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Chapter 2233: Not an Ancient Pharmacist

Yun Hongqing stood there alone without anyone by his side.

As soon as he saw Gu Ning, he recognized her, although it was their first meeting.

Before he came to see her, Yun Hongqing had seen many photos of Gu Ning.

He had a good memory, so he could recognize her by a single glance.

“Hi, Elder Yun, nice to meet you.

Im Gu Ning.” Gu Ning greeted him of her own accord after she walked there.

She was much younger than him, so she couldnt forget her manners.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu.

Youre prettier than your photos!” Yun Hongqing complimented sincerely, because Gu Ning was indeed very special.

“Thank you so much for your compliment.

Elder Yun, what can I do for you”

“Well, Miss Gu, let me be honest with you.

The thing is that Jing Yunfei told me he learned the address of a master from you.

He went to ask the master for magical pills, but because he didnt satisfy the masters needs, he failed to get the magical pills.

Miss Gu, can you tell me where the master is right now I would like to see her,” said Yun Hongqing.

He didnt want Gu Ning to think that he was going to pay the master back for Jing Yunfei, so he explained.

“Of course, I wont make things difficult for her.

I just want to talk about something serious with her.”

Jing Yunfei told him the address, and he had visited there, but didnt see anyone, so he had to see Gu Ning now and ask her whether she could tell him where the master was right now.

Hearing that, Gu Ning figured out Yun Hongqings purpose.

She believed that Yun Hongqing didnt mean to cause any trouble, and Yun Hongqing, or Tiandaozong, might plan to draw the master over to their side.

“Elder Yun, Im afraid I cant tell you right now.

I need to ask for the masters opinions first.

If you dont mind, can I reply to you after I ask her” Gu Ning said.

Although she couldnt let Yun Hongqing meet Jing Yunyao, she wouldnt directly turn him down at this moment.

“No problem.” Yun Hongqing understood it and agreed.

After that, Gu Ning walked aside to make a call.

She called Tang Ainings number, but obviously couldnt get through to her.

After a while, Gu Ning walked back and pretended to be sorry.

“Im sorry, I cant get through to her.

Elder Yun, can you give me your number Ill reply to you once I have an answer from her.”

“Sure, thanks.” Although Gu Ning couldnt get through to the master now and Yun Hongqing was quite disappointed, he could do nothing about it and had to listen to Gu Ning.

Since he wanted to see the master, he had to be patient.

After that, Yun Hongqing gave Gu Ning his phone number and left.

Gu Ning also walked away and went back to the siheyuan.

Now both Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao were in the siheyuan.

Leng Shaoting wanted to pick Gu Ning up at the school, but he didnt go there in case the cultivators who were spying on her found out that he was also a cultivator.

Jing Yunyao told Leng Shaoting what had happened last night.

After knowing what Gu Ning had done for Jing Yunyao, Leng Shaoting was very grateful and felt quite touched.

He didnt take it for granted just because Gu Ning was his fiancée.

It wasnt her duty and none of them ought to do anything for each other.

So since Gu Ning was willing to do that for them, they should be grateful.

After Gu Ning arrived at the siheyuan, she told them about her meeting with Yun Hongqing.

“It seems they take me as an ancient pharmacist, and want to draw me to their side.” Once Jing Yunyao heard that, she figured out their purpose.

In fact, ever since they began to spy on Gu Ning, they believed that there must be a master behind her.

It was highly likely for it to be an ancient pharmacist.

Although Gu Ning told them that it was actually Shangguan Yang, they believed that there was also an ancient pharmacist.

“There are few ancient pharmacists now.

Cultivators need more than just magical power.

Magical pills are very helpful for the cultivation.

Luckily, the wife of my teacher was an ancient pharmacist, and she gave me all of her magical pills.

Or I wouldnt have so many magical pills with me,” said Shangguan Yang.

Shangguan Yang was at a very high level, but he couldnt make magical pills.

It required talent to make magical pills and it was much more difficult than cultivating.

Therefore, ancient pharmacists enjoyed a very high status in the cultivation world, and no cultivators were willing to offend them.

That was the reason why Jing Yaorong told Jing Yunfei to submit to the humiliation.

“Well, I promised to give Elder Yun a reply, so I need to let him know the result.

Mother, do you think youll make it clear by yourself and tell him that youre not an ancient pharmacist, or should I tell him the master isnt willing to see him” Gu Ning asked Jing Yunyao.

“Since Elder Yun showed up, I think its better for me to give him an answer on my own,” said Jing Yunyao.

Because Yun Hongqing had a good reputation and Jing Yunyao respected him, she felt it was better to give him a reply.

“Sure.” Gu Ning agreed it was better for Jing Yunyao to do that on her own.

After all, Yun Hongqing deserved their respect.

Gu Ning then called Yun Hongqing and told him that she had successfully found the master.

The master wasnt in the capital now, so they could only talk on the phone.

She had given the master his number, and the master would call him in a while.

Although Yun Hongqing was very disappointed that he couldnt meet the master face to face, it wasnt bad if he could talk to her on the phone.

A long while after Gu Ning finished the call with Yun Hongqing, she gave Jing Yunyao the phone she used as Tang Aining.

Jing Yunyao called Yun Hongqing afterwards.

Once the call was picked up, Jing Yunyao honestly said that she knew why he wanted to see her, but that she actually wasnt an ancient pharmacist.

She only happened to have some magical pills with her and it was just a misunderstanding.

Knowing that, Yun Hongqing was greatly surprised and disappointed.

They had believed that she was an ancient pharmacist the entire time, but it turned out that she wasnt.

However, even if she wasnt an ancient pharmacist, she was a master, so Tiandaozong still wanted her to join them.

Yun Hongqing asked Jing Yunyao whether she was a cultivator in the outside world, or the cultivation world.

He had to know more about her before drawing her to their side.

Jing Yunyao gave him a brief answer.

She said she used to be a member of the cultivation world, but left there about twenty years ago.

She had been cultivating at the Kunlun Mountain.

Yun Hongqing didnt know every cultivator in the cultivation world, so he didnt know that she was Jing Yunyao.

Not every cultivator had to cultivate in the cultivation world, so he didnt doubt her words.


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