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Before the boxing match began, they were chatting while drinking.

Time flew, and Dihao Clubhouse was soon fully occupied by people.

When it was almost 10 pm, people started to shout.

“Chen Xing, Chen Xing, Chen Xing!”

Chen Xing worked for Dihao Clubhouse as a regular boxer.

His best record was ninth in the national boxing competition three years ago, and had won the third prize in the southern division.

He had also been one of the top 50 in an international boxing competition.

Although his record wasnt very impressive, he was a famous and skillful boxer.

It wasnt easy to be a well-known boxer among thousands of boxers.

In fact, there were many better boxers in the Qing Gang, even the boxing champion, but those boxers all worked for bigger entertainment places, and were open to challenges from more powerful opponents.

City F was only a third-tier city, so there werent many boxing lovers, and it was already enough that they had a regular boxer.

The Qing Gangs headquarters were located in City G, which was a developing second-tier city, but the legal business of the Qing Gang mainly concentrated in a dominant city in the south, City Z.

City Z was comparable with the capital to some extent.

The boxers showed up when it was 10 pm.

The first boxer who went up to the platform was Chen Xing.

Seeing Chen Xing, the audience was shouting and cheering even louder.

“Chen Xing, Chen Xing, Chen Xing!”

“Chen Xing, fighting!”

“Chen Xing, kill him!”

After Chen Xing was already standing on the platform, his opponent came out too.

“Liu Qiang, Liu Qiang, Liu Qiang!”

“Liu Qiang, fighting!”

“Liu Qiang, kill him!”

Liu Qiang was also a boxer who had won many prizes before, and he wasnt weaker than Chen Xing.

Most importantly, there was a long-standing grudge between Liu Qiang and Chen Xing.

Liu Qiang had lost a competition against Chen Xing last time, so he was eager to win.

He came exactly for Chen Xing this time so the boxing match tonight would be exciting.

Liu Qiang and Chen Xing glared at each other on the platform.

“Chen Xing, been a while!” Liu Qiang said to Chen Xing, but his attitude was apparently unkind.

“Indeed! What a surprise that you come here for me.

Do you want to lose again” Chen Xing said sarcastically.

Liu Qiang sneered, “Since youre open for challenges here, why cant I come”

“I did not say that,” Chen Xing said.

Liu Qiang just snorted coldly, and didnt say another word.

After that, the host introduced Liu Qiang and Chen Xing one by one.

In the private room, Hao Ran asked Gu Ning, “Boss, which one do you think is going to win”

“I have no idea.

They seem to be equal.

Although Liu Qiang has lost once, it doesnt mean that hell lose again.

Since he dares to challenge Chen Xing again, he must be confident in himself this time,” Gu Ning said.

“What do you think” Hao Ran asked Chu Peihan and others.

“I bet Chen Xing in the beginning, but after what Boss just said, Im not sure,” Qin Zixun said.

“Even so, its possible that Chen Xing will beat Liu Qiang down again! I still bet Chen Xing,” Chu Peihan added.

“Do you want to bet” Zhang Tianping proposed with excitement.

“Of course! Itll be boring if we dont while were watching a boxing match,” Hao Ran said.

He pressed the service bell calling for a waiter.

Except for Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning and Yu Mixi, the rest all had a bet of twenty thousand yuan each.

Hao Ran, Qin Zixun and Mu Ke bet on Liu Qiang, while the others bet on Chen Xing.

The bet odds of Liu Qiang was 1:3, and that of Chen Xing was 1:2.

The audience in the clubhouse bet gradually.

The two boxers were equally good, and it was a hard decision for the audience to bet.

In the end, the majority bet on Chen Xing.

The host walked down from the platform after the introduction.

And the judge called the beginning of the match.

Liu Qiang and Chen Xing couldnt wait and started fighting against each other violently.

Their fists met in the air, and both of them were forced to step backwards by the others strength.

After a long breath, they attacked each other without delay.

Chen Xing treated his opponent seriously, even though Liu Qiang had once lost in a competition against him, because Chen Xing clearly knew that it hadnt been an easy victory.

No one seemed to be in control after a while, and the match was growingly exciting.

Everyone wanted to win the bet, so people kept shouting around the platform to encourage the boxers.

As time went by, Chen Xing started to gain control of this match, while Liu Qiang kept avoiding his fists.

However, right when the audience believed that Liu Qiang would lose once more, he hit straight at Chen Xings face.

Chen Xing avoided it, but unexpectedly, Liu Qiang turned around and took this chance and a back swing directly hit Chen Xings cheek.

As a professional boxer, his punch had at least 100 pounds of strength.

Facing the great strike, Chen Xing was knocked out falling heavily into the boxing ring.

“No way!”

Everyone was shocked.

“How is it possible!” Chu Peihan stood up abruptly from her seat.

She couldnt believe her eyes.

Chen Xing was obviously about to win, so how come he lost all of a sudden

“Its possible actually.

Theres no winner until the last second,” Gu Ning smiled gently.

To be honest, Gu Ning noticed that Liu Qiang had been avoiding in order to find a great chance to give Chen Xing a final punch.

Gu Ning wasnt sure whether he could make it, but it seemed that he succeeded.

On the platform, the judge started the countdown, “Ten, nine…”

“Get up, now!”

The audience shouted louder and louder at Chen Xing.

Chu Peihan and the others included.

“Six, five…” The judge continued.

“Chen Xing, come on, get up now!”

“Three, two, one.”

In the end, Chen Xing failed to stand up.

Therefore, those who bet on Liu Qiang won three times the amount of money, while those who bet on Chen Xing all lost.

The game was over.


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