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Liu Shikun didn\'t dare to be involved, neither would Fang Changsheng.

He was so mad that he wanted to ruin Shenghua Real Estate right now.

He had tried once but failed, and now was even more determined to destroy Shenghua.

It took almost a week before this problem was solved.

During this week, Shenghua Real Estate wasn\'t the only company that was amid troubles.

The Gao Family, which was ranked tenth on the list of the richest in City F, had to close three restaurants under its name because of poor sanitation.

Its reputation was greatly damaged.

And the Su Family, which ranked second on the list, suddenly stopped cooperating with the branch of Dongheng Real Estate in City F.

And the latter lost a fortune.

Wu Lianqin, who was the president, was even demoted.

City F had suffered a lot in this week.

Gu Ning instantly figured it out when she heard that the Gao Family, the Su Family and the Wu Family were involved.

Su Anya was from the Su Family, and she had gotten revenge on Gao Yuchen and Wu Xinyu.

Su Anya didn\'t seem like an ordinary girl when Gu Ning had met her for the first time.

However, to her surprise, Su Anya\'s family was extremely influential.

The Su Family was ranked second with four billion yuan in assets on the list of the richest in City F.

Gu Ning was also surprised to hear that Wu Xinyu was Wu Lianqin\'s daughter.

Hao Ran and the others also had the same idea that Su Anya wasn\'t an ordinary girl, and that all the news couldn\'t be a coincidence.

Although they were all astonished by Su Anya\'s real identity, they were more curious to know Gao Yuchen\'s reaction after he found out his so-called ordinary ex-girlfriend was from the Su Family.

He must be genuinely regretful!

Nobody blamed Su Anya for her revenge, because she could have been killed that day.

Although Gao Yuchen hadn\'t done it on purpose, he had indeed hurt Su Anya, and the Su Family of course would punish the Gao Family.

And the Wu Family suffered too.

On Thursday night, Gu Ning dialed a number.

Someone answered it after a long time.

A cold male voice sounded, Who is it

K, let\'s make a deal.

I think you\'ll be interested in the reward. Gu Ning said plainly and without delay when she recognized K\'s voice.

Really, tell me what is it K was curious.

I can cure your legs, and you can get rid of the wheelchair, walking like a normal man.

However, I can\'t promise that your legs will be exactly the same as they were.


Hearing that, K was shocked.

He was more astonished that she was aware that his legs were paralyzed than that she was able to cure his legs, because there were only a few people who knew his secret.

How did she know about it

However, as long as she could cure his legs, he didn\'t mind how she found out about his secret.

Meanwhile, he still doubted whether she could really do it.

He didn\'t care if his legs couldn\'t fully recover.

He only wanted to walk again.

K tried his best to stay calm, and asked, Are you sure you can cure my legs Why should I believe you

You can have a try, and you\'ll know.

I can administer primary treatment to you first.

If it works, you can make your decision then, Gu Ning said.

Sounds good.

What\'s your aim K asked.

Work for me for a year, and help me investigate whatever I want.

I won\'t make you threaten this country\'s safety, or investigate state secret.

I\'ll only deal with my enemies, Gu Ning said.

Sure, as long as you can cure my legs, I\'ll work for you for a year, K answered with alacrity.

Gu Ning had hit the mark.

All he wanted was to walk like a normal man.

He wanted to visit many places in this world, and finish his bucket list.

He did not want to spend the rest of his life in this wheelchair.

Although he doubted Gu Ning\'s ability, he wasn\'t willing to miss any chance.

Where shall we meet K asked.

He sounded calm, but he actually couldn\'t wait.

I live in City F.

We can meet wherever you want, Gu Ning said for the sake of K\'s condition.

I\'m in City D. He was unwilling to go far.

City D was a first-tier city, and was one of the most developed cities in this country.

It only took two hours to fly to City D from City F.

I\'ll visit you on Saturday.

I\'ll call you then, Gu Ning said then they hung up.

On Friday, Su Anya invited Gu Ning and her friends to dine together.

Gu Ning understood that Su Anya wanted to celebrate her successful revenge, and it wasn\'t a bad thing to make friends with Su Anya, so Gu Ning agreed.

However, Su Anya was stopped by Gao Yuchen and Wu Xinyu when she left her school.

Su Anya, are you involved in the Gao Family and the Wu Family\'s troubles Wu Xinyu questioned in anger.

Apparently, after the Gao Family and the Wu Family encountered troubles one by one, Gao Yuchen and Wu Xinyu suspected Su Anya.

They didn\'t believe that Su Anya had the ability, but they couldn\'t believe that it was a coincidence either! Besides, Gao Yuchen and Wu Xinyu couldn\'t accept the fact that Su Anya had a close connection with the Su Family.

Although they hadn\'t gotten the affirmative answer yet, Gao Yuchen was truly regretful now.

Even if Su Anya wasn\'t an important figure in the Su Family, she wouldn\'t be an ordinary girl either.

As long as he could maintain a good relationship with the Su Family, his family could benefit a lot from it.

Of course I\'m involved.

And you should be grateful that I wasn\'t hit by the car that day, or it wouldn\'t be as simple as it is now. Su Anya admitted with alacrity.

Anya, I\'m so sorry for what I\'ve done.

It\'s all my fault.

I made a mistake being with Wu Xinyu.

You\'re the only girl I like.

Could you give me another chance Gao Yuchen immediately begged.

Gao Yuchen, you… Wu Xinyu was furious at once.


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