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After Pei Jiangchao was taken away, his colleague called the Pei family at once.

When Master Pei heard the news, he almost passed out in anger.

He couldnt believe that Zheng Zhuoming had the voice recording of their conversation in the study.

In that case, he and Pei Jianghai would be dragged into trouble too, because they tried to shelter Pei Jiangchao and even planned to make someone the scapegoat.

However, how did Zheng Zhuoming get the voice recording

The first idea that appeared in his mind was that there was an undercover agent in the Pei family.

The Pei family had tight security, and it wasnt easy for outsiders to get in, but if the person was very skilled, it was possible that he could avoid being caught.

Anyway, he needed to investigate to figure it out.

After Master Pei hung up, he had no time to carefully think about it.

Without delay, he called the butler over to see who had come in and gone out of the study these days.

When they were in the study yesterday, who was outside

Because the Pei familys house was very large, there were surveillance cameras in public parts of the mansion in case any accidents happened.

However, after investigation, only Master Pei and the butler had entered the study alone.

Master Pei didnt ask a maid to clean the study, but the butler would do the work.

Only the butler had Master Peis complete trust, so he wouldnt doubt the butlers loyalty.

Other people, including his biological sons, namely Pei Jiangchao and Pei Jianghai, couldnt go in the study without his permission, but Master Pei wouldnt be suspicious of them either.

The surveillance cameras outside the study were somehow broken at the time when they were in the study, so they found nothing.

In that case, the truth couldnt be more obvious.

The person must have recorded their conversation outside the study after damaging the surveillance cameras, but how did the person do that

They were on the second floor.

If the person needed to record their conversation, he must have climbed up to the window.

No matter what, what they found was enough to prove that the person damaged the surveillance cameras before recording their conversation by the window.

Although the surveillance cameras outside the study were broken, the surveillance cameras at other places were fine.

Therefore, they watched the surveillance videos of other parts to see whether they could get any clues.

Because they hadnt found out who recorded their conversation yet, all the domestic servants were under suspicion.

Unfortunately, their conversation was already exposed and the Pei family was in serious trouble now.

Master Pei was heavily hit and didnt know what to do at this moment.

It wasnt just Pei Jiangchao; he and Pei Jianghai were also dragged into trouble.

If they didnt know it was Pei Jiangchao who abducted Dai Xiongyu and hadnt told Pei Jiangchao to make someone the scapegoat, he and Pei Jianghai would not be pulled into the trouble, but before their conversation was exposed, they couldnt watch Pei Jiangchao ending up in jail.

Anyway, Master Pei regretted being involved in this mess after it was exposed.

If they didnt know what Pei Jiangchao had done and hadnt sheltered him, only Pei Jiangchao would be in trouble now.

They werent cold-blooded, it was Pei Jiangchaos actions yet they were dragged into trouble, which could ruin the whole Pei family.

Actually, they had just sheltered Pei Jiangchao and Dai Xiongyu wasnt seriously injured, so Pei Jiangchao wouldnt receive a serious punishment and they would be lightly punished too, but they would be put in jail for at least half a year or a whole year!

If he and Pei Jianghai were put in jail for a long time, the Pei family could easily lose everything.

However, if the Dai family was willing to settle it out of court, they would only need to pay some money to solve the problem.

However, only he and Pei Jianghai could get away with it, because they only sheltered Pei Jiangchao.

If the Dai family was willing to settle it out of court, they would be fine, but Pei Jiangchao wouldnt.

After all, he had committed a serious crime.

He didnt injure Dai Xiongyu, so he wouldnt be punished too seriously, but he would be put in jail for two or three years.

Unfortunately, the Dai family couldnt wait to unseat the Pei family.

It was impossible for the Dai family to choose to settle it out of court.

However, even though Master Pei understood that it was impossible, he had to try it.

If he tried, there was hope.

If he didnt, he would end up in despair.

Shortly after Master Pei heard the news, Pei Jianghai learned about it too.

He couldnt believe it either and immediately called Master Pei.

“Dad, do you know that Jiangchao was taken away by the police” asked Pei Jianghai.

“Yeah, I know,” Master Pei said in a deep voice.

“How did they get the recording Is there an undercover agent in our family Have you investigated” Pei Jianghai asked again.

“I did, but I cant find the person…” Master Pei was very honest with Pei Jianghai.

“What The surveillance cameras are broken Does it have something to do with the staff in the monitor room” asked Pei Jianghai.

“No, because the surveillance cameras in the monitor room are working properly.

No one has damaged them,” said Master Pei.

“Then how were the surveillance cameras broken outside the study Do we have video of before they were damaged” Pei Jianghai asked, feeling that it was very strange.

Hearing that, Master Pei realized that they could have caught the person damaging the surveillance cameras, but they hadnt! The surveillance cameras suddenly broke for no reason.

They still couldnt find out why the surveillance cameras were broken.

“No, we dont.

We have to conduct a further investigation.

I think we can talk about the voice recording with the Dai family in private to see whether theyre willing to settle it out of court.

We cant all end up in jail at the same time.

If were arrested too, our family will collapse,” said Master Pei.

He only wanted to protect himself and Pei Jianghai from being arrested right now.

If he tried to help Pei Jiangchao get away with it, the Dai family might be angered.

“Can we turn to the Yuan family for help” asked Pei Jianghai.

He felt it would be unrealistic if they wanted to settle it out of court, but if there was no other choice, he had to agree to that.

“The Yuan family is in a mess now.

They cant help us, but Ill call Master Yuan to see what they can do.

If they refuse to help us, we have to rely on ourselves,” said Master Pei.

Pei Jianghai nodded, then said nothing further.

After hanging up, Master Pei called Master Yuan at once, but Master Yuan didnt answer his call.

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