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Chen Yuhong was more displeased and grew more jealous of Kang Shaojie.

Who was Kang Shaojies friend How could she choose six raw jade materials out of which four contained jade In addition, among the jade, three pieces were at high level.

If that person could work with the Chen family, the Chen family would be at a great advantage.

They wouldnt need to acquire a large number of raw jade materials to get very little jade again.

Otherwise they had to waste a lot of time and energy on cutting out a large number of raw jade materials.

Therefore, if a stone-gambling talent could help them, they could save a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, they could sell those raw jade materials that didnt contain any jade to other people and make a fortune.

Given Chen Yuhongs thoughts, it was no wonder why the Chen family had a bad reputation.

Actually, the person that Chen Yuhong was shocked by was shopping for raw jade materials in the Chen familys store right now.

She took away all the high-level and top-level jade, leaving only the jade at low levels in the store.

Kang Shaojie saw the final result, and excused himself right after putting away the jade.

He went to call Gu Ning, but Gu Ning didnt answer his call.

Instead, she directly cut it off.

Before long, she sent Kang Shaojie a message, telling him that she was busy and couldnt take the call.

Because of that, Kang Shaojie stopped calling her.

He also sent her a message and told her that he had cut out four pieces of jade from the raw jade materials she had left him.

There was a piece of low-level jade, two pieces of middle-high-level jade, and a piece of top-level jade.

He really hoped that they could work together.

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Gu Ning replied to him that they could talk about that later.

Because Gu Ning didnt agree right away, Kang Shaojie was slightly worried.

He was afraid that Gu Ning might turn him down in the end.

However, no matter how worried he was, he couldnt question Gu Ning right now.

Since Gu Ning said they could talk about it later, he had to be patient.

After leaving the Kang familys store, Chen Yuhong was in no mood to visit his familys store.

He changed his plan and directly went home.

When Chen Yuhong got home, he spoke to his father about Kang Shaojie.

Master Chen was shocked when he heard that someone could cut out four pieces of jade from only six raw jade materials.

Although he was a stone-gambling master, he couldnt do that, let alone cut out three pieces of jade that were at high levels.

In addition, even though Master Chen could cut out several pieces of jade from over a dozen raw jade materials, it only happened a few times throughout his life.

And most of the jade was at low levels.

Only one or two pieces were at middle level.

He could only cut out jade at high levels when there were a lot of raw jade materials.

Therefore, Master Chen got jealous after hearing the shocking news.

“Do some research and find out who Kang Shaojies friend is.

If its possible, draw her over to our side.

Give her the most generous offer we can afford,” said Master Chen.

He had the same idea as Chen Yuhong.

He wanted such a strong person to work for the Chen family.

“No problem!” Chen Yuhong answered, then sent out people to conduct the investigation at once.

When Kang Shaojie got home, he also spoke to his father about Gu Ning.

Master Kang wasnt in a good condition, and had gotten worse because of his younger brothers behavior.

Although Younger Master Kang was the second major shareholder with 20% shares of the Kang familys business, Elder Master Kang who had 60% shares was the real chairman.

Therefore, it was very reasonable that Senior Master Kang wanted Kang Shaojie to take over the seat.

Unfortunately, once more and more directors were against it, it couldnt continue, even though they only had just over 30% of the shares at most.

Kang Shaojie seized 60% of the shares and he had the power to force other shareholders who were against him to give back the shares, but he hadnt gotten total control of the company yet.

He was afraid other directors wouldnt listen to him and would make the company suffer a greater loss, so he had to accept the conditions Younger Master Kang laid down.

In fact, if he was only competing with Younger Master Kang, he wouldnt be afraid, although he didnt have full confidence, but Younger Master Kang said that they could get a helper.

There was a person who was skilled at stone-gambling by Younger Master Kangs side, so it put him in a very dangerous situation.

“Well, if your uncle was an upright person, it wouldnt be a big deal if hes in charge, but hes selfish and self-centered.

So you better defeat him.

You cant let him control the company, or hell take the whole company for himself,” said Elder Master Kang.

“Dad, Ill do my best to get Miss Gu to help us.

I wont allow my uncle to rob us of the company,” said Kang Shaojie.

At the same time, Younger Master Kang learned that one of Kang Shaojies friends cut out four pieces of jade from six raw jade materials.

He was shocked and became anxious because Kang Shaojie had such a skilled friend.

He was worried because the competition would be held the day after tomorrow, and he regretted saying that they could have a helper.

In fact, he planned to deny it.

Therefore, Younger Mr.

Kang immediately called Kang Shaojie and told him that they couldnt have a helper at the competition the day after tomorrow.

Upon hearing that, Kang Shaojie got mad.

He guessed that Younger Master Kang must have heard about the news that he cut out jade in his familys store.

He didnt realize that he made a terrible mistake until now.

He originally wanted to attract more customers to his store, so he cut the stone open publicly, but he forgot what would happen if Younger Master Kang learned about it.

If he had known the result, he wouldnt have cut the stones open publicly.

He would have done it in private, but unfortunately it was too late.

“Uncle, you said that we can have a helper, but now you are denying it.

What Do you think its fun to fool me” Kang Shaojie asked coldly.

“You accepted that condition because you have a stone-gambling master by your side, right” Younger Master Kang criticized.

It was true that Younger Mr.

Kang was shameless.

He was the one who said that they could have a helper, but now he changed his mind just because he found out that Kang Shaojie had a stone-gambling master by his side.

In other words, he did everything to stop Kang Shaojie from winning.

It was understandable, because he aimed to steal the seat of chairman, so it was impossible that he would allow Kang Shaojie to win.

If he was willing to give Kang Shaojie the chance to win, he wouldnt have proposed having a competition.

However, it was unethical for Younger Master Kang to change his mind so casually.

And he was so shameless that he didnt feel guilty at all.


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