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Chapter 2397: Not Easy to Impress Me

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Normally, stars put on a baseball cap, a mask, and a pair of glasses to avoid being recognized by their fans, but Han Chenglin only wore a simple baseball cap.

He felt it might attract more attention if he put on too many accessories.

Moreover, Han Chenglin didnt have a lot of fame yet, so he would be fine in the crowd.

In that case, a baseball cap was enough for him to disguise himself.

After the call with Chu Peihan, Han Chenglin put on a satisfied smile, which surprised his assistant.

His assistant understood that Han Chenglin was just having fun in the entertainment industry and that he would actually take over his familys business sooner or later, so there was no need to worry about his future.

After all, Han Chenglin had just gotten some fame, and rumors could ruin his career, but Han Chenglin didnt care about that.

However, what his assistant was dissatisfied with was that the activity in City F actually had nothing to do with Han Chenglin, but Han Chenglin went to settle it by himself.

He asked for no money and the host only needed to pay for the cost of the trip and the accommodation fee.

It was a good thing for the host, so the host agreed.

At the beginning, the assistant didnt understand why Han Chenglin did that, but he had a guess after hearing their conversation on the phone.

“Chenglin, whos that” The assistant gossiped.

“A friend,” said Han Chenglin.

“What friend” The assistant continued.

Han Chenglin gave the assistant a glance.

Before he said anything again, the assistant gave in.

“Alright, alright, just ignore it.”

Anyway, the assistant believed that it must be a girl Han Chenglin liked, or he wouldnt have proposed to attend the activity without pay.

Han Chenglin was very friendly, but he was born in a business family.

He was much more shrewd than ordinary people, and he wouldnt be willing to suffer losses unless he wanted to.

The host sent people to drive Han Chenglin and his assistant to a downtown hotel first.

After checking in, Han Chenglin told his assistant to rent a car from the hotel.

At the same time, Han Chenglin called Chu Peihan.

He asked where she was and said that he would go to pick her up.

Chu Peihan told Han Chenglin where her family lived, then Han Chenglin left his assistant in the hotel while he left.

He was going on a date, so he didnt take his assistant with him.

His assistant was reluctant to let Han Chenglin go out alone.

After all, this was their first trip to this city, and they barely knew anyone.

In fact, Han Chenglin was a grown man, and he wouldnt get lost, the assistant simply wanted to meet the girl Han Chenglin was going to see.

He was curious about her looks and her relationship with Han Chenglin.

Unfortunately, Han Chenglin didnt allow him to go no matter what reason he gave.

The assistant could do nothing about it.

Han Chenglin was his boss, and he had to listen to him.

As a result, the assistant went back to his room alone.

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He didnt want to rest, because he wasnt tired at all.

Instead, he began to play mobile games.

Han Chenglin wasnt familiar with City F, but there was GPS in the car.

When he reached Chu Peihans home, he called her.

Two minutes later, Chu Peihan walked out.

Upon seeing her, Han Chenglin beamed with happiness.

Chu Peihan, on the other hand, was expressionless.

However, although she was expressionless on the surface, she didnt hate seeing Han Chenglin.

She was actually a little happy.

After Chu Peihan got in the car, she said, “Ill take you to a popular tourist attraction in our city first.

I havent visited it yet, but I think it should be fun.

My friends and I always wanted to go there, but some of us are often absent, so we havent had a chance.”

“Great!” Han Chenglin didnt care where they went, but he was glad to hear that this was also Chu Peihans first time visiting the place.

Chu Peihan didnt know its location, so they used the GPS.

It was located in a suburb, because there were many outdoor activities.

Although it was a cold day, the sun was out.

The temperature wasnt too low, so there were still many people coming out to have fun, especially now that it was a holiday.

Most of the visitors were high school and college students.

Among them were a lot of couples.

Both Han Chenglin and Chu Peihan were very beautiful, so they attracted a lot of attention once they arrived at the tourist attraction.

Some girls wanted to strike up a conversation with Han Chenglin, but none of them had the courage because of Chu Peihan.

Because when a young man was with a young woman, they were usually either a couple or siblings.

Most girls liked handsome men, but it didnt mean that they would steal the man from his girl.

“Well, I think I should give you some space.

Look at the girls.

They cant wait to get close to you, but they are hesitating to start a conversation with you because of me.” Chu Peihan joked with Han Chenglin.

Hearing that, Han Chenglin was unhappy.

“Why do you think Im interested in them Im not a playboy.”

“How could I know what kind of man you are Men enjoy flirting with beautiful girls.

I dont think youre different,” said Chu Peihan.

“Have many men tried to impress you before” Han Chenglin asked.

“Its not easy!” said Chu Peihan disdainfully.

She disliked men who had no wisdom and were self-centered.

“I can see that.” Han Chenglin nodded.

Han Chenglin actually didnt have much interest in outdoor activities, but he enjoyed himself because Chu Peihan played with him.

When they were done, Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin were about to leave.

However, Chu Peihan saw three familiar faces at this time.

They were her classmates.

However, they werent friends, so Chu Peihan had no intention of saying hi to them.

If they normally met each other, they wouldnt bother to talk to each other because the girls were jealous of Chu Peihan because of her beauty and family background.

Although they didnt know the details, they were sure that Chu Peihan had a powerful family.

Now they saw a handsome man beside Chu Peihan, and thought it must be her boyfriend.

However, they werent certain, so they decided to talk to Chu Peihan.

“Hi, Chu Peihan, its been a while!”


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