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K now thought highly of Gu Ning, and was even more interested in her.

“Which hospital was she admitted to” K asked.

He planned to visit her.

Gu Ning had promised to cure his legs, so he didnt want to miss the chance.

In addition, what Gu Ning did had won his trust.

“The Center Hospital, patient room V11,” the doctor said.

The atmosphere in another VIP patient room was depressing.

A man who was around 50-years-old was lying on the patient bed.

He had a pair of sharp, bright eyes, and no one dared to meet his gaze.

The man also had an air of power and coldness, which terrified people around him.

“Vice governor, the driver of the truck is already in custody, but we havent gotten his testimony yet,” a middle-aged man said with great respect.

The man who was lying on the patient bed was the vice governor of Province D, Xiao Changchun.

And the middle-aged man was the director of the Public Security Department, Fu Wenwu.

“It has to be Liu Guolai or Zhao Feilong!” another man in his early forties said in anger.

He was the mayor of City D, Jiang Bowen.

Liu Guolai was the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee in City D, while Zhao Feilong was the governor of Province D.

Zhao Feilong, Liu Guolai and Xiao Changchun were competing against each other for a significant position, so they all wanted to destroy the other two.

Although both Zhao Feilong and Liu Guolai were in higher positions than Xiao Changchun now, Xiao Changchuns achievements and reputation were better than theirs, so they felt threatened.

“Oh, how are the chauffeur, Secretary Yang, and that young girl” Xiao Changchun asked with care.

He now looked gentler.

The big truck had hit them heavily, but Xiao Changchun who had sat in the back row had survived because of his seat belt.

He was only slightly injured, but had passed out because of the force.

“The chauffeur and Secretary Yang are fine.

The young girl only ran out of energy, and is in a deep sleep right now,” Jiang Bowen said.

“Great, we must thank her,” Xiao Changchun ordered.

Although he thought that the girl wasnt simple, he had no intention to investigate her, because she had just saved his life.

“No problem, but how Money or something else” Jiang Bowen asked.

“Give her a hundred thousand yuan as a reward and prize for her bravery,” Xiao Changchun said.

Money was probably the most practical reward, and it wasnt appropriate for a government official to give her a house or a car.

“Sure, Ill arrange it right away,” Jiang Bowen said.

He immediately called his secretary to handle it.

Gu Ning opened her eyes, and a young good-looking face came into her sight.

She got a fright and sat up abruptly.

“K, why are you here”

K felt a little dissatisfied at Gu Nings great reaction, but he was surprised to hear what Gu Ning had said.

He squinted and seemed dangerous, “Do you know me”

There were only a few people who knew who he was.

How come she knew him

Gu Ning immediately regretted saying that, but she couldnt tell him that they had met before in her previous incarnation.

If she did she would expose her secret of being reborn.

Thus Gu Ning could only explain, “Im sensitive to voices and I heard your voice just now, so I assumed that it had to be you when I opened my eyes.”

Gu Ning did hear someone talking, but she wasnt sure whether it was K or not.

If K denied it, she could make up an excuse saying that it was a coincidence.

Seeing that Gu Ning was calm, K chose to believe her, and he did say something just then.

“Hey, how come youre so strong and brave to pull the car and prevent it from falling” K asked with curiosity.

“Because Im willing to help others and Im full of energy!” Gu Ning replied with sincerity.

Although she didnt want to be involved in trouble, she couldnt stand aside when she saw that others were in trouble.

“Fine!” K said.

“And when can you cure my legs” K asked, because he couldnt wait.

“We can try it now,” Gu Ning said.

She stood up taking out a glass flask from her backpack.

“This is the medicine that Ive prepared for you.

Drink it first, and Ill help you massage your legs.

Youll start feeling something.”

K stared at the so-called black medicine in the glass kettle, and frowned with obvious dislike.

“Are you sure this medicine is safe” Although he believed Gu Ning to some extent now, he didnt fully trust her.

They were merely strangers after all.

He came to meet her just because he didnt want to miss any chance.

“If youre worried, you can have another person who you trust act as a witness.

If youre in danger, he can capture me,” Gu Ning said airily, like she didnt care.

K also knew that nothing good came without risk.

In fact, the medicine was only a normal medicine to improve a persons sleep.

Gu Ning used it as a cover; the major part was the massage.

“Guo Hao, come on in,” K called at someone outside.

A young man walked in at once, and K ordered, “Im going to take this medicine that she gave me.

If Im in danger, you can capture her and hand her to the police.”

“Boss…” Guo Hao was concerned.

K ignored him, opening the lid, and drank the medicine.

It had acrid smell and tasted terrible, but K drank it.

Afterwards, Gu Ning bent in front of his wheelchair, and massaged his knees.

She did it randomly, because the point was to insert her power into his legs.

With the help of the power, K immediately felt more comfortable, and his paralyzed legs started to have feelings, which greatly surprised K.

Gu Ning did it!

However, right at that moment, Gu Ning stopped massaging.

All that she had needed to do was to make K believe in her ability.

“How do you feel” Gu Ning asked.

“Boss, how are you doing” Guo Hao also asked with anxiety.

“I think Im recovering!” K was thrilled.


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