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They didnt know that Dai Xiongyu had been abducted, but some of them had heard that the Dai family had collected a lot of evidence about the Chang familys illegal deeds.

In addition, many powerful families and forces were involved.

Among those influential families that wanted to compete against the Dai family, the Pei family couldnt be ignored.

Therefore, people who knew about it wouldnt be surprised to hear that the Pei family or Pei Jiangchao had abducted Dai Xiongyu.

It could also have been done by other families who placed the blame on the Pei family, but now the police said that Pei Jiangchao was the main suspect, so the other people would believe that he was guilty until there was evidence to prove he was innocent.

Pei Jiangchao was mad at their accusatory looks, but he couldnt argue with them.

He had to act as a victim now.

Normally, he would be mad when he heard the news.

Accordingly, Pei Jiangchao pretended to be very angry and said in a high voice, “What Why did they say that it was my order Its slander.

Its pure slander! How could you believe their words without any evidence”


Pei, we need you to cooperate to help us with the investigation,” said Zheng Zhuoming.

“Thats not what Im talking about.

You dont have evidence, so you cant take me away.

What if my work is delayed You cant believe that Im guilty just because of their words.

Its humiliating and damages my reputation.

I dont need you to show me evidence of the crime Ive committed, but at least you should let me know why Im suddenly a suspect” Pei Jiangchao said, “Will you take your father to the Public Security Bureau for interrogation if I tell you that it was your fathers order”

“Pei Jiangchao, dont regret saying that later.

For the sake of your face, I didnt take out the evidence in front of so many people, but since you insist, I can show you right now.

Be prepared that both you and your family might be greatly humiliated,” Zheng Zhuoming said mockingly.

Saying that, Zheng Shuoming took out his phone.

Pei Jiangchao got nervous.

Did Zheng Zhuoming really have evidence

However, he didnt think it was possible.

Perhaps Zheng Shuoming just wanted to ask him whether the phone number was his.

He could directly deny it.

Anyway, there were no call records between this phone number and his own phone number.

In that case, he would be fine as long as he denied it.

However, he was slightly confused when Zheng Zhuoming didnt ask him about that, but directly took out his phone.

Would Zheng Zhuoming call the number right in front of him to see whether his phone would ring

If so, he wouldnt be worried.

Unfortunately, it wasnt what Pei Jiangchao expected.

After Zheng Zhuoming took out his phone, he played a voice recording in front of everyone.

“Tell me, I dont want to ask you the third time!”

As soon as Pei Jiangchao heard the first sentence, he was shocked.

It was his fathers voice.

It was the first sentence after they went into study yesterday.

How did they get the voice recording

Did that mean that he had a voice recording of their conversation

Pei Jiangchao couldnt believe it.

Because he was too shocked, he didnt stop Zheng Zhuoming right away and the voice recording continued.

“Dad, Im sorry, actually it was me who abducted Dai Xiongyu.

I just wanted to help.

I didnt know it would fail so easily.”

At first, people didnt recognize Master Peis voice, so they thought it was an interrogation, but when they heard the second voice, they were amazed.

They recognized it and it was Pei Jiangchao!

At that moment, they were sure that Pei Jiangchao had abducted Dai Xiongyu.

Pei Jiangchao didnt come back to his senses until he heard that.

He subconsciously went to grab Zheng Zhuomings phone, but Zheng Zhuoming avoided him.

Zheng Zhuoming didnt continue to play the voice recording, because it was enough.

“Where did you get this voice recording” Pei Jiangchao was furious as he questioned.

“No matter where I got this, its enough to prove that youre the mastermind behind the abduction.

So, were not asking you to follow us to the Public Security Bureau.

Youre being arrested,” said Zheng Zhuoming.

Then he ordered several policemen to arrest Pei Jiangchao.

Pei Jiangchao was reluctant to be arrested and struggled, but he was no match for the skilled policemen.

“Let me go!” Pei Jiangchao was mad.

Although he knew he couldnt run away after the voice recording was exposed, he was reluctant to accept the result.

“What We already have evidence.

Are you trying to resist arrest Youre a major suspect.

If you dare to resist arrest, you will receive a serious punishment.” Zheng Zhuoming said, “Take him away!”

After that, Pei Jiangchao was arrested by the police and they left together.

The other people there didnt discuss it until they were gone.

“Jesus, Director Pei gave the order to abduct Dai Xiongyu Its crazy!”

“Yeah, I cant believe Director Pei would do something like that.”

“Yeah, the policeman didnt take out the evidence for the sake of his face, but he refused to go with them.

Now the voice recording has been exposed.

Hes been humiliated badly.”

“I wonder if it was Director Peis idea or the Pei familys idea”

“Director Pei apologized to Master Pei in the voice recording.

It means it was done by him.

I think it probably has nothing to do with the Pei family.”

“Even though it has nothing to do with the Pei family at the beginning, they helped Director Pei afterwards.

They didnt ask Director Pei to admit his crime after knowing he abducted Dai Xiongyu.

Given Director Peis reaction, they must have made arrangements and decided to make someone the scapegoat.”

“It cant be more obvious, but before the scapegoat even showed up, Director Pei was caught.”

“I wonder how they got the voice recording”

“Right, how did they get the voice recording”

“Is there an undercover agent in the Pei family”

“Did they sneak into the Pei familys house”



In the police car.

Pei Jiangchao glared at Zheng Zhuoming.

He was also wondering how they got the voice recording.

Was there really an undercover agent in his family

Zheng Zhuoming didnt ask Pei Jiangchao any questions.

They would do that back in the Public Security Bureau.

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