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However, if Jing Yaorong didnt deny it, they would be dragged into trouble, which wasnt what he wanted either.

Therefore, it was complicated.

If he were his father, he would deny it as well.

Nevertheless, even though Jing Yaorong denied it, it wasnt convincing.

Even though Jing Yaorong denied it, nobody believed him.

If he was really unaware of it, he wouldnt be so calm when Jing Yunyao told him the news.

He would be as surprised as them.

No matter how mentally strong they were, they would have some reaction when they heard the news.

Besides, it was Jing Yaorongs wife! If he was unaware of it, he would be even more surprised than other people.

Senior Mrs.

Jing was hurt, but she didnt blame Jing Yaorong.

In fact, she even wanted to carry all the blame to make up for her betrayal to him.

Therefore, Senior Mrs.

Jing said, “It indeed has nothing to do with the patriarch.

The patriarch is totally unfamiliar with the evil cultivator.

Its my own idea.”

“Mother…” Jing Yunfei felt helpless, but he didnt know what he could say right now.

After all, his mother carried the blame for his father.

“Well, what a ruthless man! What an affectionate woman!” Jing Yunyao laughed.

“Senior Mrs.

Jing, you sacrificed yourself for the patriarch, but the patriarch refused to admit it for himself.

Dont you feel heart-broken”

Did she feel heart-broken She was heart-broken, but she had betrayed her husband, so she was willing to carry the blame.

Otherwise, she would have loudly criticized Jing Yaorong.

However, now she couldnt do that.

She only hoped that Jing Yaorong would let her survive after her affair with the evil cultivator was exposed.

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No one would choose to die if there was a chance to live.

Even though she didnt care about Jing Yaorong, she cared about her kids.

She was afraid that her kids might disdain her after knowing about her affair.

Jing Yaorong was displeased.

He knew that Jing Yunyao didnt trust him, but he had to deny it now.

Although Senior Mrs.

Jing had his permission to do it, he honestly didnt know the evil cultivator.

“I know you dont believe me, but it indeed has nothing to do with me,” said Jing Yaorong.

He did not appear guilty at all, but still no one believed his words.

“If it has nothing to do with you, why were you so calm when I told everyone the news You should know that theyre all surprised.

Shouldnt you criticize Senior Mrs.

Jing for doing something bad with an evil cultivator Its not allowed in the cultivation world, right Did you permit her to do that” asked Jing Yunyao.

“Is there anything wrong with it Why should I be surprised I was just too shocked.” Jing Yaorong argued.

“Fine, fine.” Jing Yunyao sneered.

She didnt bother to waste time arguing with him.

Whether he admitted it or not, the result would stay the same.

“If so, I think you need to see something!” said Jing Yunyao.

After that, she took out a phone from her pocket.

Senior Mrs.

Jing was scared and could barely stand l.

Luckily, Jing Yunfei was supporting her the entire time, so she didnt sink to the ground.

“Mother, are you alright” Jing Yunfei asked with concern.

Senior Mrs.

Jing said nothing, because her mind went totally blank.

Was she alright No, she wasnt.

There was going to be serious trouble!

“Patriarch, I think you must watch this, but for the sake of your face, I think only you should watch it.

When you watch it, you better turn off the sound,” said Jing Yunyao, then threw the phone to Jing Yaorong.

Jing Yunyao would pay them back, but she still had moral standards.

She wouldnt play the video of Senior Mrs.

Jing having sex with the evil cultivator publicly.

If she played it publicly, people would think that she was rude, because everyone would be embarrassed.

There were young people and old people! She didnt want to embarrass all of them.

Jing Yaorong understood that it couldnt be a pleasant thing, but it had something to do with him, so he had to watch it.

Because Jing Yunyao said that she would only let Jing Yaorong watch it, the other people didnt dare to go close, but they were very curious.

What was on the phone Since Jing Yunyao told Jing Yaorong to turn off the sound, it had to be a video, but they didnt know what the video was.

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However, from Jing Yunyaos words, they knew it had to be something bad, otherwise it wouldnt be embarrassing.

When Jing Yaorong took the phone, the video was paused.

However, on the screen, he could see Senior Mrs.

Jing in the bed with a man before they got undressed.

However, Jing Yaorong easily saw what was going to happen next.

In an instant, he became furious and turned to glare at Senior Mrs.


Senior Mrs.

Jing was frightened and had cold sweat on her.

She knew that she couldnt stop Jing Yaorong from watching the video, so she said and did nothing.

She only waited in despair.

When people saw Jing Yaorong turn to give Senior Mrs.

Jing a glare, they realized that it must have something to do with her.

Did she do something bad behind Jing Yaorongs back

It was only a guess, but they didnt think it was likely.

Actually, they guessed correctly, but they didnt have proof.

Jing Yaorong said nothing for the time being.

He turned off the sound, then played the video.

The next moment, Senior Mrs.

Jing began to have sex with the evil cultivator.

As Jing Yaorong watched it, he became angrier and angrier.

His wife was having sex with another man, and it seemed that she enjoyed it a lot! It was passionate and wild, something they had never done before.

Although he didnt hear the sound, he could see Senior Mrs.

Jing had to be shouting with pleasure.

At this moment, his dignity was trampled to the dirt, and he had the impulse to kill.

Everyone could feel it, and guessed that Senior Mrs.

Jing might have really betrayed Jing Yaorong, but they didnt know the details.


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