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Chapter 2495 So

Unfortunately, there wasnt any signal, so she couldnt get through to them.

She could only hope that they would come back safely.

In the beginning, she felt disappointed that she couldnt go with them, but now she changed her mind.

It was the right decision that Leng Shaoting told her to stay in the capital.

If she hadnt stayed, Xu Jinchen and his comrades might have been injured by the zombies and Zhan Zhiyin and Leng Shaoming could have been hurt today.

Xu Jinchen and the others were Leng Shaotings best brothers.

If they were injured, Leng Shaoting would surely be sad.

And as his mother, she would feel upset too.

Liu and Jing Bingjie gave up following Zhan Zhiyin after they left.

They were scared by Jing Yunyao, and they also learned that Zhan Zhiyin had a humans body and a monsters soul, which meant that Zhan Zhiyin was a normal human most of the time, so they had no reason to hurt her.

If they hurt her, only her body would be damaged, not her soul.

They had been eager to kill the monster, so they didnt notice that Zhan Zhiyin actually had a humans body.

If they had known that earlier, they wouldnt have taken action without preparation.

Luckily, Jing Bingjie was only slightly injured, and she would make a full recovery after a few days.

However, she was really mad after being injured.

Therefore, she complained about it to her mother.

“Mother, Im so mad!” Jing Bingjie said, full of hatred.

In the cultivation world, cultivators kept the traditional manners, so Jing Bingjie called Liu mother respectfully.

People in the mortals world might be surprised by their formal way of calling each other.

“So What can you do about it Her level is higher than ours.

She isnt afraid of the Jing family and the cultivation world! I wonder who she is.

How could she be so arrogant!” Liu was annoyed too.

“Why dont we let my uncle teach her a lesson My uncles level is also high.

He should be able to defeat that woman,” said Jing Bingjie.

Her uncle was Jing Yunyan.

“Lets talk about that after we go back tomorrow,” said Liu.

She agreed to take revenge, but they needed someone who was at a high level to help them.

Liu and Jing Bingjie didnt see Jing Yunyaos exact level, but they didnt think she could be better than Jing Yunyan.

Therefore, if Jing Yunyan was willing to help, he should be able to teach Jing Yunyao a lesson.

Liu agreed with Jing Bingjie, but they could only talk about that after they returned to the cultivation world.

They didnt go outside this time for something serious.

They just hadnt visited the mortal world for a long time and they wanted to buy some clothing and make-up products.

Every cultivator used modern products in the cultivation world.

However, they could live without phones and the Internet, because they spent most of their time on cultivation.

After all, if they had phones and the Internet, it might delay their cultivation.

And in the cultivation world, they competed with each other on cultivation.

Liu and Jing Bingjie had finished shopping today and planned to go back the next morning.

Therefore, they returned to the cultivation world the next day.

Once they were back in the Jing familys house, Liu told her family about what they had encountered last night.

The Jing family was surprised to know that there was a female cultivator at a high level in the capital, but then they remembered how Jing Yunfei got injured.

“Is the woman the one who injured Yunfei last time” Jing Yaorong guessed.

He thought it was highly possible.

Although it was normal that there were strong cultivators in the mortal world after Shangguan Yang and his disciples appeared, it wasnt easy to meet a cultivator at a high level.

Moreover, it was a woman and she should be at the same age according to Lius description.

Jing Yunfei failed to see the womans face last time, but he could feel her age.

“I think the woman should be junior to Shangguan Yang.

She also lives in the capital, so its possible that they could meet,” said Jing Yunyan.

Jing Yunyan told the Jing family right after he met Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao on the plane last time.

“Do you mean, the woman who injured Yunfei, the woman whos junior to Shangguan Yang, and the woman Liu encountered last night, are the same person” An idea dawned on Jing Yaorong “What”

Everyone was surprised, but thought it was possible.

“If so, I think its the answer,” said Jing Yunyan seriously.

“So We can do nothing about it.

Since she can easily injure Yunfei, shes much stronger than him.

Also, Tiandaozong told us to stay away from her,” said Jing Yaorong.

He had no intention of messing with the woman, especially after he learned that she was junior to Shangguan Yang.

Jing Yunfei said, “It was my fault last time, so we have to let it go, but what happened last night is her fault.

She could have just stopped Bingjie instead of injuring her, but she didnt.

She even refused to apologize…”

It was a humiliation to their family!

Jing Yunfei couldnt swallow the anger, because his daughter was also injured by the same woman this time.

“She disdains the Jing family and has broken the rules of the cultivation world.

Shes too arrogant!” Jing Yunfei continued after a pause.

Jing Yaorong was displeased too, but he still felt that they could do nothing about it.

“So If shes really junior to Shangguan Yang, she has the ability to care very little about the Jing family and the rules of the cultivation world.

Even though Liu and Bingjie didnt see that the girl only has a monsters soul, they did attack her.

So its not wrong that the woman stood out.

We dont have a good reason to punish the woman.”

Jing Yaorong was also mad, but anger couldnt solve anything.

Besides, even if they wanted to seek justice, they might fail.

The woman injured Jing Yunfei first, then Jing Bingjie.

Jing Yaorong felt humiliated, but they didnt have a good reason to punish the woman.


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