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Chapter 2450: Leave Home for a Short While


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Normally, the wedding shoes were hidden away by the brides friends and relatives.

If the bridegroom couldnt find the shoes on his own, he would have to turn to them for help by giving them red envelopes.

However, Xin Bei and his brothers were super good at finding things, so it wasnt difficult for them to find the shoes.

Therefore, within only a minute, they successfully found the shoes.

Even though they found the shoes, Xin Bei still gave the friends and relatives a red envelope.

The Cao family was very satisfied with his generosity.

After that, he helped the bride put on the shoes, then they went to serve their parents tea in the living room.

Although daughters would get married after they grew up, as parents, it was hard not to cry when their daughters were leaving them.

As a result, tears welled up in Tang Yunrongs eyes, but she did her best to fight them back.

Actually, even though Cao Wenxin was married, she would still live in the Cao familys house during her pregnancy because Xin Bei couldnt stay and take care of her.

Thinking of that, Tang Yunrong felt much better.

Moreover, Xin Bei didnt have parents, and they would regard him as their own son.

If Xin Bei agreed, he could live together with Cao Wenxin in the Cao familys house.

However, they wouldnt say that aloud, because it might cause misunderstanding.

After all, Xin Bei was a grown-up man.

As a young couple, he and Cao Wenxin also preferred to live their own life.

Therefore, when Xin Bei was absent, Cao Wenxin would stay in the Cao familys house, and when Xin Bei came back, she would go to live with him and live their own life.

Kneeling before Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua, Xin Bei promised them that he would treat Cao Wenxin to the best of his ability.

Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua believed his words.

Nobody knew what would happen in the future, but they felt that Xin Bei was much more reliable than most people.

Even if anything happened and Xin Bei changed one day, they would take good care of Cao Wenxin.

At the same time, Xin Bei also apologized to them again.

Because he was always occupied with work, he couldnt stay by Cao Wenxins side most of the time.

He needed them to help him take good care of Cao Wenxin.

As Cao Wenxins parents, Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua would definitely do that, but Xin Bei proved he was a reliable man by doing that.

Xin Bei wasnt acting; he indeed had no choice.

He was sincerely begging Cao Wenxins parents to forgive him.

As of today, Cao Wenxin would be his wife.

He loved her, and he cared about her.

successful people normally didnt have much time.

Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua understood that very well.

When Cao Wenxin and Cao Wenjun were little, they were basically raised by their grandparents.

If they married Cao Wenxin to a man who had a lot of free time to stay with her, the man couldnt have great achievements.

The man should either be a good-for-nothing, rich, second-generation heir or lazy.

And the Cao family wouldnt choose a useless man.

Although Xin Bei wasnt born in a rich family or a family with a high status, he made great achievements on his own.

And he had a bright future ahead.

Cao Wenxins parents appreciated him very much.

After all, a man couldnt rely on his family to live his life.

The Cao familys close friends and relatives were very surprised when they heard that Cao Wenxin was going to marry a man who wasnt born in a super-rich family nor a family of power.

They didnt understand why the Cao family would agree to marry Cao Wenxin to a man without an influential family.

However, after they learned about Xin Beis achievements, they didnt dare to disdain him.

After picking up the bride, the bride and bridegroom went to serve Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua with tea.

Then Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua gave each of them a thick red envelope.

Afterwards, they went out, heading to their house for the marriage.

Zi Beiying got in Gu Nings car and they drove at the end of the motorcade, followed by Tang Jiayang, Gao Chengyun, and other people.

‘They went to send Cao Wenxin to her new home.

Though only her family would stop at the door of the house.

Watching Cao Wenxin leaving in the car, Tang Yunrong cried.

Even though she knew that Cao Wenxin would come and live with them after the wedding, she still couldnt help it at this moment!

“Alright, alright, shell come back and live with us after the wedding is over,” said Cao Wenjun to comfort his mother.

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“Right, shell only leave for a short while.

Shell be back in a few days,” said Junior Mrs.


She agreed that Cao Wenxin could still live in the Cao familys house after she got married, because they had a good familial relationship.

Although she and Tang Yunrong argued with each other sometimes, they wouldnt harbor grudges.

They werent biological sisters, but they were family, so they cared about each others feelings.

She understood that Cao Wenxin was in a special situation because Xin Bei was too busy and no one could take care of her.

Cao Wenxin was pregnant now, so she needed care.

That was the reason why she chose to live with her parents.

Even if Xin Beis mother was still alive and could take care of Cao Wenxin, it was totally fine if Cao Wenxin still wanted to live with her parents.

Junior Mrs.

Cao also had a daughter, and she would be happy if her daughter could live with her even after she got married.

Only parents who had a daughter could understand that feeling.

Normally, it was hard for mothers-in-law to get along well with daughters-in-law, so mothers would always defend their daughters if their daughters encountered any trouble.

However, since she was reasonable, if her daughter made mistakes, she would criticize her.

Junior Mrs.

Cao had good luck in her life.

She got along well with her mother-in-law, because both of them were open-minded and cared about each other.

It wasnt realistic to expect there to be no conflict at all, and they sometimes argued, but it wasnt serious.

Unfortunately, in her own family, it was a little serious because both her mother and sister-in-law were domineering, and neither of them were willing to compromise..


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