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The actress begged and even cried.

It was very scary and she couldnt accept it.

Since Gu Ning knew everyhing, she could help her.

“Great, then you need to listen to me.” Gu Ning promised to help the actress, so she wouldnt expect anything for it.

After all, she helped the girl not only for her sake, but also to solve a problem for herself.

“No problem, Ill listen to you.” The actress agreed at once, in case Gu Ning regretted it.

“Tell me who gave you this black jade pendant,” asked Gu Ning.

“Actually, Im not very familiar with him.

A friend of mine introduced him to me, but we have only eaten together two or three times.

Hes about forty years old.

I dont know his real name, but my friend called him Kun.

He looks a little creepy and when he looked at me, I felt a little scared.” The actress said, “After seeing him a few more times, I got used to it, but I still feel nervous whenever I see him.”

“Whos your friend” Gu Ning asked.

Hearing that, the actress stopped for a while and looked annoyed.

She fell into todays situation all because of her friend.

“Shes also in this circle.

She is a Z-list actress named Feng Lili.

We were schoolmates in college.

We have a good relationship.

So when she encouraged me to try this I was intrigued and persuaded.

She told me that shes doing the same thing.

And I could see her skin getting better so I believed her.

Although they told me it would affect my mood and body at the beginning and I could lose ten years of my life, I didnt really care much.

If no nothing bad happens I can live for seventy years.

Ten years is nothing.

I had no idea that this could kill me so early…” said the actress in anger and fear.

Whether Feng Lili lied to her or knew nothing about it, given what happened, she couldnt be friends with her any longer.

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However she also blamed herself for accepting it, so she had no intention of suing Feng Lili.

“Do you have Kuns phone number” asked Gu Ning.

“Yes,” said the actress.

“If you ask him out, will he come” asked Gu Ning.

“I dont know.

Perhaps! I said I would invite him for a meal, and he agreed,” said the actress.

“Call him now.

Tell him that you want to have a meal with him and that youre alone.

If he agrees, Ill go with you,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure.” The actress agreed.

Then she took out her phone, but she was too scared to make the call.

“I-Im terrified…”

Upon thinking how creepy Kun and this jade pendant was, she was frightened.

Although she wasnt very clear about the situation yet, she realized that Kun wasnt an ordinary man.

He was very evil.

“Take a deep breath.

Calm down, then make the call,” said Gu Ning.

She understood why the actress was terrified.

“Great.” The actress nodded.

Then she took a long breath.

After two minutes, she finally calmed down and called Kun.

Before long, Kun picked it up.

“Hi, Kun, this is Jialin.

Um, didnt I mention that I want to invite you for a meal Im free today.

Do you have time” Chen Jialin did her best to calm down and asked gently.

However, even though she did her best, her voice was still trembling.

“Yeah, where will we have the meal” Kun asked on the other side of the phone.

He could hear that Chen Jialis voice was trembling, but he didnt think much about it.

He just thought that she was nervous.

After all, she was very nervous every time she talked with him.

“I wasnt sure whether you had time, so I havent booked a table yet.

What do you prefer” asked Chen Jialin.

“You can make the decision.

Im not picky,” said Kun.

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“Sure, then Ill send you a message after booking,” said Chen Jialin.

She couldnt wait to hang up.

“Oh, will anyone else join us” asked Kun.

“Im alone.

Should I call Lili” asked Chen Jialin.

“No need, just the two of us.” Kun didnt want Feng Lili to go with them.

“Sure.” Chen Jialin agreed, then they hung up.

After hanging up, Chen Jialin felt relieved.

She was so nervous earlier that her body was trembling.

“H-He agreed.” Chen Jialin said to Gu Ning.

“Great,” said Gu Ning even though she heard their conversation.

“Where should we go to eat” asked Chen Jialin.

She had no idea what she should do right now, so she asked Gu Ning about everything.

“No need to really book a private room.

I just want to see him outside.

We can book a place away from the crowd.

Even if we get into a conflict, no innocent people will be hurt.

How about XX club Just tell him a random number of a private room,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure, then Ill tell him to meet at XX club, but I think I should book a private room.

Although were not really going to dine with Kun, I have to thank you for doing me such a big favor.

Please accept it,” said Chen Jialin.

She was really grateful to Gu Ning, but didnt know how to return her kindness.

She could only buy a meal for Gu Ning.

“Fine, its time for dinner anyway.” Gu Ning agreed.

It also wasnt expensive for Chen Jialin to buy a meal at XX club.

In that case, Chen Jialin booked a private room and sent Kun a message.

With Gu Nings permission, she sent Kun the number of the private room she really booked.

“How about this black jade pendant” Chen Jialin pointed at the jade pendant on the ground.

She didnt dare to pick it up now.


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