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After Gu Ning and Si Jin kicked their car over, they didnt stop because those men were only slightly injured.

Since those men dared to attack them, those men would have to pay for it.

Therefore, before they came back to their senses, Gu Ning and Si Jin robbed them of their guns, then hit them with magical energy.

Even though those men were very skilled, they were barely comparable to Gu Ning and Si Jin.

As a result, they were disabled by Gu Ning and Si Jin after fighting back for a few moments.

Although Gu Ning and Si Jin wouldnt kill them, they still needed to pay a price.

Anyway they couldnt be cured after being injured with magical energy.

After teaching them a lesson, Gu Ning and Si Jin immediately got in the car and left.

Because it was too shocking, everyone couldnt fully understand what had just happened, especially the chauffeur.

When he drove the car, he was a little absent-minded.

“Hey, focus on the road, or well be in trouble later,” said Gu Ning coldly.

Hearing Gu Nings words, the chauffeur was scared and focused on the road.

He didnt want any accidents to happen.

“Miss Gu, how did you do it You kicked the car over!” the minister asked curiously.

“Weve been practicing kung fu ever since we were little,” said Gu Ning.

Knowing that, the minister stopped asking for details.

When they got back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kirk Thomas heard that those killers failed to kill them, which filled him with anger.

How could they be so strong

In order to prevent the Thomas family from being dragged into this trouble, he didnt call the police and took it as a car accident.

They had planned to ruin the surveillance video, but unexpectedly the surveillance cameras were already damaged.

Kirk didnt believe it was a coincidence.

It must have been done by Gu Ning! However, he couldnt accept it.

How did they have the ability to damage the surveillance cameras before him

Gu Ning and the others behavior confused Kirk, but he couldnt find the answer.

The Thomas familys patriarch was actually very mad when he knew that the assassination failed, but he was told that Gu Ning had cured Kane after he got back home.

After watching the surveillance video, the patriarch strongly criticized Kirk for not telling him about that.

The patriarch supported Kirk in making a deal with the Chang family, but they didnt have to scheme against the Leng family, especially after the Leng family had cured Kane.

They shouldnt harm the Leng family.

However, Kirk didnt have any gratitude at all.

Instead, he became even more malicious.

“No matter what happens afterwards, you should bear the result!” said the patriarch.

He wouldnt take responsibility for Kirk.

Kirk was reluctant to see that, but he didnt dare to argue with his father.

After all, it was indeed his decision to assassinate Gu Ning and Leng Yuanqian.

If he had told his father everything in detail, his father wouldnt have agreed to his plan, but he honestly couldnt tolerate Gu Nings humiliation.

Although outsiders wouldnt know it was his plan, Leng Yuanqian and the Leng family would surely know.

Would they pay him back

And the two girls were so strong.

What if they took revenge

Thinking of that, Kirk was very anxious.

“Father, I…” Kirk wanted his fathers help and protection.

“Alright, I dont want to talk with you any longer.

Go out now!” The patriarch chased Kirk out.

It wasnt because he refused to help Kirk, but Kirk had to be able to solve his own problems.

Moreover, even though the patriarch wanted to help, he first had to have the ability to do that, but obviously, he couldnt go against the Leng family.

It would be fine if the Leng family paid them back openly, but what if they did it secretly

“Father…” Kirk was surprised by his fathers cold-bloodedness, because his father wouldnt help him at all, but as a father as well, he didnt realize that he was ungrateful when his son was cured.

He was also an unqualified father.

“Get out.” The patriarch snapped at him.

Left with no choice, Kirk had to leave.

Back in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gu Ning and the others booked plane tickets to go home that same night.

The flight would take off at 10:20 pm, because there werent any vacant seats on earlier flights for them.

They were in a dangerous situation now, so they couldnt leave separately in case the Thomas family tried to assassinate them again.

It wasnt bad to fly back home at night, in fact it was convenient for Gu Ning to carry out her plan.

At 7 pm, it was dark outside.

They decided to go to the airport at 8 pm, so Gu Ning had time to go out now.

She didnt tell the others what she was going to do, but they understood what her idea was and no one stopped her.

Gu Ning quietly reached the Thomas familys house and had already disguised herself as someone else.

Nobody would recognize her.

Before getting inside, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to check where Kirk was.

She would only pay Kirk back this time and would teach him an unforgettable lesson.

However, she wouldnt do that on her own.

Instead, she let the monster fox out and let it cause the injury.

Gu Ning wouldnt kill Kirk, but she would seriously injure him.

It was already very nice of her that she didnt disable him.

After Gu Ning gave the order, the monster fox immediately went into the house.

Because it moved through the woods very quickly no one noticed it.

Reaching the main house, the monster fox directly jumped into the window to Kirks study.

Before long, people heard Kirks screams of pain from his study.

The Thomas family were shocked and went to his study at once.

The monster fox didnt rush to leave until they came in.

It deliberately let them see that a fox injured Kirk, so that they couldnt blame Gu Ning for it.

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