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“Alright, Ill be right back.” Jing Jining answered.

He had no intention of leaving the cultivation world, so he didnt care whether it was an excuse.

“Well, Senior Shangguan, please forgive me.

Ill visit you when I can go out again,” Jing Jining said to Shangguan Yang.

“Sure, see you,” said Shangguan Yang.

Jing Jining just told Shangguan Yang why he couldnt go out, so Shangguan Yang understood his situation.

He agreed that Jing Jining shouldnt go out now.

Since they were aware of the situation Jing Jining was in, they would tell Jing Yunyao about it.

If she could take revenge earlier, they would do so.

In that case, Jing Jining would be free earlier too.

After all, Jing Jining was being kept in the cultivation world because of Jing Yunyao.

Jing Jining then left Shangguan Yang and went back to the Jing familys house with his fathers subordinate.

Shangguan Yang and Gu Ning walked away as well.

“I wonder what will happen to Uncle Jing after he gets back home.” Gu Ning was slightly worried.

Actually, Tiandaozong wouldnt let Jing Yaorong get away with it if he dared to hurt Jing Jining.

Besides, at that time, the fact that Jing Yaorong had tried to kill Jing Yunyao would be completely exposed too.

Therefore, Gu Ning believed that Jing Yaorong wouldnt hurt Jing Jining as long as he still had his reason.

However, it was possible that Jing Yaorong would become impulsive.

Even though Jing Yaorong would pay for his behavior, Gu Ning still didnt want anything bad to happen.

It would cause a great loss if they couldnt salvage the situation.

If Jing Jining was really injured, it would become Jing Yunyaos fault, because it happened because of her.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao would be overwhelmed by guilt.

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“He should be fine, unless Jing Yaorong wants to ruin himself too, but we need to let Yunyao know about it once were back.

They must advance their plan if its possible,” said Shangguan Yang.

He didnt think that Jing Yaorong would make up his mind to hurt Jing Jinings family, but it might happen, so he was still worried.

“Sure.” Gu Ning nodded.

Given the current situation, there was nothing for Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting to think too much about.

They were strong enough to defeat the Jing family.

Moreover, she wouldnt stand on the sidelines.

Even if she couldnt defeat an elder, she could deal with some of the weaker ones.

Once Jing Jining got back to the Jing familys house with his fathers subordinate, he was asked to go to Jing Yaorongs study.

At the same time, Jing Yanhuas subordinate went to call him over.

Jing Jining understood what Jing Yaorong wanted to know from him.

He thought it was unnecessary, but he still obeyed the order.

He couldnt help disdaining Jing Yaorong in his heart, because Jing Yaorong paid too much attention to him.

It seemed that Jing Yaorong didnt realize it wouldnt make any difference even if Jing Yunyao found out that they already knew she was still alive.

To be honest, Jing Jining played an important role in this event.

After all, he could gain the most from their battle.

If Jing Yaorong was unseated, he could become the new patriarch of the Jing family.

Jing Jining would accept the result if it really happened.

If Jing Yunyan was able to seize the position, he should deal with Jing Yunyao first, but Jing Jining didnt think it was possible.

When Jing Jining walked into the study, he saw Jing Yaorongs angry face.

Jing Yaorong stared at him coldly, but he stayed calm.

Although he felt stressed under the pressure released by Jing Yaorong because Jing Yaorongs level was much higher than his, Jing Jining composed himself.

Anyway, they had already argued a few times, so Jing Jining didnt bother to be polite to Jing Yaorong now.

He decided to be threatening too!

“Patriarch, what happened” Jing Jining asked purposefully.

It sounded as if Jing Yaorong asked to see him for something good.

Jing Yaorong clearly knew that Jing Jining deliberately did that, but he got angrier.

“Jing Jining, stop playing dumb with me,” he said coldly.

“What Patriarch, I dont understand what youre talking about.

How could I know what has happened if you dont tell me Please be straightforward.

Im so tired of guessing,” said Jing Jining.

He was blaming Jing Yaorong for wasting time.

“You…” Jing Yaorong was mad.

Although he knew that Jing Jining did that on purpose, he had to admit that it wasnt wrong, so he suddenly didnt know what to say.

As a result, Jing Yaorong fell into silence, coldly staring at Jing Jining.

Seeing Jing Yaorong remaining silent, Jing Jining said nothing.

Because Jing Yaorong didnt tell him to sit, he stood there still.

Before long, Jing Yanhua came.

“Hi, Yaorong.” Once Jing Yanhua came in, he called Jing Yaorong, but he noticed Jing Yaorongs angry expression the next moment, and immediately realized that Jing Yaorong must be very mad at Jing Jining.

Jing Yanhua felt resigned, but he could understand it.

Ever since Jing Jining learned about what Jing Yaorong had done to Jing Yunyao, he refused to have a good attitude towards Jing Yaorong again, but he would stay respectful at least on the surface.

However, after the fact that Jing Yunyao wasnt dead was exposed, Jing Jining became aggressive, especially before Jing Yaorong.

“Yeah,” said Jing Yaorong in a flat voice.

“Jing Jining, why did Shangguan Yang want to see you” Jing Yaorong didnt ask that until Jing Yanhua came.

“Senior Shangguan came to see his residence.

Im responsible for building his house.

Why do you think he wants to see me” Jing Jining asked, implying that Shangguan Yang came to see him because of the house.

“Jing Jining, stop it now! You better be honest with me!” said Jing Yaorong angrily.

“Then why do you think Senior Shangguan wants to see me Because of Yunyao” Jing Jining continued.

He actually already had the answer, because Jing Yaorong believed that Shangguan Yang came to see him for Jing Yunyao.

“Isnt that the real reason” Jing Yaorong asked coldly.

“Why was Yunyan chased away after he went there with you Tell me, was it your idea”


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