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Although they immediately drove away, Baili Zongxue stopped their car with a single hand after they drove for only four meters.

Seeing that, the two cultivators were stunned.

How could she be so strong She easily stopped the car with a single hand.


At this moment, the two cultivators realized that this girl wasnt ordinary, otherwise she wouldnt be able to stop the car alone.

Was she one of the so-called people with superpowers in this country

The two cultivators tried to drive through, but it was impossible for them to move.

Since the car couldnt move, they could only get out of it and fight against Baili Zongxue.

If they couldnt get rid of Baili Zongxue, they wouldnt be able to escape.

They understood that Baili Zongxue was a strong enemy, because she stopped their car with a single hand, but they didnt think that they were no match for her.

After all, they could also stop a car with their hands, although with difficulty.

In addition, there were two of them, while Baili Zongxue was alone, so they might not lose.

Once the two ninjas got out of the car, they attacked Baili Zongxue.

Because both sides were strong, there was no winner within a short time.

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The mutant Gu Ning was fighting against was much stronger than the last one, but it was still nothing in her eyes.

The mutant could barely touch Gu Ning and was defeated by Gu Ning within a second.

However, it took a long while for Gu Ning to completely destroy it.

After all, mutants had great defensive ability and could heal ten times quicker than ordinary people.

Even if they were injured, they would soon heal.

However, Gu Ning used her magical energy to attack it, which was far more destructive than common weapons.

The mutants defensive ability was greatly damaged, and it shortened the time that Gu Ning needed to destroy it.

However, she still needed a while.

Qi Tianlin and the others stood at the side and watched.

They wanted to help, but didnt know what they could do.

Because Gu Ning told them not to get involved, they quietly stood at a distance.

Actually, when they watched Gu Ning fighting against the mutant, they knew that she didnt need their help.

“Its really amazing that Miss Gu is so skilled at such a young age.

Shes impressive!” Cheng Hua said.

“Right, I thought our head was extraordinarily strong, but Miss Gu…” Yu Hao agreed, but he suddenly stopped, because he realized that he shouldnt say that.

Their head was right beside them.

If he dared to say that Gu Ning was better than their head, their head might be mad.

Although it was the truth, he shouldnt embarrass their head.

The moment Yu Hao stopped, he turned to look at Qi Tianlin in slight fear and explained.

“Im sorry, Head.”

Qi Tianlin only frowned, and said nothing.

It hurt, but he had to admit that Gu Ning was really better than him.

Upon thinking of that, Qi Tianlin felt upset.

He wasnt jealous, but he felt a bit humiliated.

He always believed that women were weak, but Gu Ning was different.

She totally changed his opinions about women.

And it was not only Gu Ning, the girl who went to fight against the ninjas was also impressive.

Since Gu Ning told her to deal with the two ninjas, the girl had to be stronger than him too.

Anyway, he couldnt defeat the two ninjas alone.

Thinking of that, Qi Tianlin felt more and more upset, but he wasnt petty, and wouldnt hate them just because they were stronger than him.

Moreover, they came to save him!

Seeing that Qi Tianlin was remaining silent, Yu Hao felt relieved.

If Qi Tianlin was mad, he would say it aloud and wouldnt harbor a grudge.

Cheng Hua had also gotten nervous, because they almost annoyed their head.

Their head wouldnt fire them for that, but they would still receive a punishment.

Mutants wouldnt stop attacking, and they wouldnt run away even if they failed, because they were being controlled by other people.

Baili Zongxue was gradually at an advantage after fighting against the two ninjas for ten minutes.

Therefore, they directly called the mutant back to help them.

Although mutants were rare and precious, they werent humans.

So the ninjas felt that they were more important.

As a result, they planned to call the mutant back to stop Baili Zongxue so that they could run away.

As for Qi Tianlin, they had no more strength to deal with him.

Unfortunately, the reality was quite the opposite.

Because the mutant was defeated by Gu Ning, Gu Ning had total control over it.

It was impossible for it to run away.

As a result, the mutant was unable to help the two ninjas.

The two ninjas waited for a long while, but the mutant was still absent, so they realized that it had been caught.

Knowing that, they were full of irritation and anxiety.

They didnt expect the situation to be like this and now they were in despair.

The two ninjas didnt beg Baili Zongxue to let them go, because they knew it wouldnt happen.

There was no need to humiliate themselves.

Even though Baili Zongxue couldnt harm them right now, it was hard for them to run away and they were becoming weaker, while she was still full of energy.

In that case, she would soon be able to injure them.

After a half an hour long battle, the mutant was losing its defensive ability and it healed much slower than it was being injured.

Therefore, Gu Nings attack became more and more serious and fatal.

After about another ten minutes, Gu Ning hit the mutant for the last time and it broke into pieces and was completely destroyed.

Witnessing that scene, even though Qi Tianlin and the others had seen many bloody events before, they were still scared.


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