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Chapter 2313: Could There Really Be Monsters or Ghosts

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“Why are you always blaming other people Its not their duty to wait for us,” said the short-haired girl.

She couldnt stand the long-haired girls temper.

“You…” The long-haired girl was mad, but didnt know how to retort.

The boy who liked her also agreed with the short-haired girl, so he didnt defend the long-haired girl this time.

“I wont go ahead now.

Im going back,” said the long-haired girl.

This cave wasnt only scary, it was also creepy and cold.

It was very uncomfortable.

“Well, why dont we go back now” The boy who liked the long-haired girl immediately agreed.

He cared about the long-haired girl, and was slightly frightened too.

Although there were lights in the cave and the way was bright, the long and empty road filled them with horror.

The short-haired girl and her boyfriend were also unwilling to go deeper, so they agreed to go back.

After feeling that the four men and women stopped following them, Gu Ning and the others slowed down.

Although they came because of the strange wind, they couldnt ignore the sight of the cave.

The passage inside this cave wasnt that big.

Sections of it were two or three meters high, while some were seven or eight meters high, but there was only a crack at the top.

This cave was naturally formed.

Even if it had been artificially transformed, at most it was paved with pebbles and lights placed on both sides.

At the forks in the cave, there were road signs, so it wasnt difficult to find the hole leading to the windy road.

The passage leading to the windy road was named Windy Hole.

“Is there really a strong wind” After hearing this rumor, Zi Beiying was the one who didnt believe it the most, because she didnt know that there were ghosts and monsters in this world.

However, after seeing this Windy Hole, she felt it might be true.

“Well see when we feel the wind,” said Xu Jinchen.

Because there was still a long distance from the windy spot and there was no strong wind at the entrance of the cave, they werent sure if there was really a strong and strange wind.

However, as keen as Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, they noticed the sound of the wind blowing in front of them, but it wasnt very loud.

Before they witnessed it, they couldnt determine that it was abnormal even if it was windy.

It was possible that it was an artificial wind in order to attract visitors.

They continued to walk ahead.

After walking for five minutes, they felt an icy wind blowing at their faces.

It made the low temperature go down a few more degrees.

However, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting couldnt sense any breath of monsters or ghosts from it.

They couldnt be sure that it had nothing to do with monsters or ghosts, because they were still a distance away from the destination.

Anyway, they were certain that it wasnt an artificial wind.

“There is really wind!” Zi Beiying was more surprised.

To her astonishment, there was really wind.

“Are you scared” Xu Jinchen asked.

Because Zi Beiying hadnt witnessed monsters and ghosts with her own eyes yet, Xu Jinchen was worried that she might be afraid if there were really monsters and ghosts.

“Im not! There is nothing to be afraid of.

Are you afraid” Zi Beiying argued.

She had been through a lot after all, and didnt think the wind was scary.

“Beiying, do you believe in monsters or ghosts” Gu Ning asked.

She felt it was necessary to help Zi Beiying be mentally prepared.

“No,” said Zi Beiying at once.

However, when she thought about the question Gu Ning asked, she suddenly wondered whether monsters and ghosts were real.

Thinking of that, Zi Beiying stiffened a little in panic.

“Do they really exist” she asked with hesitation.

Gu Ning smiled and said, “Anything can exist in this world, so I prefer to believe in them.”

Before they ran into monsters or ghosts, Gu Ning couldnt be honest with Zi Beiying.

At this moment, Zi Beiying started feeling nervous.

Did monsters and ghosts really exist If so, it would be frightening.

“Dont worry.

If they are real, Ill protect you.” Xu Jinchen squeezed Zi Beiyings hand a little and comforted her.

“Im not afraid at all!” Zi Beiying was relaxed.

Gu Ning only told her that there could be anything in this world.

It didnt mean that monsters and ghosts were real.

Even if they were real, she wouldnt be afraid since the others didnt look scared.

After that, they walked deeper and the wind became stronger.

However, it seemed to be natural, and they still couldnt feel the breath of any monsters or ghosts.

“Do you feel cold” Xu Jinchen asked with concern.

“Not really,” said Zi Beiying.

It wasnt cold, but she was getting worried as the wind grew stronger.

Could it really have something to do with monsters or ghosts

However, even if she was anxious, she didnt show it on her face.

After walking for another while, they finally reached the entrance of the hole that was cut off by steel bars.

When they got here, they felt a strong wind.

They could barely open their eyes and were shivering with cold.

If it became stronger, it would be a gale, and they would hardly be able to walk then.

Therefore, the scenic spot chose to cut off here, because it was difficult for people to walk farther ahead, and it wasnt easy to develop the cave.

“Could there really be monsters or ghosts This wind is so weird!” Zi Beiying asked.

At this time, she finally felt cold and looked scared, but she could still bear it.

She was physically strong and had put on many clothes because she knew it would be very cold in the cave.

Even Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng felt very cold too.

Only Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting stayed warm because they were protected by their magical power.

“I dont think so,” said Gu Ning.

She said that to comfort Zi Beiying.

And in fact, she and Leng Shaoting indeed didnt feel the breath of any monsters or ghosts from the wind.

However, it couldnt be natural wind because they were far from the outside world now.

There were no lights ahead and it was completely dark, so Gu Nings Jade Eyes were of little use now.

“Shaoting and I will go in to have a look.

You can guard out here.

Dont stand facing the wind, then you wont be very cold.

No matter how long we stay in there, dont come in.

If we dont come out within an hour, you can leave first and go back to the foot of the mountain to wait for us,” Gu Ning said to Xu Jinchen and the others..


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