.

“No need.” Pei Jiangchao understood that Zheng Zhuoming was making fun of him and trying to make him look like an idiot.

It was a great humiliation.

“If so, would you please be honest” said Zheng Zhuoming.

“What can I get if Im honest Will the Dai family let me go I wasnt born yesterday,” Pei Jiangchao said coldly.

He didnt believe the Dai family would punish him lightly.

It would already be for the best if they didnt try to kill him.

“Dont think too much about it.

The Dai family isnt so cold-blooded.

They decided to deal with it according to the law, but they wont agree to punish you lightly just for the sake of your family.

After all, it must be fair if were in court,” said Zheng Zhuoming.

He disliked Pei Jiangchao more than ever now, because he projected his own shortcomings on the Dai family.

Pei Jiangchao was a malicious man, so he thought other people were as bad as him.

“How is that possible” Pei Jiangchao subconsciously doubted it.

If he were the Dai family, he would definitely punish the mastermind as seriously as possible.

He couldnt believe that the Dai family wouldnt add fuel to flames.

“Not everyone is as bad as you! Dont think other people have to live the way you do.

Let me ask you for the last time, will you be honest or not We dont have so much time to waste on you! If you refuse to tell us what you know, Im afraid I will have to use some tools,” said Zheng Zhuoming in fury, but he still had patience.

They had interrogated countless criminals before.

Even though there wasnt enough evidence, they could still get what they wanted with patience.

Therefore, they wouldnt be impatient after interrogating Pei Jiangchao for a few minutes.

Although Zheng Zhuoming hated Pei Jiangchao for abducting his nephew, he was at work now, so he had to curb his anger and stay calm.

Because there was solid evidence, there was no need for them to waste their time.

After the interrogation, they could directly take him to the court whether he confessed to his crime or not.

Then Pei Jiangchao would be sentenced.

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