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Chapter 2392: Whos the Important Figure

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“Thank you so much.

I love you, darling.”

This was the first sentence Tang Yunfan said to Gu Man.

His eyes were wet with tears and his body trembled a little because he was too worried about Gu Man.

Only when a man loves a woman deeply would he suffer the same pain as her.

In fact, it was rare to see a man who cared so much about his wife.

Nowadays, many people believe that it was a womans duty to give birth to kids.

Some would even criticize a pregnant woman for moaning in pain when she was about to deliver.

Moreover, it was also important for a woman to have a full recovery after delivery, or it might cause problems when she got old.

However, some people thought that women should go to work right after they had rested for several days.

If they stayed at home without doing anything, they would be criticized.

Therefore, most women nowadays lived a tragic life.

They needed to give birth, take care of the babies, do housework, make money, and even look after the old.

They were merely free all-around nannies.

Men, on the contrary, could play on their phones and wait to be served by their wives.

Not every couple was the same, but it was like that in most cases.

Women always tolerated the pain for their kids, and would only get a divorce if they suffered from domestic violence or betrayal.

Anyway, Tang Yunfan and Gu Man were a loving couple.

Even Gu Qing and Wen Yulan were envious of Gu Man, although their husbands also treated them well.

At least, they valued their wives efforts and didnt ignore what their wives had done for the family.

However, they were hardly comparable to Tang Yunfan, perhaps because they didnt know how to express their love for their wives.

Everyone went to see Gu Man first after she delivered, so when Gu Ning put magical power into Gu Mans body, she had a look at her younger brother.

A new-born baby was normally ugly and wrinkled, but it had everyones love.

Both Tang Yunfan and Gu Man were very good-looking.

They had a stunning daughter so their son should also be attractive.

Tang Yunfan had thought of a name for the kid, and he was named Tang Jiayu.

Gu Ning shared the good news with Jing Yunyao, who congratulated them.

She couldnt come over right now, and wouldnt be able to see them until Leng Shaoting was back in the capital.

Master Leng also received the news.

He didnt go to see Gu Man in person, but sent other people over.

Leng Yuanzhen and his wife would go visit Gu Man with Jing Yunyao in a few days.

As for Jiang Shuyuan, Master Leng wouldnt let her go to see Gu Man because of her terrible relationship with Gu Ning.

Jiang Shuyuan was reluctant to go as well.

Gu Ning also called Leng Shaoting, but his phone was turned off.

He should be carrying out a task.

Shu Fangyi and her mother came to see Gu Man right after they heard the good news.

They also prepared a thick red envelope for Gu Man.

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They came to visit Gu Man, not to ride on her coattails, but because Gu Ning just did them a big favor, so they should pay a visit.

If they didnt show up, it would make them seem ungrateful.

Although they had already sent a gift, it wasnt enough to return Gu Nings kindness.

Shu Fangyi and her mother understood that they werent very familiar, so they didnt come until there were fewer people in Gu Mans ward.

If Gu Mans family was there, they would be embarrassed.

Therefore, when Shu Fangyi and her mother walked in, Tang Haifeng, Jiang Lihua, and Tang Yunrong had already gone home and only Tang Yunfan, Gu Ning, Gu Qing, and Wen Yulan stayed.

Shu Fangyi was aware of Gu Mans status and recognized Tang Yunfan, so she was very nervous when they met.

Although her family was rich too, she had never met an important figure like Tang Yunfan before.

Therefore, it was understandable that she was nervous.

Shu Fangyis mother didnt know them, so she wasnt nervous.

However, they understood that Gu Man needed a rest after delivery and Shu Fangyi felt very nervous since Tang Yunfan was here, so they left after staying there for a few minutes.

Gu Man didnt want to hurt their feelings, so she accepted the gift and red envelope.

She decided to prepare a gift for them too when Shu Fangyis daughter was a month old.

She couldnt forget her manners after all.

After they left Gu Mans ward, Shu Fangyi felt a lot more relieved.

“Yiyi, whats wrong” Shu Fangyis mother asked in confusion.

“This is the first time that Ive seen such an important figure! I was so nervous,” said Shu Fangyi.

“Whos the important figure” Shu Fangyis mother asked.

She knew that Shu Fangyi was talking about a certain person in Gu Mans ward, but she didnt know who it was.


Tangs husband.

Theyre members of the Tang family.

Her husband is the chairman of the Tanghuang Organization,” said Shu Fangyi.

Although she didnt tell her mother earlier, she had no intention of keeping it a secret.


Shu Fangyis mother was shocked.

She didnt expect them to be members of the Tang family, and even less that the man turned out to be the chairman of the Tanghuang Organization.

Jesus, they somehow got the chance to meet such an important figure!

“So Shen Liang agreed to get a divorce after Miss Tang got involved,” said Shu Fangyi.

When Shu Fangyi brought up Shen Liang, both she and her mother felt disgusted.

Luckily, it was already over, and they could continue to live their lives.

After staying with Gu Man for a few hours, Tang Haifeng and the others also left.

There was nothing they could do for Gu Man, and Gu Man needed a rest.

Only Tang Yunfan, Gu Ning, Gu Qing, and Wen Yulan stayed.

Tang Yunfan stayed in the room to keep Gu Man company, while the other people went to watch TV in the living room.

Jiang Xu and Gu Qinyang immediately flew over once they heard that Gu Man was about to deliver.

They had cleared their schedule for the visit.

Because they knew that Gu Man would deliver these days, they came right after they finished arranging their work.

They heard the news at 1 pm, but their flight would only take off at 3 pm, so when they arrived at City B, it would be about 6 pm.

Gu Qinxiang reached the airport twenty minutes earlier than Jiang Xu, so he waited at the terminal for a while.

This time, Gu Ning didnt come to pick them up; Tang Yunfan did..

As soon as Tang Yunfan picked them up, they went to the hospital.


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