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Once they reached the house, they had passionate sex till they were exhausted, then they fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, they got up and had breakfast together before going to the siheyuan.

Jing Yunyao went to the Leng familys house.

On their way, Gu Ning received He Qihangs call.

He told her that Li Mingyue woke up last night.

It was late, so he didnt call her in case it was a bother.

Li Mingyue didnt only wake up, she was also much more energetic than before.

She could talk, eat, and drink.

In fact, even if He Qihang didnt call Gu Ning, Gu Ning would still know that Li Mingyue had already woken up yesterday.

After all, she treated Li Mingyue, so she knew her condition very well.

In the Leng familys house.

Only Master Leng was at home since the others left for work.

After they arrived, they spoke about the task.

Leng Shaoting didnt tell Master Leng everything about the task.

After all, it would worry Master Leng, but he still told Master Leng the part about the Chang family.

Hearing that the task Leng Shaoting carried out this time also had something to do with the Chang family and that they even used vampires to try to kill Leng Shaoting, Master Leng was furious.

He even gasped for breath from the fury.

Gu Ning immediately put magical power into his body to help him breathe normally.

“The Chang family is really digging its own grave.

I didnt want to be serious, but this time we must pay them back seriously!” said Master Leng, showing a strong hatred.

Master Leng decided to completely destroy the Chang family after knowing that they had tried to kill Leng Shaoting, not because he believed Leng Shaoting was more important than Leng Shaojia, but because what the Chang family had done was too much.

Since the Chang family was so shameless, the Leng family wouldnt tolerate them any longer.

Actually, whether it was the Chang family or the other important families, they couldnt take a heavy hit.

If they were hit heavily, they could easily lose their seat.

Even if they could bear it, they would still be seriously affected.

“I havent heard any news from the investigation team yet.

I wonder whether they have found anything,” said Master Leng.

He was always stable, but somehow he was anxious today.

It was understandable because he couldnt wait to teach the Chang family a lesson.

While they worked with the Yuan family to investigate the Chang family, they also built their own investigation team that consisted of the Leng familys members and Gu Nings people.

They did that not just to collect evidence of the Chang familys illegal deeds as soon as possible, but because they knew the Yuan family also secretly sent out people to conduct an investigation.

If the Yuan family found evidence before the Leng family, they could steal the achievement.

They were working together, but it was unavoidable to fight over the achievement once it came to that.

Only the person who made the achievement could receive a promotion.

“I think there will be a result within the next few days.

After all, the Chang family isnt weak,” said Gu Ning.

However, she was a little anxious as well, because she also hoped that it could be done as quickly as possible.

At about 10 pm, the Li family arrived at the hospital.

Because Li Mingyue was awake now, they should pay her a visit.

The moment He Qihang saw Li Mingzhang, he got furious and gave him a much heavier punch than yesterday.

Li Mingzhang was directly knocked to the ground.

“He Qihang, you…” Li Mingzhang was mad.

He came to make an apology, but He Qihang beat him again!

Although he knew He Qihang was angry that he pushed Li Mingyue, he was impulsive at that time and hadnt done it on purpose.

“Li Mingzhang, how dare you come here again Dont tell me you came to apologize to us.

My baby can never be born because of you.

And Mingyue has suffered a lot.

If an apology can make up for everything, whats the use of the police and the law Can I stab you a few times and apologize to you Would you forgive me for being a little impulsive” shouted He Qihang angrily.

“He Qihang, dont be so aggressive.

I didnt mean to…” Li Mingzhang argued in annoyance.

“You didnt mean to cause the damage, but its definitely not an accident.

You have a house.

Why dont you sell your own house Why do you want Mingyues house and money Who do you think you are Mingyue didnt want to sell her house, so you pushed her! What did she do wrong Our baby was innocent! Youre a selfish, cruel uncle!” said He Qihang.


Li wanted to stop He Qihang from arguing loudly, but what He Qihang said made her feel guilty.

In fact, she knew He Qihang wouldnt really be cruel to Li Mingzhang.

Perhaps he would stop after beating Li Mingzhang for a while.

She didnt want Li Mingzhang to be injured, but there was nothing she could do about it.

It was Li Mingzhangs fault after all!

“You forced Mingyue to marry you.

Weve never accepted you!” Li Mingzhang argued, which meant he believed that He Qihang had to tolerate everything after marrying Li Mingyue.

Hearing that, He Qihang and Li Mingyue were furious.

Li Mingzhang was so shameless!

“Is that the reason why you hurt Mingyue Do we need to turn to a lawyer for help” He Qihang threatened.

He was unwilling to go to the court and police station.

For Mrs.

Lis sake, he didnt want it to be a serious problem, but what Li Mingzhang did was totally unacceptable, so he must pay a price for it.

“You…” Once He Qihang mentioned the lawyer, Li Mingzhang lowered his voice.

He knew it wouldnt do him any good if they went to the court.

“Um, Qihang, I know its Mingzhangs fault, but it already happened.

We didnt want it to happen either.

After all, were a family.

I hope that you can forgive Mingzhang this time.

Well do our best to make it up to you,” said Mrs.


She wasnt as unreasonable as Li Mingzhang, but she didnt want to go to court either.

If she could solve the problem with money, she would do that.

“Its up to his attitude,” said He Qihang.

He was willing to save Mrs.

Lis face, but it still depended on Li Mingzhangs attitude.

Hearing that, Mrs.

Li turned to look at Li Mingzhang at once.

She signaled him to apologize.

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