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None of the Rong family stopped Zhang Jiancheng from punching Rong Jingtang.

Although Mater Rong was a little unhappy, he understood why Zhang Jiancheng did it, so he didnt blame him.

If the Zhang family could be less angry after giving Rong Jingtang a punch, it was worth the price.

“Yeah, Im crazy.

And I got crazy because of you.” Zhang Jiancheng rounded his eyes in anger.

“Rong Jingtang, are you a real man How could you do such an amoral thing Do you think my younger sister is easy to bully Do you think were weak enough to take advantage of If you dont like my younger sister, you can get a divorce.

We wont bother you, but dont humiliate us like that.

Youre shameless and have embarrassed two families at the same time!”

“Dont tell us you just made a mistake that most men would make.

Only irresponsible men would do shameless things like that.”

The Rong family were extremely embarrassed and felt guilty.

They didnt know what to say.

Even Rong Jingtang had to agree that Zhang Jianchengs words were right.

At that moment, Zhang Xinyun heard their argument and came downstairs.

Looking at her haggard face and swollen eyes after crying, her family were heart-broken.


Zhang immediately went ahead to hug Zhang Xinyun and comforted her.

“My baby daughter, dont be afraid, were all here with you.

Well surely stand up for you.”

“Mom…” Zhang Xinyun finally cried.

She did her best to fight back her tears earlier.

Even when she was alone in the room, she only dared to whimper, because no one really understood her in this house.

They were a family, so they put their family benefits before her.

They wouldnt really care about her feelings, and they simply wanted her to tolerate and accept it.

They would only stop her from getting a divorce.

If it was possible, she wouldnt want to get a divorce and make the kids lose their father, but she honestly couldnt accept Rong Jingtangs betrayal.

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If he only cheated on her, she might not divorce him, but Rong Jingtang didnt just cheat on her.

He had an illegitimate son! It was totally unacceptable!

Seeing Zhang Xinyun crying her heart out, the Zhang family was even angrier.

Zhang Jiancheng said in anger, “Rong Jingtang, have you ever thought about your daughters feelings What if they know their father has an illegitimate son outside How will they think of you Theyll be ashamed of you.

Theyll hate you.

Or do you only care about your illegitimate son Right, if you ever cared about your daughters feelings, you wouldnt have an illegitimate son.

If so, you can have a divorce, and Xinyun will come back to the Zhang family with the two kids.

I dont want them to be tortured by a stepmother.

We care about our kids whether they are boys or girls.”

“Jiancheng, I know its Jingtangs fault, and we feel very guilty about that, but if they get a divorce, the kids will lose their father.

Its not good for them.” Master Rong stopped Zhang Jiancheng at once.

It seemed that the Zhang family supported them in getting a divorce.

If they really got a divorce, the Rong family wouldnt only be embarrassed, they would also lose the Zhang familys support.

“If they dont get a divorce, do you want Xinyun to accept the woman and the boy Xinyun cant do that, and we wont accept it either.

Its humiliating.

Compared with our reputation, we care more about Xinyuns happiness.

If shes willing to stay, she can tolerate it.

But given the current situation, we dont think they can stay together any longer.

Itll be a thorn in Xinyuns side and shell spend the rest of her life in pain.

Can you watch her live a painful life like that Once the damage is done, the wound cant heal,” said Zhang Jiancheng.

He was much calmer when speaking to Master Rong.

Hearing that, Master Rong didnt know what to say, because it was the truth.

Even if they didnt have a divorce, they couldnt live together happily any longer.

“Well, we will respect Xinyuns decision,” said Zhang Jiancheng in the end.

They wouldnt make the decision for Zhang Xinyun.

“Xinyun, what do you think” asked Zhang Jiancheng.

Hearing that, everyone turned to stare at Zhang Xinyun.

“I want a divorce.

Its better for everyone.

I cant tolerate it even if we dont have a divorce.

Itll only be torture.

Actually, if Rong Jingtang just cheated on me, I might still accept it for the sake of the kids, but I cant accept the illegitimate son.

Even though you said you wont bring him home, who knows what youll do in the future.

Hes Rong Jingtangs son after all.

When he grows up and becomes independent, hell still come back,” said Zhang Xinyun.

She saw through them.

“What if I can promise you that well never accept the boy” Master Rong asked.

Given Zhang Xinyuns attitude, he had to give up the idea of accepting the boy.

After all, the Rong family didnt lack grandsons.

There was no need for them to lose the Zhang familys support just for an illegitimate son.

He wasnt normally ruthless, but sometimes he had to make a choice.

After all, he wasnt an ordinary man.

Given his status, he had to be rational.

Besides, he had only learned about the illegitimate son today.

There was no affection between them.

He would just give them enough money to live a good life, which was already very nice of him.

Afterwards, Master Rong gave Rong Jingtang a warning glance.

Rong Jingtang understood it and immediately apologized to Zhang Xinyun.

This time, he looked very sincere.

“Xinyun, Im sorry, I shouldnt have done something like that to you.

I promise you I wont take the boy home.

Ill give them money and tell them to move abroad.

Even if they come back in the future, I wont accept them.

I wont see them again either.

Can you give me a chance Ill make it up to you.”

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Even though Rong Jingtang had a very good attitude, Zhang Xinyun couldnt believe him, because they didnt want her to get a divorce simply because they were unwilling to lose the Zhang familys support.

After all, when Rong Jingtang chased her, he had actually targeted her family.


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