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Chapter 2271: Bad Luck

Hearing that, Fan Yayue felt humiliated and angrily shouted, “Chang Kaixuan, thats too much!”

Chang Kaixuan was displeased.

Looking at Fan Yayue, he coldly said, “What Have you had sex with him Fan Yayue, did you lie to me”

He never thought about it before.

Although Fan Yayue wasnt a virgin when they were together, Fan Yayue had more than one ex-boyfriend.

However, now he began to doubt it.

Had Fan Yayue slept with Leng Shaoming

He didnt care that Fan Yayue wasnt a virgin, because he had slept with countless women.

Moreover, it was really hard to find a virgin in todays society.

He only cared whether Fan Yayue had slept with Leng Shaoming.

“I havent.” Fan Yayue denied it.

She almost had a mental breakdown when Chang Kaixuan bombarded her with questions.

“Are you very disappointed that you havent slept with him” Chang Kaixuan asked purposely.

“No, Im not!” Fan Yayue argued.

“No I think you are, but you dont have a chance now, because only I can f*ck you now,” said Chang Kaixuan frighteningly and pulled Fan Yayue to the bedroom.

“Let me go!” Fan Yayue immediately realized what Chang Kaixuan wanted to do and struggled.

Although they already had sex, Chang Kaixuan looked very scary now.

She knew that she would be tortured if they had sex right now.

“Let you go Why Do you want to see Leng Shaoming No way! Youre mine!” Chang Kaixuan shouted.

Although he didnt love Fan Yayue, he liked her and most importantly she belonged to him.

He was highly possessive of her and wouldnt allow other people to steal his woman away.

He couldnt stand it if she had a place for another man in her heart.

It was a humiliation to him.

Fan Yayue couldnt get rid of him, and she was pulled into the bedroom by Chang Kaixuan.

Afterwards, Chang Kaixuan heavily pushed her and pressed her against the bed.

Fan Yayue struggled fiercely, trying to push him away, which angered Chang Kaixuan.

He caught her wrists as his face was distorted in anger.

Glaring at her, he clenched his teeth.

“Fan Yayue, didnt you enjoy it when we had sex before Now you saw Leng Shaoming today.

You try to get rid of me.

How dare you deny it that you dont have a place for Leng Shaoming in your heart.

Do you think Ill believe it”

“I told you I dont.

What exactly do you want me to do” Fan Yayue almost cried in anger, but Chang Kaixuan already lost his reason at this moment.

He couldnt care less about her feelings.

“Youre lying to my face!” No matter how Fan Yayue explained, Chang Kaixuan felt she was fooling him.

“Believe it or not, thats all I can say.” Fan Yayue honestly didnt know what to say.

She finally realized that the more she struggled, the angrier Chang Kaixuan would be.

He just believed she was guilty.

However, when Fan Yayue stopped struggling, Chang Kaixuan was unhappy again.

It made him feel that Fan Yayue gave in to protect Leng Shaoming.

“What You dont want me to continue to talk about him, so you stopped struggling” Chang Kaixuan questioned her in anger.


Fan Yayue almost had a mental breakdown.

If it was possible, she wished she could beat Chang Kaixuan unconscious, but she didnt dare to do that.

Chang Kaixuan didnt bother to waste more time arguing.

Without any foreplay, he violently tore their clothes apart and directly penetrated Fan Yayue.

Fan Yayue shouted in pain and her forehead was covered in sweat.

She knew that she couldnt escape today, so she could only bear it.

However, Fan Yayue awkwardly felt it was quite enjoyable and exciting although it was painful, so she began to respond to Chang Kaixuan.

Even if Chang Kaixuan was really angry and was venting his anger on her, he gradually yielded to his desire and became gentle.

He started kissing and fondling Fan Yayue.

They didnt stop until both of them were exhausted, then they slept together.

The next day, when they woke up, Chang Kaixuan was sober too.

He wasnt so mad at what had happened yesterday, but still felt unhappy about it.

Chang Kaixuan understood that Fan Yayue had suffered a lot from his temper and anger last night, so he said nothing about the violent sex after they got up in the morning.

Since Chang Kaixuan didnt want to talk about it, Fan Yayue was unwilling to bring it up as well.

Let bygones be bygones.

If they argued again because of that, she honestly didnt know how to handle it.

In City Ao.

Before 9 am, Gu Ning and the other people arrived at the casino.

Gamblers could freely choose their competitors, but only a few of them came to challenge Gu Ning.

She was too good at gambling, so many people were scared of competing against her.

There were several gamblers who wanted to gamble with Gu Ning, but they didnt mean to challenge her.

They simply wanted to enjoy the game and didnt care about the result.

After this gambling competition, Gu Ning would be the best of the best gamblers.

They might not have more chances to gamble with her in the future.

Hunter did his best to avoid Gu Ning, so he told Ji Anchen to arrange for people to keep on challenging him.

If they lost, he would pay the loss for them afterwards.

Therefore, Hunter was always busy accepting challenges and it lasted for a long time.

Hunter had already booked a plane ticket to go home at 3 pm today.

He would set off to the airport at 1 pm, so he could leave after this morning was over.

He rushed back home because he didnt want to see Gu Ning again.

He admitted that he was not comparable to her, but it wasnt his fault.

Gu Ning was too incredible at gambling.

Although he could be absent and leave this morning, he didnt do that because he was afraid that other people might laugh at him.

He didnt want to make himself a joke, so he had to stay no matter how unwilling he was.

Hunter stayed away from Gu Ning, but Gu Ning walked to him.

She didnt have to gamble with him and make him lose, but she was determined to embarrass him.

In fact, Gu Ning also planned to teach Hunter a lesson by injuring him.

“Hunter, can we have a round” Gu Ning walked to Hunter and looked at him with a vague smile.

She was challenging him.

Hunter understood that Gu Ning wouldnt let him go.

He was obviously gambling with someone else, but she still interrupted him, which filled him with displeasure.

“Miss Tang, Im terribly sorry.

Im already in a game.

I dont have time now.

Why dont you challenge someone else” Hunter said.

“Oh, I have bad luck today.

How many people are waiting to gamble with you, Hunter I think I can wait,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt give up just because Hunter said he wasnt free.


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