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Before they dug out raw jade materials, this mountain was no different from other mountains in the eyes of Zheng Peng and the others.

However, this mountain was Gu Nings choice, so they had great expectations.

“Boss, I think we can start mining after were prepared,” Zheng Peng said to Gu Ning.

Although he was in charge of this project, he felt it was necessary to let Gu Ning know his plan, since he was very respectful of her.

“Sure, you can make the decisions about this,” said Gu Ning.

The Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company was a large company, so they didnt lack staff.

Within a few days, they could be prepared and start mining.

They didnt do it today, because they needed to choose a good date and hold worship before digging into the mountain.

They were going to worship the god of mountains, showing their respect to the god.

The god of mountains decided peoples life and death.

If he was pleased, he could ensure a bumper harvest and the prosperity of a family.

Therefore, if they planned to dig around, they had to worship the god of mountains first.

Therefore, they couldnt start mining right away, though it wasnt actually difficult to choose a good date.

Because they came over this time just to become familiar with the roads and mountains, they left after seeing it.

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At that moment, a shareholders meeting was going on in the Kang familys business.

Without surprise, Kang Yuannan refused to give up.

He just agreed to accept the fact that Kang Shaojie would be the new chairman yesterday, but today he began to make things difficult for Kang Shaojie.

Although he seemed to be educating Kang Shaojie in the tone of a senior, everyone knew that he was deliberately causing Kang Shaojie trouble.

Kang Shaojie had worked in the company and learned from his father for years, but he normally dealt with minor issues.

He had never managed important things, so he lacked experience.

Facing the trouble caused by Kang Yuannan, he was a little cornered.

Luckily, the directors who supported him were helpful.

“Director Tang, Chairman Tang just took the seat.

Why did you bombard him with a lot of difficult hypothetical questions Its not happening yet.

There is no need to solve the problem,” said Director A, supporting Kang Shaojie.

“Why did you say that Although its hypothetical, it might happen in the future and we must be prepared for it.

No one knows what will happen in the future.

As the chairman, he must be well-prepared.

Even though its not happening yet, we must think of strategies to deal with any problems that might lie ahead of us.” Kang Yuannan argued.

The man he sent to follow Kang Shaojie came back and reported the situation to him yesterday, but there was nothing abnormal.

However, Kang Yuannan still told him to keep following and spying on Kang Shaojie.

“Director Tang, I understand that youre reluctant to accept your failure, but dont you think youre being shameless when you wont stop causing unnecessary trouble Your words make sense, but Chairman Tang just took over the position.

Youre forcing someone who doesnt drive to drive a car! Do you think its possible Doesnt he need time to learn Can you fly a plane Do you dare to do that” Director B retorted.

“You…” After being criticized by Director B, who also supported Kang Shaojie, Kang Yuannan got mad.

“Director Tang, can you solve the hypothetical problem you just brought up” said Kang Shaojie in a flat voice, looking at Kang Yuannan.

He was also angered by Kang Yuannan, but he soon calmed down because he had to control his emotions.

Otherwise, Kang Yuannan and the other directors might laugh at him.

“Of course,” said Kang Yuannan.

He felt proud of himself and believed that Kang Shaojie was no match for him.

“Director Tang, since you can solve the hypothetical problem, you should know that youre also a member of our company.

Its also your responsibility to lead the company to a better future.

Whenever there is a problem, we should solve it together.

If you leave everything to the chairman, why do I need you all in this room Do you think you can get paid without doing anything” said Kang Shaojie, becoming serious.

Kang Yuannan was struck dumb and didnt know what to say.

Instantly, he got even angrier at Kang Shaojie for embarrassing him publicly.

Honestly, it was him who embarrassed Kang Shaojie first.

He was making things difficult for Kang Shaojie, so why should Kang Shaojie care about his feelings Just because he was selfish and self-centered It was impossible!

“Right, even if there is really a problem, we should solve it together.

We cant leave it to the chairman.

Director Tang, are you trying to get paid without doing anything” Director A immediately chimed in.

When he heard Kang Shaojies argument, he was very pleased.

“Nonsense, did I say Ill get paid without doing anything Didnt I work at all” Kang Yuannan angrily argued.

“You didnt say that, but you made us feel like that,” said Director C, who also supported Kang Shaojie.

In fact, the directors who supported Kang Yuannan also helped him find fault with Kang Shaojie at the beginning, but they gradually became quiet, because they didnt know what they could say now.

They were Kang Yuannans supporters, but they werent that shameless.

“You…” Kang Yuannan was furious.

“Alright, just as Director Wu said, a person who hasnt learned how to drive cant drive a car steadily.

He needed to learn the skills and I had the same experience when I just became a director.

I needed to learn how to manage.

You have to give me a chance and time.

If any of you dislike me, you can give back your shares.

Im totally fine with that,” said Kang Shaojie.

Those shareholders had been through a lot with the Kang familys business, so it seemed as if he wanted to kick them to the curb when they had outlived their usefulness.

However, they had benefited a lot from the development of the Kang familys business.

In addition, they had many connections and the Kang familys business relied on them to strike deals.

Therefore, when they supported Kang Yuannan against him, he didnt directly ask them to leave the company.

After all, if they left, the Kang familys business would suffer a loss.


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