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Chapter 2302: I Knew It Long Ago

Although they had the same surname of Xie, there were too many people who had the surname Xie.

Gu Ning didnt connect him with Xie Yiyi just because they shared the same surname.

“Great, I need to go now,” said Gu Ning, then turned around and walked away.

“Wait a second.” Xie Yilun stopped her at once.

Gu Ning stopped and asked, “What”

“Please dont tell Shaoting and the Leng family that I came to see you today,” said Xie Yilun, feeling a little embarrassed.

He didnt think too much when he came here, but now he regretted doing that.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

Even if Xie Yilun didnt say that, Gu Ning had no intention of telling Leng Shaoting and the Leng family about it.

After all, Xie Yilun wasnt dumb, and he stopped arguing with her once he was convinced.

Hearing Gu Nings reply, Xie Yilun felt relieved.

After that, Gu Ning left.

“Gu Ning, why did Xie Yilun come to argue with you”

When Gu Ning went back to Song Miaoge and her other friends, Song Miaoge asked her about that.

“Well, he just asked me some questions,” said Gu Ning.


Because Gu Ning didnt tell them the details, they didnt ask further about it.

Baili Zongxue had heard their whole conversation, but wouldnt tell them.

“Oh, since you know him, you must know who his older sister is, right” Gu Ning asked Song Miaoge.

She was curious to know who Xie Yiluns older sister was.

“Of course, Xie Yiluns older sister is Xie Yiyi.

Shes a very outstanding woman as well.

She was promoted to lieutenant at a very young age,” said Song Miaoge.

Song Miaoge admired Xie Yiyi to some extent, because she used to dream about joining the army and having her own career like Xie Yiyi.

However, her family didnt allow her to do that, so she had to give it up.

“Oh, its her!” Gu Ning nodded.

Because Gu Ning didnt know that Xie Yiyi had already given up on Leng Shaoting, she wasnt sure whether Xie Yilun came to argue with her today because Xie Yiyi told him to do so or because it was Xie Yiluns own idea.

Anyway, it didnt cause a serious problem, so Gu Ning didnt bother to punish them or tell Leng Shaoting about it.

“Do you know Xie Yiyi too” Song Miaoge asked.

“Ive met her, but were not familiar,” said Gu Ning.

Song Miaoge opened her mouth and wanted to ask Gu Ning about something, but didnt do it in the end because she didnt want to embarrass Gu Ning.

Song Miaoge actually wanted to know whether Xie Yilun coming to see her today had something to do with Xie Yiyi, but it should be the case.

Otherwise, Gu Ning wouldnt have asked her about Xie Yiluns older sister.

After Gu Ning was gone, Xie Yilun went back to his car and called Xie Yiyi.

Although he was worried that Xie Yiyi might be very sad if she learned that Leng Shaoting already had a fiancée, he thought it was better for her to know now.

Otherwise, she wouldnt ever get over it.

It was better to deal with painful things quickly.

After finding out that Leng Shaoting was already engaged, she could give up on him and turn to other men.

At this moment, Xie Yiyi had just finished training and went back to her dorm room.

She decided to take a shower and go for a meal afterwards, but her phone rang all of a sudden.

Seeing that it was her younger brother, she put on an unusually gentle smile.

“Whats up” She picked it up.

“Yiyi, um…” Xie Yilun decided to tell her the bad news, but felt reluctant to break her heart.

“What happened Just tell me.” Xie Yiyi lost her patience.

As a soldier, she was always decisive and hated mumbling.

Precisely because of that, she gave Leng Shaoting up once she learned that he was already engaged, but it took time for her to get over him.

She was decisive, but she wasnt indifferent.

If she was indifferent, she wouldnt have fallen in love with Leng Shaoting.

After all, it was very difficult for a person who was indifferent to fall in love.

Xie Yilun understood his older sisters character very well, so he stopped hesitating and said, “Yiyi, I heard that Leng Shaoting is already engaged.”

Hearing that, Xie Yiyi was struck dumb for a second, but then replied in a flat voice, “Oh, I know.”

“What You know” Xie Yilun was astonished.

“I knew a long time ago, and I already gave him up.

You dont need to be worried about me.

Dont go to see Gu Ning because of it.” Xie Yiyi also knew her younger brothers character very well.

Although Xie Yilun wasnt a bad man, he was very protective of her.

Once he lost control of his emotions, he could be unreasonable, so she was worried that he might go to argue with Gu Ning.

Xie Yilun felt a little guilty, because he had already argued with Gu Ning, but he wouldnt admit it.

Therefore, he only gave a light response and agreed.

However, he didnt believe that Xie Yiyi really got over it, so he asked with concern, “Did you really get over it”


Alright, I need to take a shower and go eat now.

Ill go back home tomorrow morning.” Xie Yiyi was unwilling to talk about it with Xie Yilun.

She already gave Leng Shaoting up, but she still couldnt forget him.

She would still be affected when she talked about Leng Shaoting.

“Fine!” Since Xie Yiyi didnt want to talk about it, Xie Yilun stopped asking her.

It would only upset her if he continued on that topic.

After hanging up, Xie Yiyi had an absent look for a few minutes before coming back to her senses and going to take a shower.

Gu Ning didnt spend much time arguing with Xie Yilun, but when they arrived at the restaurant, Chu Peihan and the others were there too.

After that, they began to order.

They were all at the same age and Gu Nings friends, and they had met a few times before, so they werent strangers.

After a short while, they started joking with each other.

“Oh, what do you plan to do during the vacation” Song Miaoge asked them.

“Ill go back to my hometown.

I wont come again until the next semester begins,” said Baili Zongxue.

“Well go home too, and well meet again after the vacation is over,” said Chu Peihan.

The shooting of Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower would begin after the New Year festival was over, and the new semester would begin too by then.

She would come to the capital at that time, otherwise it would be very boring.

She could at least meet with Su Anya, Hao Ran, and her other friends at home.

“Ill stay in the capital.

I wont go anywhere,” said Zhang Zikai.

“Ill go back to City B in a few days.

If there is nothing to deal with in the capital, Ill spend the New Year festival in City B,” said Gu Ning.

Her home was in City B after all, not in City F.

Where her parents were, was where her home was.

“Oh, youre always so busy.”

Her friends were amazed by Gu Nings busy schedule.

At such a young age, she had to manage so many things.

Although Gu Ning was very outstanding, it didnt mean her work was easy.


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