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Chapter 2354: Ghosts Exist in This World

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Seeing Gu Ning and the monster fox handling the situation with ease, Nicholas and Ma Shibiao were more impressed.

Although Nicholas thought more highly of Gu Ning, he still believed that he could defeat Gu Ning because he had his own secret weapon.

After a few minutes, Gu Ning and the monster fox had completely gotten rid of the hidden weapons linked to the four blocks, so they jumped back to the stone door.

“Now, its your turn,” Gu Ning said to Ma Shibiao.

Ma Shibiao and Nicholas didnt hesitate.

They directly jumped over after doing a run-up.

It couldnt be easier for Nicholas, while it took some strength from Ma Shibiao.

They stepped on the safe blocks before moving to the blocks still linked with hidden weapons.

Nicholas could handle the flying arrows easily, but it was a little difficult for Ma Shibiao.

His clothes were quickly torn in several places.

When he was almost done, a flying arrow hit his arm.

Luckily, there was only a shallow cut, which wasnt serious.

Now there was only one block left.

Because it was only two square-meters large and two men could barely stand on it together, Nicholas told Ma Shibiao to stay away.

Ma Shibiao was injured, so he decided to do it alone.

Although all the flying arrows would attack the same block, they were coming from all directions and would fly through some of the other blocks.

As a result, Ma Shibiao didnt just stand there and do nothing.

He still had to avoid the arrows.

It was just easier for him now.

After all the flying arrows were finished, it was finally quiet.

However, it was only quiet for the time being, because they werent sure whether there would be other traps.

They believed that there would be more, but they just didnt know where they were hidden.

After handling the two blocks of flying arrows, Nicholas wasnt injured, but his clothes were torn in two places.

Once it was done, Gu Ning and the monster fox jumped over again to meet them.

Ma Shibiaos two injured subordinates couldnt get over, but the uninjured subordinate successfully jumped over after a run-up.

It cost him much effort to jump over.

And if he had made a shorter leap, he would have fallen into the water.

Therefore, the man felt quite lucky when he made it.

After the man came over, he immediately went to dress Ma Shibiaos wound.

While they did that, Gu Ning didnt rush to search for treasures.

Instead, she used her Jade Eyes to see what was in the two coffins.

After a glance, she was scared.

The corpses in the coffins didnt rot, and remained as fresh as living people if they were just asleep.

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Inside the coffins were a man and a woman, who looked about twenty years old.

They were wearing the same white ancient costumes, like the uniform costumes of ancient sects.

There was a Taoist magic figure on their chests.

Upon seeing that, Gu Ning realized that they had already turned into ghosts.

Once the Taoist magic figure was removed, they would wake up.

Afterwards, Gu Ning looked at the stone door behind the two coffins, but she only saw darkness.

This was the third time that Gu Ning had encountered such a situation.

It happened at the Kunlun Sects place the first time when she was in the tower where Shangguan Yang stayed.

Then there was the barrier in the windy cave at Xianyun Mountain.

And now was the third time.

Therefore, Gu Ning guessed that this ancient grave had something to do with cultivators.

If so, she was afraid that she might get nothing this time, but that wasnt a big deal, because she didnt want to deal with difficult problems.

She thought that she better stay away from unknown danger.

At that moment, Ma Shibiaos wound was completely dressed, so he walked straight to the coffin.

He couldnt wait to see what treasures might be in the coffin.

“Wait a second.” Gu Ning stopped him at once.

“What” Ma Shibiao stopped and turned to look at Gu Ning in confusion.

“You cant open them,” said Gu Ning.

“Why” Ma Shibiao was displeased.

“Arent you afraid that there might be zombies or something inside” Gu Ning asked.

Ma Shibiao was taken aback, then laughed.

“Zombies Do you believe in ghosts I dont believe it at all.”

Not only Ma Shibiao, but his subordinates also didnt believe in it.

Instead, they felt it was very ridiculous.

“Even if you dont believe in it, this gentleman who came with you should believe in it, right” Gu Ning said and stared at Nicholas meaningfully.

It seemed that she knew something different about Nicholas.

Nicholas squinted and sized Gu Ning up.

He wanted to know whether she could see something different from him or if it was just her guess.

Gu Ning didnt bother to hide her reaction, so her meaningful look made Nicholas believe that she could see his differences.

Nicholas was mad and became more alert to Gu Ning.

Who was she How could she see his differences Was she an enemy or friend

Ma Shibiao also turned to look at Nicholas and asked, “Nicholas, do you believe in ghosts”

Although he asked that, Ma Shibiao didnt think that Nicholas would believe in ghosts.

“Yes, I do,” said Nicholas.

Since Gu Ning could see his differences, there was no need for him to hide any longer.

They would put their cards on the table sooner or later.

Given what Gu Ning said, could there really be ghosts in the coffins

Ma Shibiao was surprised.

He couldnt believe his ears.

“What You believe in ghosts”

“Because they do exist,” said Nicholas firmly.

Ma Shibiao refused to believe it.

“Youre just a bunch of cowards.

You dont dare to open the coffins.

If so, Ill do it.” Ma Shibiao was slightly angry.

He felt that they were too timid to open the coffins.

Once he finished, he walked to the coffins.

“Great, since you insist on opening them, I wont stop you, but dont beg for help then,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt bother to stop him this time.

Although she wasnt sure whether she could handle the two ghosts, she believed that she could run away.


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