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The director knew his nephew very well, so he didnt believe Policeman As promise at all.

Even if he would really change, he must have the chance first.

“I cant protect you this time.

Do you know how I got to know about it I received a call from the director of the Public Security Bureau.

Hes paying special attention to this case.

I cant make any decisions.

Even if I could, do you think the case can be closed so easily Ive reminded you to be careful many times, but you wont change.

Im afraid youll learn a serious lesson this time,” said the director.

If no senior official was involved, he could give them a light punishment, but it was an order from a senior official this time, so he didnt dare to abuse his power unless he was prepared to quit.

“What The director called you” Hearing that, the two policemen were shocked and in despair, because it meant they were definitely going to be seriously punished.

“Um, did he say how well be punished” asked Policeman B in great anxiety.

“According to the rules of course,” said the director.

According to the rules… They wouldnt be fired, but it wouldnt be a good result either.

“U-Uncle, Im your nephew.

You must help me out.

I dont want to be fired.

I dont want to leave here either.

You must help me.” Policeman A begged.

It wasnt easy for him to get this cradle-to-grave job.

He honestly had no idea what else he could do if he wasnt a policeman.

In addition, he wouldnt easily find another easy job with decent pay.

Therefore, he was reluctant to lose this job.

“Do you think I have greater power than the senior officials” asked the director in annoyance.

Policeman A understood what the director was implying.

It meant it was an order from a senior official so he had to obey it.

As a result, Policeman A fell silent.

He didnt know what to say.

“Are we going to be seriously punished” asked Policeman B with reluctance.

“Well see.

Actually, the fault you made isnt serious enough to get you fired, but youre surely going to be demoted.” The director said, “Everyone should pay for his or her faults.

You wish you could have good luck every time, but touch the pitch and you shall be defiled.”

The director taught them a lesson.

“Alright, its useless crying over split milk.

You can go out and deal with the case now.

Ill see whether the senior official can give you a lighter punishment,” said the director.

He was unwilling to waste more time speaking to them because it was meaningless.

Hearing that, the two policemen had to leave.

Afterwards, they went to deal with the four human-traffickers.

Then the director called the senior official and reported it to him.

The senior official said, “There is no need to fire them, but I think theyve made these mistakes many times before, so it isnt enough to let them get away with it even though they caught four human-traffickers today.

If they still want to be policemen, they can go for three-months training in the training camp.

And then well see their attitude.”

Training in the training camp was very tiring.

Normally, only elite policemen would go there, but sometimes policemen who made mistakes would also be sent there.

If policemen who made mistakes were sent there, they would surely be picked on.

They wouldnt be bullied, but they were educated.

Anyway, it would only do them good if they could be trained for three months.

“Of course,” said the director.

He didnt dare to disagree, and this punishment was much lighter than he had thought.

After knowing the punishment for the two policemen, the director didnt share the result with the two policemen right away.

Instead, he decided to teach them a lesson by letting them sleep anxiously for a night.

In fact, both of the policemen couldnt sleep at all that night.

They didnt dare tell their families about it either, because their families would be mad and worried.

They decided to wait till the final result was out.

The next day, when they were about to get off work in the morning, the director called them to his office and told them the result.

“What We have to train in the camp” Upon hearing that they needed to receive a training for three months, they thought it was too hard.

They hadnt trained in the camp before, but they knew it was really tiring.

They had lived an easy desk life for too long, and had become much lazier.

They were policemen and trained once in a while, but it was barely comparable to the training in the camp.

Normally, they didnt need to fight and they carried guns with them, so they had become unfamiliar with their fighting skills.

“If you dont train, you can only accept being fired.

This is the lightest punishment.

After the camp training, youll be under observation.

If you make mistakes again, youll have to quit.

So, dont think you can accept bribes again after finishing camp training.

If you dont want other people to know about your bad deeds, dont do them.

Because youve made too many mistakes, youll be under special attention.

If you dont want to change, you can quit right now.

I dont want to carry the blame for you.” The director looked very serious because he expected better from them.

If they made mistakes again and again, the director wouldnt be able to do his job because it was his duty to manage the police station.

After all, he was their leader.

If he wasnt a capable leader, he would be replaced.

To be frank, although leaders had power, they were under a lot of pressure.

They couldnt make mistakes and their subordinates had to behave themselves too.

After being snapped at by the director, the two policemen didnt dare to argue with him.

They were unwilling to quit just because of three-months training, but they were displeased with the directors warning.

After thinking about it, they chose to give in.

After all, their job was more important than anything else.

Gu Ning didnt pay more attention to it, but the senior official still gave her a reply.

She accepted that result.

After having lunch, Leng Shaoting returned to their military base.

Gu Ning also went back to her school.

Then they lived peacefully for a while until something happened to Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin.

Actually, Leng Shaoming was always in danger because he was a member of the Leng family.

There were too many people who wanted to set the Leng family up, so many people paid special attention to Leng Shaoming.

However, Leng Shaoming took his job seriously and never accepted bribery.

He rarely made any mistakes, so no one could have anything on him.

On the other hand, Leng Shaoming had something on many people and reported many of them.

The majority of them were punished.


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