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“Do you expect people to see us and be scared of us” Leng Shaoxi asked with a resigned look.

Gu Anna was really dramatic!

“I think its cool! Were not seriously going to cause trouble anyway.” Gu Anna argued.

“Ha-ha, you just want to watch a drama, right Be careful if youre terrified by a group of real gangsters one day.

Im afraid youll really be in trouble if you encounter them,” said Leng Shaoxi.

“How could you!” Gu Anna was mad, then tickled Leng Shaoxi in a joking manner.

Although they were just joking, Gu Anna happened to run into a group of trouble-makers one day and was almost dragged into trouble.

Luckily, Song Haoyu saw her and helped her out, which brought them closer.

However, that happened in the future.

Both the Shengshi and Jinlin Organizations owned a lot of companies in different industries.

Whether the companies were large or small, they had many clubhouses.

Therefore, Xu Jinchen directly took them to a clubhouse owned by the Jinlin Organization.

Anyway, whichever clubhouse they chose was basically the same.

However, Leng Shaoting would pay the bill, because it was Gu Nings birthday and he proposed to her today.

He ought to pay the bill, it would be more meaningful that way!

Before Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting drove the Tang family to the airport, Xu Jinchen and the others arrived at the clubhouse.

They were a very attractive group of people, so they became the focus of the crowd once they showed up, but no one was scared of them.

They seemed to be at the same age, so people just thought they were having a schoolmates gathering.

When the manager learned that Xu Jinchen was coming, he went to wait at the door.

And as soon as he saw Xu Jinchen, he went up to welcome them.

“Honored to see you, Lord Xu, the room is ready.

Please,” said the manager with a flattering smile.

After that, they followed the manager to the private room.

Every time Xu Jinchen came, no matter how many people he came with, the manager would keep the largest, the most comfortable, and the most luxurious private room for him.

It was his priority.

After they walked into the private room, the manager asked Xu Jinchen, “Lord Xu, the cake is ready.

When should it be brought in”

Xu Jinchen told them to prepare a cake when he booked a private room.

It was a cake to celebrate Leng Shaotings successful proposal.

Even though Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were meant to be together, they still needed a ceremony to celebrate it.

“The couple hasnt come yet.

Let it stay there.

Ill let you know when we need it,” said Xu Jinchen.

“No problem.” The manager answered.

“If there isnt anything I can do for you, Ill leave now.”

“Great,” said Xu Jinchen, then the manager walked away.

At the same time, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning walked the Tang family to the airport.

After a reluctant farewell, they returned.

On their way back, Gu Ning was a little upset because she watched Gu Man cry.

Although she was still the Tang familys granddaughter and daughter after marrying into the Leng family, it was still different.

She and Leng Shaoting were destined to be together, but they didnt have a formal proposal until today.

So it was different for their families.

Leng Shaoting understood why Gu Ning was upset, so he comforted her.

“We can go to see them if we have time, alright”

“Yeah!” Gu Ning was slightly cheered up.

Tang Qingyang and the others were absent at Gu Nings birthday party, but when they arrived at the clubhouse, they called Tang Qingyang and the others over.

Therefore, about twenty minutes later, Tang Qingyang and the others came.

Because Leng Shaoting prepared a birthday party for Gu Ning, he called over people he was familiar with.

As for those who he barely knew, he didnt call them.

Therefore they didnt know that it was Gu Nings birthday and that Leng Shaoting even proposed to her until they came.

Although they had a good relationship with Gu Ning, they werent mad that they werent invited to the banquet.

They knew that it was a big surprise that Leng Shaoting prepared for Gu Ning.

Only their family members and best friends were invited.

They had a relationship with Leng Shaoting, but they werent close, so it was normal that they werent invited.

About twenty minutes later, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived.

Once Gu Ning walked in, Tang Qingyang and the others congratulated her on her birthday, but they didnt prepare gifts because they didnt know about it beforehand.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning didnt mind.

Gu Ning didnt know about it either, otherwise she would have called Tang Qingyang and the others over.

After all, Tang Qingyang was Tang Ainings elder cousin and Xu Qinyins boyfriend.

Anyway, they were all familiar with each other.

Leng Shaoting didnt remember that Tang Qingyang was Gu Nings elder cousin in the previous incarnation until he saw him.

Without delay, he raised his glass to Tang Qingyang and the others, then apologized.

“Im sorry, I was so busy today that I forgot to invite you.

Please forgive me.”

As soon as he finished, Leng Shaoting downed the glass.

“Lord Leng, dont say that.

Its the same that we came by ourselves,” said Tang Qingyang.

He didnt care.

Then he downed his wine as well.

Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan did the same thing.

They werent displeased at all.

After that, they sat down and had fun together.

Ten minutes later, Xu Jinchen asked the manager to push the cake in.

Unfortunately, the cake was knocked over by someone on the way.

Hearing that, Xu Jinchen was furious and immediately went out to look at it.

It was a young woman who knocked it over because a man was sexually harassing her.

Both of them were stopped by the manager and waited for Xu Jinchen to come.

After Xu Jinchen walked over, the manager apologized in horror.

“Im sorry, Lord Xu, I didnt protect the cake well.

Its been knocked over.”

It actually wasnt the managers fault, so Xu Jinchen didnt vent his anger on him, but he was really annoyed.

“Make a new cake right now.

You have twenty minutes!”

In fact, if two or three people made a five-tiered cake together, twenty minutes were enough, so Xu Jinchen wasnt making it difficult for the manager.

This cake was finished within half an hour anyway.


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