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Chapter 2269: Take It Easy

“Um, my grandfather went home yesterday.

I dont have any friends in the capital and its too early to go back to the hotel now.

If youre not occupied, can you take me for a tour Ive visited the capital many times, but Ive never gone to any famous tourist attractions,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

If Leng Shaoming didnt have anything else to do later, Zhan Zhiyin would love to spend more private time with him.

Although she didnt know whether Leng Shaoming had a good impression of her, she could feel that he didnt dislike her.

Even if he had no special feelings for her right now, she would still try to form a close relationship with him.

If he still rejected her, she would give up then.

She wanted to spend more time with Leng Shaoming, but was unwilling to make things difficult for him in case he had a bad impression of her, so she added, “If you dont have time, its totally ok.”

Zhan Zhiyin understood it would take time for her to become Leng Shaomings girlfriend.

She had to be patient.

No matter how Zhan Zhiyin tried to impress him, she must be smart.

Leng Shaoming thought for a few seconds, then said, “I dont have anything to do now.

Where do you want to go I can take you there.”

Leng Shaoming thought for a while, not because he was reluctant to be Zhan Zhiyins guide.

He had a good impression of her, but felt that they werent familiar.

If he was going to take her for a tour alone, it would be a little embarrassing.

However, Zhan Zhiyin also said that her grandfather went home and that she was left alone in the capital.

She didnt have any friends here, so she would be bored.

Most importantly, Zhan Zhiyin obviously stayed in the capital to meet him when he got back, so he didnt have the heart to turn her down.

Zhan Zhiyin felt truly happy when Leng Shaoming agreed, but she didnt show it on her face.

She kept her manners.

After that, Leng Shaoming took Zhan Zhiyin to the Imperial Garden.

They didnt talk much along the road, but they stayed together harmoniously.

When they were in the Imperial Garden, they attracted a lot of attention because they were a very beautiful couple.

Some people even complimented them for their outstanding appearance and said that they were a great match together.

They obviously mistook them for a real couple.

Zhan Zhiyin felt nothing.

Instead, she was pleased by such a misunderstanding, but Leng Shaoming felt slightly uneasy.

However, if he deliberately explained that they werent a couple, it would be a little awkward.

After all, passers-by soon left after saying that.

They didnt come and ask him whether they were a couple.

He would only deny it when other people asked him about that.

Seeing that Leng Shaoming was a little uneasy, Zhan Zhiyin apologized.

“Im sorry, I didnt know other people would mistake us for a couple.

Why dont we stay away from the crowd”

“Its fine.

They dont know us, so they mistook us.

Its not a big deal,” said Leng Shaoming.

Although he disliked being misunderstood, he wasnt mad.

Anyway, they were strangers!

Since Leng Shaoming said that, Zhan Zhiyin said nothing further, and they continued to walk around in the park.

Because Zhan Zhiyin wanted to leave a good impression on Leng Shaoming, she kept a little distance from him so that they seemed less like a couple.

After walking around for two hours, it was time for dinner, so Leng Shaoming invited Zhan Zhiyin to have a meal together.

Zhan Zhiyin agreed.

At this time, Gu Ning finished the days gambling competition and undoubtedly won again.

She alone won two thirds of the chips.

They had played 5 card stud that afternoon.

Although everyone had witnessed Gu Ning win a fortune twice, they were still amazed by her performance that afternoon.

She had won in Mahjong, Sic Bo, and 5 card stud.

There was no form of gambling she wasnt good at! Other people felt as if she could never lose in the casino.

Actually, it wasnt the truth.

Gu Ning wasnt good at every form of gambling.

She was only familiar with the most popular forms and there were many other forms she had never played before.

After the gambling competition was over, there was a dinner party.

However, all the foreign gamblers were heavily hit by Gu Ning, so they didnt have much appetite.

The gambling competition lasted for three days, so tomorrow was the last day.

Gamblers could choose their competitors freely.

They could challenge any gamblers, but they needed the other gamblers agreement to play the game.

If some gamblers were unwilling to take part in the game, they could watch at the side.

Not all of them had to participate in it.

They had a choice, and it was just a matter of communication.

In the capital, Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin had dinner together, then Leng Shaoming drove Zhan Zhiyin back to the hotel before going home.

Because Leng Shaoming went out at 1 pm and didnt come home till 8 pm, the Leng family felt that he and Zhan Zhiyin could get along very well with each other, otherwise they wouldnt have been on a date for so long.

Therefore, once Leng Shaoming got home, Master Leng and Jiang Shuyuan kept on asking him questions about his impression of Zhan Zhiyin and how they got along.

Leng Shaoming was impatient, but still answered all of their questions.

He told them that they had sat in a café for more than an hour before having a walk in the park for two hours.

They shared dinner together and he drove her back to the hotel, then came home.

Leng Shaoming wasnt very familiar with Zhan Zhiyin, so he didnt have any special feelings for her yet.

He had a good impression of Zhan Zhiyin, but he knew he couldnt say it aloud, or he would definitely be forced to meet Zhan Zhiyin more often.

He wouldnt refuse to do that, but simply wanted to let nature take its course.

He didnt want other people to interfere in his personal affairs.

Therefore, Leng Shaoming told them not to interfere.

He planned to take it easy.

He didnt want forced love.

The Leng family knew that as well.

They couldnt force Leng Shaoming to marry.

Although they had forced Leng Shaoming to come back to the capital to see Zhan Zhiyin, it depended on Leng Shaoming whether they should take a step further.

If they interfered in it, Leng Shaoming might blame them for it if he didnt have a happy life afterwards.

Actually, they set Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin up for the sake of Zhan Daosongs relationship with Master Leng.

They were good friends after all.

Since Zhan Daosong proposed to let the two kids have a meeting, Leng Shaoming wouldnt refuse.

Anyway, if Zhan Zhiyin was too ugly or had a bad temper, the Leng family wouldnt force Leng Shaoming to see her.

They would help him turn the invitation down with the excuse that he already had a girlfriend or a girl he admired.

No matter how close Zhan Daosong was to Master Leng, Leng Shaoming was Master Lengs grandson.

Luckily, Zhan Zhiyin was a good girl.

If she could marry Leng Shaoming, Master Leng would feel happy for them.


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