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Chapter 2442: Get Jealous


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Therefore, before Gu Ning and Tang Jiayu joined the Tang family, he had told his family that he wanted to start up a new company on his own first.

He wouldnt take over the Tanghuang Organization until a dozen years later.

Besides, because Tang Yunfan was still young, he could manage the Tanghuang Organization for another ten years.

Tang Jiayang only gave himself ten years.

If he couldnt make great achievements within ten years, he would take over the Tanghuang Organization as his family wanted.

It was much harder to build a successful start-up than it is to take over a family business.

So even if Tang Jiayang failed to rum a successful start-up in ten years, it didnt mean that he had no ability to take over the Tanghuang Organization.


The Tang family approved of Tang Jiayangs plan, because he was ambitious.

When one was ambitious, he would always want to prove himself and refuse to rely on his familys influence.

Even though Tang Jiayu was the direct heir of the Tang family, the Tang family wouldnt let him take over the family business just because of that.

They would give the Tang familys business to the best family member.

Therefore, if the three male heirs couldnt take over the Tanghuang Organization, the Tang family would give it to Gu Ning, because they had already witnessed her abilities.

Tang Jiayu was very little right now, so he either had no reaction, or cried when other people played with him.

After eating, some of the family decided to have a nap.

Tang Jiayang had taken a flight for over a dozen hours, and due to the jet lag, he was a bit tired, so he went to have some sleep.

‘Tang Haifeng, Gu Man, and the new baby also needed a rest, so Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai were left in the living room.

“Ningning, whats your gift for Wenxins wedding” Tang Jiakai asked.

“A set of jade jewelry,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt want to prepare a red envelope as the gift, and Cao Wenxin was at the same age as her, so she decided to give her a set of jewelry.

The set of jewelry was made of Fulushou jade, including a pair of earrings, a pendant, and a pair of bracelets, which cost over ten million yuan.

Even though rich people were going to send a red envelope, they wouldnt directly send money, and would instead send a gift.

“What do you think Jiayang and I should prepare” Tang Jiakai asked.

“Youre still students.

You dont have your own career yet, so you dont need to prepare a gift which is too expensive.

I dont have any good advice.

Why dont you go ask your mother” Gu Ning said.

“Fine,” said Tang Jiakai.

Cao Wenxin lacked nothing, so he had to give her something useful.

Because the others went to have a nap at noon, Tang Jiakai asked Gu Ning to teach him kung fu.

An hour later, Tang Haifeng woke up.

When he saw the embarrassed Tang Jiakai in the yard, he was amused.

“Well, youre older than Ningning, but youre hardly comparable to her.

Arent you embarrassed” Tang Haifeng disdained him, but he understood that Gu Ning was the best among her peers, and that his two grandsons were very outstanding.

“Grandpa, Ningning is too unique.

You said that Jiayang and I were very excellent before Ningning joined our family, but you started to dislike us after Ningning joined us. Tang Jiakai complained and seemed hurt.

However, he wasnt blaming Gu Ning, because everyone could see her outstanding abilities.

“Grandpa, please stop comparing me with them.

I dont want them to hate me,” said Gu Ning in an aggrieved tone.

Although she knew that they wouldnt mind, she was worried that they might be displeased if Tang Haifeng continued to compare them with her.

Therefore, it was better if they stopped talking,

about it.

Upon hearing Gu Nings words, Tang Jiakai understood that Gu Ning was worried about their feelings, so he immediately explained.

“Ningning, dont think too much about that.

We wont hate you.”

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“Alright, alright, I wont say that again.

All of you are very outstanding.

The Tang family is proud of all of you!” Tang Haifeng also understood Gu Nings worries, so he decided to stop talking about that.

Afterwards, they changed the topic.

Tang Jiayang slept for two hours, then got up and joined their conversation.

In the afternoon, Tang Yunhang and Jiang Lihua came home.

They were excited to see their son who had been away from home for a long time, so they paid more attention to Tang Jiayang.

Even when they were eating, they wouldnt stop taking care of him, while Tang Jiakai was completely ignored.

Tang Jiakai could understand it, but he still got jealous.

“Hey, Im here.

Dont you care about me at all”

“Of course we do! Here, my great son.” Jiang Lihua put several pieces of meat into Tang Jiakais bowl to comfort him.

She didnt blame him for being unreasonable, unlike in some families, where kids would be criticized if they dared to express their displeasure.

Tang Jiayang studied abroad and could only come back home once or twice a year, while Tang Jiakai stayed with their parents all the time.

Tang Jiakai got more care and love than his brother from their parents, so he shouldnt compete against his brother for their parents love.

However, if Tang Jiakai was

scolded for being unreasonable at this moment, he would be hurt.

In order to not hurt him, Jiang Lihua comforted him by putting his favorite food into his bowl, which solved the problem.

Tang Jiakai wasnt being mean, but Jiang Lihua didnt want to disappoint him.

After Jiang Lihua paid some attention to him, Tang Jiakai cheered up at once.

Since Jiang Lihua took care of Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai, she couldnt forget Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning wasnt used to it, she accepted Jiang Lihuas kindness when Jiang Lihua also put several pieces of meat into her bowl.

After eating and resting for a while, they went to meet Jiang Minhong and his sister.

They were all adults, so the Tang family didnt bother to restrict them, especially when Gu Ning was with them.

There was nothing for them to worry about.

Normally, they only went to bars owned by familiar people, because they were willing to help their friends with their businesses and it was safer.

However, they could easily meet familiar people in the bars opened by their friends, and these people werent always kind.

Jiang Minhong came with Jiang Jiamin and Zhao Fulin.

Zhao Fulin wasnt a stranger, so it wasnt a big deal..


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