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“Im fine,” said Gu Ning, but she was displeased.

She only wanted to save He Qihangs face, so she didnt show her anger.

“What Is she someone” He Qihangs brother-in-law still looked very malicious.

He slighted Gu Ning because he didnt think He Qihang could have a relationship with an important figure.

The Li family was rich, although not very rich, while the He family was an ordinary family.

Therefore, He Qihangs two brothers-in-law never respected him.

“Yes, Im someone.

But I dont want to waste time on you.

If you think youre superior to other people, keep on being so arrogant and Ill teach you a lesson afterwards,” said Gu Ning.

She couldnt stand the mans attitude any longer.

She tolerated it for He Qihangs sake, but the man didnt care about He Qihangs face at all.

As a result, there was no need for Gu Ning to care about the mans feelings.

Who did he think he was There was no relationship between them.

Why should she tolerate him

“You…” Li Mingzhang was angry, but didnt believe that Gu Ning was an important figure.

He only felt humiliated by her.

“Oh, young girl, you sound very aggressive.

Qihang, shouldnt you say something” He Qihangs older brother-in-law joined them at this moment.

He had the same attitude as Li Mingzhang.

Both of them looked down their noses at Gu Ning.

“What do you expect Mr.

He to say It has nothing to do with him.

And no one can shut my mouth,” said Gu Ning, looking coldly at Li Mingcun.

Li Mingcun had been to many places, so he could see that Gu Ning indeed had some connections from the way she held herself.

Therefore, he said nothing further.

If Gu Ning was really an important figure, it wouldnt do them any good if they angered her.

However, he was still mad at Gu Nings words.

He Qihang wanted to help Gu Ning, but Li Mingcun said nothing further, so he stayed quiet.

A while later, he asked his mother-in-law, “Mom, how did Mingyue fall Why is it so serious”

Hearing that, He Qihangs mother-in-law looked a little guilty and didnt know how to explain it.

It was not only He Qihangs mother-in-law, the others had the same expression.

He Qihang didnt pay attention to other people, but he clearly saw the guilt on his mother-in-laws face.

He was immediately angry because he felt it might not be an accident.

“Mom, tell me!” He Qihang urged.

He really wanted to know what exactly had happened.

“She fell by accident,” said Mrs.

Li, but even she didnt believe her words.

“I bet one of you pushed her!” said Gu Ning.

She didnt miss their reaction, so she made that guess.

She understood it wasnt appropriate to say that before the truth came out, but Mrs.

Li was obviously hiding something.

If she didnt take a bold move, the truth would never come out.

Li Mingzhang subconsciously retorted.

“I didnt do it on purpose.

I just lightly touched her and she fell down the stairs.”

The moment he finished speaking, he realized that he shouldnt have said that aloud.

Therefore, he immediately closed his mouth, but it was too late.

“What You pushed Mingyue” He Qihang was furious and punched Li Mingzhang.

Whether Li Mingzhang did it on purpose or not, he caused Li Mingyues miscarriage.

He deserved the punch.

“He Qihang, why did you punch me” Li Mingzhang angrily questioned.


Li didnt want her younger son to be beaten, but she didnt blame He Qihang either, because she knew He Qihang was in a very bad mood now.

In fact, even she wanted to give her younger son a slap, but she didnt have the heart to really do that.

Watching Li Mingzhang being punched, Li Mingcun gloated over his brothers bad luck.

The two brothers didnt get along with each other.

On the contrary, they were competing against one another for their familys wealth.

“You caused my wifes miscarriage and her life is still in danger.

Shouldnt I pay you back” He Qihang raged.

“I told you I didnt do it on purpose,” said Li Mingzhang.

He thought He Qihang should forgive him because it was a mistake, and he believed it was unfair that He Qihang still punched him.

“Its still your responsibility! Could you forgive me if I told you that I didnt punch you on purpose” shouted He Qihang.

“You…” Li Mingzhang was struck dumb and felt guilty, so he didnt fight back.

Although Li Mingzhang said that he didnt do it on purpose, He Qihang refused to believe it was just an accident.

They must have had an argument, then Li Mingzhang pushed Li Mingyue.

However, he didnt ask further about that right now because they wouldnt be honest with him.


Li would defend her two sons.

A few minutes later, the door of the operation room opened.

They immediately walked ahead and He Qihang asked nervously, “Doctor, hows my wife”

“Shes still in critical condition.

And shes losing a lot of blood.

We need to do a blood transfusion, but we lack blood in the hospital,” said the doctor.

Hearing that, He Qihang was hit heavily and almost fainted.

“What can we do now” asked He Qihang.

“I can help,” said Gu Ning at this moment.

The next moment, everyone turned to look at her.

However, other than He Qihang, no one trusted her and they even felt it was ridiculous.

What Gu Ning said was a complete joke in their ears.

“You can help Thats a ridiculous joke.

Who do you think you are Are you a doctor” Li Mingzhang said to mock Gu Ning.

“Miss, this is very serious.

Please dont joke about it,” said the doctor seriously, showing obvious disdain for Gu Ning.


He, do you trust me” Gu Ning didnt care about other peoples opinions and directly asked He Qihang.

As long as He Qihang agreed, the other people couldnt stop her.

“Of course!” said He Qihang.

He wouldnt trust other people, but he trusted Gu Ning.

“Qihang…” Mrs.

Li was mad and couldnt believe her ears.

She didnt expect He Qihang to trust a young girl.

“No, I dont trust you.

You cant treat my daughter.

If anything happens, you cant bear the result.”

Gu Ning, however, ignored her and directly went into the operating room.

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