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Chapter 2456: Han Sitong


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Many guests asked Yu Zi for her number.

Yu Zi gave it to them, but not her personal number.

She gave them the number of her office and her secretary would reply to them.

Because Yu Zi was very busy and was a boss now, she didnt need to deal with everything in person.

Recently she wouldnt take orders for custom-made gowns, so there was no need for her to answer the potential customers calls.

Her secretary and assistant would help her turn them down.

The guests didnt care what number they got.

They just wanted to contact Yu Zi.

After that, Xu Jinlin came.

He came along with several of his friends, namely An Yan, Ji Wenbu, and Ji Wenbus girlfriend, Gao Le.

Although they were Xu Jinlins good friends, they had also had a close relationship with Leng Shaoting and Leng Shaotings bros, so they often hung out together.

Therefore, they were also invited to attend Xin Beis wedding.

It was just that they lived far away, so it took them a longer time to get here.

Anyway, they wouldnt miss their friends wedding.

Sadly, Wen Siyi and Zhang Keke, who was An Yans wife, couldnt come because they were occupied with work.

After Xu Jinlin and the others came, Gu Ning and other people guided them inside to find their seats.

The seats were arranged according to their status, but Gu Ning sat at the front because she was the brides family member.

As friends of the bridegroom, Leng Shaoting and his comrades also sat at the front.

Nevertheless, most of the guests were invited by the brides family because Xin Bei was an orphan.

He didnt have many relatives.

Ever since Xin Beis parents passed away, most of his relatives had stayed away from him.

In addition to his loving uncle and aunt, only a few relatives kept in touch with him.

Therefore, he only invited them to attend his wedding.

He had a lot of friends, but only half of them were present.

After all, his friends were very busy and worked worldwide, so not all of them could come, but no matter what, they still sent him a wedding gift.

Xin Bei had only invited his close friends to attend his wedding.

He didnt send an invitation letter to unfamiliar friends, because he didnt need their gifts.

After walking into the hall, Xu Jinlin saw many familiar faces in business, so he went to talk with them.

Gu Ning then guided the other people to their seats.

Many guests also wanted to chat with Gu Ning, but there were too many people around her, so they didnt walk over.

Eventually, only a few guests came to say hi to Gu Ning.

On the other hand, because Xu Jinlin was the general manager and heir of the Jinlin Organization, he was extremely popular.

He was especially popular among the ladies who were born in rich families too.

Although those girls were also rich, their families were barely comparable to the Jinlin Organization.

Accordingly, they had the same purpose, to hook up with Xu Jinlin.

If they could win Xu Jinlins heart and marry into the Xu family, it would be a large step up the social ladder.

Some businessmen directly introduced their daughters to Xu Jinlin, but this was their first meeting, so they had to hide their intention.

However, Xu Jinlin could easily see what they aimed to achieve, because it had happened countless times in his life.

When Xu Jinlin was finally alone, a beautiful, tall and sexy woman in her twenties walked towards him.

“Hi, Manager Xu, nice to see you, my names Han Sitong, My family is the Han family in City B.

Im managing an entertainment company right now.

Weve met before at a charitable activity.

We also had

a brief chat.

Do you still remember me”

‘The Han family was a rich family with some influence in City B.

Moreover, Han Sitong managed an entertainment company on her own right now, so obviously she had the ability.

Because of that, she had an air of confidence.

Even though when compared with Xu Jinlin, she was hardly impressive, there were not many people who were comparable to him.

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At least, in the high society of City B, she was very outstanding, In fact, she was even better than Tong Jiayao.

Tong Jiayaos family wasnt richer than hers, and she built up a company on her own, while Tong Jiayao directly took over the family business.

However, as for their appearance, she had to admit that Tong Jiayao was prettier than her.

Anyway, she didnt lose any confidence in front of Tong Jiayao.

She was only slightly less pretty than Tong Jiayao, but it didnt mean that she wasnt beautiful.

“Hi, Miss Han,” said Xu Jinlin politely, but not intimately.

He remembered Han Sitong not because she was impressive, but because he had a good memory.

In addition, the charitable activity was held three months ago.

If he couldnt remember it, he shouldnt be proud of his good memory.

Han Sitong, however, didnt think that Xu Jinlin still remembered her because he had a good memory.

She believed that her charm had impressed him.

Therefore, Han Sitong felt very satisfied, but didnt show it on her face.

“Actually, I hoped that we could exchange numbers at our last meeting.

After all, we might be partners one day, but you left too early that day.

I didnt have a chance to say that.

Its really a shame!”

aid Han Sitong.

“Um, you can contact my secretary first if youre seeking cooperation.

Hell let me know afterwards,” said Xu Jinlin, then he took out a name card for his secretary and handed it to Han Sitong.


He clearly knew what Han Sitong really wanted, but he didnt want to give her his number.

Actually, if it had been a man, he wouldnt mind exchanging numbers, but whenever he met unimportant people, he always gave them the number of his secretary.

Instantly, the smile disappeared from Han Sitongs face, but she soon composed herself.

Xu Jinlin must have done that on purpose! Why did he do that Wasnt she impressive enough in his opinion

Although Han Sitong was confused, it was too embarrassing to ask that question.

And she had to take the name card, or Xu Jinlin would be unhappy..


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